• Hi All,


    I’ve been using Finale on and off for a couple of years, and have been lurking on the forums just as long. I’ve started quite a large and ambitious project, so I thought I would come out of hiding and introduce myself. I’m based in Vancouver, BC. I write and produce shows and attractions. Sometimes they have fireworks in them. I also…Read More

  • Two questions about sound and music:


    1. I have a single-track, 15-minute-long piece of music. Is there a way for me to break that into sections that I can jump to?


    2. When I import the song into Finale, does it stay as a stereo track, or does it get mixed down to mono? Similarly, when I export a video is the audio in mono or stereo?

  • Hello,


    Two questions about developing specific looks for effects:


    1. Is there a way to affect the density of stars in a shell? For example; I want to make a brocade, but I only want 27 stars to come out of it. For context, and in case someone has a better idea, I’m working with an individual who has a vision for a show and we’re trying to…Read More

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I am a writer for shows and attractions based in Vancouver BC. And I do fireworks.