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Hobbyist Pro Last updated: February 26, 2022

24 AtmosFEAR Hex Jet Fog Jet [063]

The AtmosFEAR Hex Jet fixtures combine fog with RGBA LED lights.  The Standard Fixture ID for this fixture in Finale 3D is 063.


Figure 1 – AtmosFEAR Hex Jet


The fixtures have a 10-channel DMX personality, which provides RGB control over the LED lights.


Table 1 – DMX personality choices

DMX personality (“DMX Channel Mode”) Supported in Finale 3D



To design a show for AtmosFEAR Hex Jet fixtures, please follow the steps in DMX basic instructions and Light fixtures basic instructions.  If you don’t already have a compatible firing system or controller capable exporting a DMX script, please refer to Supported firing systems and controllers (DMX) for the list of available hardware options.


Choosing the DMX channel ranges for fixtures

Each fixture requires multiple channels, so if you are putting multiple fixtures in the same DMX Universe, you need to set the Start Address on the fixture in the real world and the corresponding DMX Channel Base on the fixture in Finale 3D to a range of channels that doesn’t overlap with others.  A DMX universe has channels 1-512.  If you want to pack as many fixtures into the 512 channels of a DMX universe as you can, back-to-back ranges are the most efficient.  Table 2 shows an example for 10-channel fixtures.  Some DMX firing systems and controllers only support 50 or 100 channels, so you may not have all 512 channels to work with.


Table 2 – Example channel ranges for 10-channel fixtures in a DMX universe

Fixture DMX Channel Base Channels Used
1 1 1-10
2 11 11-20
3 21 21-30
4 31 31-40
5 41 41-50
6 51 51-60
51 501 501-510


Technical details

The following tables show the technical specifications of the fixtures, as tested by the Finale support team.


Table 3 – DMX channels for 10CH personality

DMX Channel Meaning
Channel 1 (DMX Channel Base + 0) Fog (0 = OFF; 1-255 = ON)
Channel 2 (DMX Channel Base + 1) Red
Channel 3 (DMX Channel Base + 2) Green
Channel 4 (DMX Channel Base + 3) Blue
Channel 5 (DMX Channel Base + 4) Amber
Channel 6 (DMX Channel Base + 5) White
Channel 7 (DMX Channel Base + 6) UV
Channel 8 (DMX Channel Base + 7) Strobe
Channel 9 (DMX Channel Base + 8) Automatic Color Change Snapping
Channel 10 (DMX Channel Base + 9) Automatic Color Change Fading



Table 4 – Example files and downloads

Download link Explanation
atmosfear-hex-jet_manual.pdf AtmosFEAR Hex Jet User Manual