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  • rail numbers under each rack, I hide the boxes for these reports to clean up the print.


  • Is there a way to increase the font size in the rack Layout Diagram?  Specifically for the rail numbers, I find them almost impossible to read when printed and I’ve resorted to printing then manually writing the rail number on the diagrams.  I’m probably just missing something obvious…

  • I have found that if I open the label PDF in Acrobat Reader and make sure the print settings are correct from the Finale docs I have no issues getting the to print perfectly.  I’ve used probably 8 different printers over the last few years, some mine, some other peoples and it’s worked.

  • Expected behaviour.  the “sequence gap” is based on 1st effect time.  Since the group you have is longer than your sequence interval the overlap happened.  You’ll have to manually position that final effect

  • That all makes sense, thanks!


    It would be cool to have the ‘by position’ option later, glad it’s at least a reasonable idea 🙂



  • Cool, thanks!  Easy enough to understand the data field

  • Is there a way to see the physical properties for all racks in an effects file?  I have a lot of editing to do and it would be nice if I could see all of them in a table format to edit



  • And, yes, I know I could use various filters and set hazard info in the script window but that leaves the possibility open to forget to re-re-re-check everything is set if the script undergoes lots of edits.

  • Is there a way to set an entire position and/or rack cluster to a hazard group ?


    example 1: a position dedicated to salutes, everything that got put in that position would be part of a hazard definition / disable group automatically


    example 2: a specific rack cluster with effects that could “touch down” that may need to be excluded based…Read More

  • 3″ 10 Shot 60 Degrees Fan (a) Cake Red Peony + (b) White Peony + (c) Blue Peony Fnl Cake, 1 Row (abcabcabca) is what I typed in and saved.


    It visually looks correct but if I go back to the VDL it shows — 3″ 10 Shot Fan (a) Cake Red Peony + (b) White Peony + (c) Blue Peony Fnl Cake, 1 Row (abcabcabca) .. interesting .. may just be a…Read More

  • Hey Drew!


    1&2 I understand (been using Cobra for 10 years now) and I get how this would be difficult on your end, had to ask.


    I’ve used the mass update before and it will get the job done.  I have some ideas in my head on how it might be doable programmatically but need to think them thru a bit more and ponder if it’s even worth the work…Read More

  • OK, I get that each firing system type can have exactly one custom module definition currently however…


    I use a mix of Cobra 18, 36, 72M and occasionally a few 6M.
    My crew is usually a mix of experienced and new trainees


    I’ll have specific use cases for each module type (single shot/cakes/finale racks/gerbs+strobes etc.)


    The 6M is…Read More

  • Cobra 6M module would be a nice addition for those of use that do use them.  I currently workaround by using a custom module definition with 6 cues, address the bits that need that module type, lock addresses then go back and change custom module type to something different for other needs.

  • One way to do this (just did a quick test show to verify using Pro version):


    Create your positions
    Add all the effects to the show
    Got the script window and filter for each position you’re running sequencer(s) on
    manually set rail/pin to the same cue(s) your using to trigger the sequencer cues
    select ALL events at those positions
    Go to…Read More

  • Sent you email as well

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