• So, I’ve been playing with the effect editor for a while now and have managed to get some effects built, tweaked things etc.  However, I’d love to find some sort of a ‘reference guide’ so I can get proficient.  I’ve seen plenty of amazing effects created but I’m having a hard time getting past the basics.  Is there something I’ve not found yet (h…Read More

  • Does this work or does it need tweaking? — 1.2″ Glittering Thick Comet w/ Small Blue Mine

  • The ability to use conditional arguments for rack assignment rules.



    “device type” AND “angle=0 degrees” would assign a specific rack and “device type” AND “angle <>0” to an different type rack

  • OK, try this — made in effect editor, you could tweak it from there



  • Does this get you part of the way there ?


    30mm 20.41s 0.20 PFT 2 Shot Cake (a) 3.0 HTM 20.0 DUR Gold Gerb + (b) 3.0 HTM 20.0 DUR Silver Gerb, 1 Row (ab/STR)

  • HI Drew!


    Was good seeing you @ Sky Wars.  I’ve been using Rack Type for a while, in this situation it’s becoming tedious as I’m using a lot of different product part numbers that are used in both a straight up and angled.  The show is evolving and product use cases change so I’m going thru iterations of addressing and racking (mostly to make s…Read More

  • Assigning racks with multiple conditions, is it possible without manually adding racks and drag-n-drop?


    EX: 50MM single shot (any) at zero degrees to one rack type, 50MM single shot at <> zero degrees to a different rack type





  • Doesn’t need to be perfect, I’ve been playing around with modifying a falling leaves effect but my effect editor skills are lacking.  Have a client that wants at least a passable sim of a confetti option we are proposing (along with plenty of pyro in other area of the venue)

  • Thank you so much!  I now have everything I need (and learned a bunch regarding the customizations!)



  • I’m having a hard time sorting out a realistic stage airburst effect VDL.  It seems airburst is a recognized VDL phrase but I’m getting silly durations (5,6,7 seconds), these are instant effects.  Probably something easy I’m missing.  Need to produce an accurate sim for a client and this is the final holdup

  • Thanks for the info and work-around.  Was hoping I could “cheat” definitions for 36M and 72M as custom options so I could assign them to positions and have a more automatic way of documenting in reports and labels for the new crew help that has no concept of “it’s just X number of 18M in one box”  Not the end of the world but would be nice in a f…Read More

  • Regarding custom modules, is it possible to have multiple in the same show based on the same “base” module ?


  • Thanks for the info. For now I’m leaving the 120s placeholder so I at least get the labels.


    That said, will the maximum cake duration eventually get extended?  Some of  the display cakes I have (and am writing simulations for) are longer than 120 seconds and breaking them apart is more work than I want to do 🙂



  • Wrapping up scripts  and need to create some placeholder cakes that have durations longer than 120 seconds.


    ex:1.5″ 150.00s 0.20 PFT 225 Shot Multi-Color Peony To Crackling w/ Tail Z Shape (15 Rows)


    The duration in outputs does not respect the 150s and changes it to 120s


    Running latest version (2023.06.06-66c3a5b82)


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