• Hey guys,

    will and i talked about it long time ago.

    It works just with the right duration which you assigned to the effect in your F3d library.

    In the moment where you import a shw file into autoshow creator of explo and setting up the “box nr”(rail) as a wave flame, the software recognize the imported duration and assign the small letter into…Read More

  • Script -> Time Adjustments -> Shift Times ( Shift + Q)


    Would be great if there could a option (Checkbox, include selected songs) which offers us to shift times for selected songs and script lines at once.



    Pyro_1990000 wrote:
    How did you get on with getting an API I am building my own software to feed to the market that does all our tracking aswell as all our permits shipping etc and an api into finale would work wonders



    Would appreciate it a lot.

  • Rack Cluster Size

    Wish to have the feature to set the maximum rack cluster size for a rack.

    During the racking process it should autmatically break the cluster in by the maximum size and build the blocks that way.


    In further thinking it would then great to have racking blueprint where we are able to define rules for the way finale3d arranges…Read More

  • 1. Just select all events with ctrl+A

    2. Then shift+q -> Enter the offset -> The time should be the first event time with a minus before. For example: -5m0s

    3. Go to Song Window and set a crop start to the time of your first event to the showfile of your show music.


    There you are



  • Rendering Video

    Wishing to have the possibility to define subtitle which will occur in the rendering. We want to need it for short description what a customer see in the rendering.

    For example: “12 Positions with Comets” or similar.

    In my imagination it see a feature like “Add subtitle at current position” which draws a line into the timeline…Read More

  • Missing column to sort the rows in a script report


    to get the total weight per UN Number i have to sort the script window first by UN Number but i cant choose this column for sorting.



    missing columns in sorting option

  • API to MyEffects


    wish to have an API to manipulate with MyEffects Database to connect them with my InHouse Inventory Management System.

    I know that there is Finale Inventory as a possible soulution. But we also working with a rentals and have a specific cloud solution which fits much better to our special needs. From this case a swop to…Read More

  • SiteLayout Diagrams:

    I think we need more options for define the captured area for site layout diagrams and the sizes of text flags and so on.

    In my example attached i have a small stage area and the minimum printout area is so big or far away from what i want to show my technician.

    The Text Flags are quiet to big in relation to the positions…Read More

  • Draw Mode Update for Rack Window


    The Update from today gives us great opportunities.

    On my first view i miss the option to give a filling of an object an transperency.

    For example when i want to mark an audience area i dont want to cover it with 100% opacity to see what is under it (maps picture, objects or something else).

    So think option…Read More

  • Site Layout Diagrams


    DMX Universe and Channel Bases for the Position Flags

    We need options to define which informations of a position are shown in the flag.

    Its clear for Pyro we need most the rail nr and that is what will be shown by default.

    When we going further into the DMX topic we need option to show universe and the channel bases of…Read More

  • Site Layout Diagrams (Flags)


    Its great that we are able to move the flags as they are overlapping. But in general is suggest to make it possible that we are able to select a group of flags to move them in the rack window. As you can imagine if you have a production with a bigger amount of positions, e.g. 60 positions…. its quiet stupid to…Read More

  • Thanks for your answer Drew.


    Just few hours of my post you uploaded new beta which already covered the most of my ideas. Great for that.

    I saw also the new Diagram Data Field. Waiting for instructions how to use ist.


    For Point 5 you understand my wish totally right.

  • i like the new function. As it is in beta maybe you want to consider the below input for further improvements:


    Would be great to be able to rotate GoogleMap before we add the ground. With this in addition the default camera presets (Front, Top, Side) could still make sense considering the audience perspective.



    Maybe we can add an…Read More

  • Position Window:


    Wish a column to define a hazard group for Positions.


    For example:

    In Explo System every device gets an upper Letter to define a security Group for a group of devices.

    In F3d we already have hazard column for scriptRows which is also used via explo. But in addition it would be helpful to define a hazard info to…Read More

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