• Hello, I’m the engineer working on effect times. Did Drew’s suggestion fix what you didn’t like? If not, could you give a detailed explanation of how you would like it to work?


    If you set the timeline “snap-to resolution” with the menu item, “Show > Show settings > Set timeline snap-to resolution” to be the same as the frame rate of the e…Read More

  • Hello! If you mean that the effect looks like a shell breaking instead of a light flash, that probably means the VDL field of the effect got messed up in your modifications. As a problem solving method, I’d suggest you first go back to the original effect and confirm that it works. And then make changes to it one at a time until you reach the c…Read More

  • Ulf, we have fixed the problem with max magnification on the site layout. The fix will come out in a beta at the beginning of April. As you probably already know, in the last few months we have added features for drawing on the site layout diagram, including icons, arrows, lines, etc., and in the last few weeks we’ve been making significant i…Read More

  • Hello, regarding the need for displaying the event time in frames, I don’t have a schedule estimate yet. We are in the middle of a large project right now for improving reports and diagrams. This project will extend into Q2 of next year. The project candidate that is likely to be next is adding a whole lot of new functionality around SM…Read More

  • Also: I just modified the documentation pages with the links you mentioned so when you click on those VVIZ links, the files will download instead of opening up in a browser page.

  • Hello, yes, the “VVIZ” file format as an open interchange file format for drone shows, which Finale 3D can import.


    As of today, two drone fleet companies support the VVIZ format: Verge Aero, and Drone Show Software (DSS). If you buy drone design software from another company, please tell them that you would like them to export the VVIZ…Read More

  • PyroWalker: we happen to be working on adding wheel effects right now, actually. We expect them to be available at PGI the first week of August. What made wheel effects possible was some animation features we added to support importing drone shows. Those same animation features also can support line rockets quite naturally. We don’t have lin…Read More

  • Hello,


    Some good news.


    We have implemented support for importing position angles and effect angles along with position coordinates, all in the “Coordinates” column of an imported CSV file.  Documentation is here:


    Importing shows basic instructions


    The imported data is in the same format as the exported data in the…Read More

  • I see, that’s great. Hybrid multimedia/drone/lighting/pyro/sfx shows have so much potential. Part of the vision of Finale is to enable designers to advance the artistic and creative state of the art. Supporting hybrid shows is therefore key to the vision. I am mentioning because of your comment that that is what you are doing, and I want you…Read More

  • Hello, you found a bug. We recently added more information to the coordinates field of the Finale Generic CSV export file format (adding the angle of the position and the angle of the effect in 3D), but we forgot to make import handle the extra information if you try to import Finale Generic CSV. So at this moment, if you export a Finale G…Read More

  • Hello,


    I’ve taken this down as a task request (“Add format options for event time in script window.”). You are right, currently you have options in “Show > Show settings > Set effect time format” but they do not apply to the event time format. Part of the reason we don’t treat them together is that a number of firing systems including PD u…Read More

  • Yes, but you need to get your source data as a SHW file (the export format for the Explo Ignition System). All you need to do is the menu item “File > Import > Import into new show > Explo SHW file”. That will import your show!


    After that, re-address the show for PTX.


    If you only have your script in XLS or CSV format, you can import t…Read More

  • In the search box of the script window, you can type:


    Pan = 45


    or if you want to filter to multiple angles, you can type,


    Pan = 45 || Pan = -45


    or if you want to filter to a range, you can type


    Pan > 45


    Additional search terms are described here:


    Filter / search expressions


    If it helps,…Read More

  • There isn’t currently any setting for changing the way the ASCII-art looks in the script window or in exported firing system scripts. I understand what you are saying, and I think having a setting would be a good idea. Are you referring to reports, or the script window itself, or exported scripts? If referring to exported scripts, what fi…Read More

  • The way it is supposed to work is that you insert two effects — Move-in-black, and Move-to. The first effect pans to the right 45 degrees. The second effect, slightly later on the timeline (e.g., a second later), pans to the left 45 degrees. Finale animates the beam moving from 45R to 45L.


    It is important that we are using the term “p…Read More

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