• Position Window:


    Wish a column to define a hazard group for Positions.


    For example:

    In Explo System every device gets an upper Letter to define a security Group for a group of devices.

    In F3d we already have hazard column for scriptRows which is also used via explo. But in addition it would be helpful to define a hazard info to…Read More

  • Missing columns in sorting dropdown of report configuration. Please add them asap.


    NEQ, Weigh, UnNumber, Ce Number, Ex Number are missing here(maybe some others also):






    Pyrorororo wrote:
    lock timing. I love lock addressing. Could that be done with event time column?


    Time locking of scriptRows would be a great feature but from my opinion it should be a seperate locking function. Cause we so often rearrange something on the timeline where the addresses still should be protected in moments where a part of…Read More

  • Hey Will,

    i just want to explain in which use case i need this……

    I often got cuelists which i have to import as a marker into finale 3d. So for me it would be great to have during the import Dialog “do it your self CSV” a possible to say that the time which i want to import have a special format and that finale


    For the script window i…Read More

  • Addition to PyroDan Posts:

    And please optionally a output option for the timecode as a running clock in the bottom right corner for example.

    Especially when we render just parts other have the possibility to know which is the true showtime for this render.


  • Also for me it would be great if the time columns optionally are showing the time format which we have setup at the Show Settings.

  • Rendering Batches

    The possibility to Render defined batches would safe work when we exporting different sequneces from a show.

    For example i often scripting sequneces for concerts and different tracks in one showfile. Most every Song have only one sequnece with 20 seconds which i need to render.

    Actual i have to repeat every time the render…Read More

  • Set of Reports

    When you prepare the new feature which allows to create a set of reports at once you should think about an option to create optionally a table of contents at first.

    A report PDF with a big amount of pages becomes confusing.

    And when there is automatically a table of contents with jump to page links the report set will very handy…Read More

  • “Select all events using this effect” behavior

    the behavior of this function from the effect window should consider SHIFT holding to make multi selections in the show.


  • Multiline ShowNotes

    Wish to have a multiline Textfield under the Show Information Dialog where i am able to collect several notes which coming in during the scripting and planning process.

    This note could be for example hints for the preparing team, additional show informations and so on.

    Additional a report of the show information then should…Read More

  • Report concatenate/calculate columns

    I wish to have the possibility to configure a free column via the “edit report” dialog which is fillable with functions that are using the information of other columns.

    I want to use it for calculation of integer columns or concatenate some string columns into one.

  • Cost/Price Budget Target

    wish to have a field in the Set Show information dialog where i am able to save my budget target (for costs and total price).

    With this Variable we can show the “left over budget” in the design window optionally.

  • I am creating a report with an overview about my rails in an ongoing order. My Rails are adressed with numbers cause i am using explo. I now that other systems also use Letter Number Combination for Adressing. I think that is the reason why this column is a string column which sorting behavior ist like a string. But it didnt work for sorting…Read More

  • API Interface

    Wish to have a API Interface to request and update available items from different external systems. I now its a pro feature but it think a synch Possibility to other system could be important for everyone.

  • Good to hear that my explanation works….. For me two-key shortcuts aren’t a problem because i am using a streamdeck to manage all of the shortcuts. I think for all who want to be most efficient there is no other way as using extra hardkeys to have acces to the big amount of valuable shortcuts of F3d.

    But in the end for those who don’t have any…Read More

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