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Pyro Spec Pro Grade

Pyro Spec Pro Grade was created with one simple goal in mind: create and deliver UN0431 Articles Pyrotechnic products of unprecedented quality at an affordable price backed by first-class distribution and customer service. We have a steadfast passion for the display industry and believe that our product is a direct reflection of this passion.

Pro Grade brings two companies together that can offer the display industry something unique. Pyro Spectaculars brings five generations of design expertise to the highest quality display products in the world. Fireworks Over America brings extensive buying power in China and mass distribution in the United States. By joining forces we bring a complete line of the highest quality Articles Pyrotechnic devices in the world coupled with an aggressive pricing structure and immediate access to products domestically.

We are here to support your business by providing cost effective and easy access to premium product. Our hope is to help you develop your business by streamlining or eliminating the challenges of sourcing 1.4G UN0431 products.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items102
Items Per Effect Type
ground 7
candle 1
single_shot 34
cake 60
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
6812110 Shot Cake 90 Degrees (a) 60 HTM Red Crackling Comet + (b) 60 HTM Green Crackling Comet + (c) 60 HTM Blue Crackling Comet + (d) 60 HTM Violet Crackling Comet, 10 Rows, Row 1 (aaaaaaaaaaa/FNR/1.0), Rows 2,6,10 (2.0/bbbbbbbbbbb/FNL/1.0), Rows 3,7 (2.0/ccccccccccc/FNR/1.0), Rows 4,8 (2.0/ddddddddddd/FNL/1.0), Rows 5,9 (2.0/aaaaaaaaaaa/FNR/1.0)110S - Red, Green, Blue, Purple Crackling Comet Zipper
680712 Shot Cake (a) 1.0 DUR Lemon To Violet Peony + (b) 1.0 DUR Violet To Lemon Peony, 1 Row (abababababab/STR)12S - Lemon to Violet, Violet to Lemon Peony
676013 Shot 90 Degrees (a) 53.3 HTM 2 DUR Very Small Very Sparse Orange & Lime & Magenta Mine Cake, 1 Row (aaaaaaaaaaaaa/FNR)13S - Peach, Lemon, Aqua Stars Mine - Sweep
682236 Shot Green Peony w/ Very Dense Dim White Strobing Cake (6 Rows)36S - Green Peony With White Glitter
6774Silver Very Bright Slightly Thick Tiger Tail w/ Red Very Sparse Mine Single ShotSilver Tiger Tail With Red Stars Mine
687336 Shot Red Peony w/ Very Dense Dim White Strobing Z Shape (6 Rows)36S - Red Peony With White Glitter - Z Shape
68029 Shot Orange & Lemon & Green Peony w/ White Strobing Cake (6 Rows)9S - Orange, Lemon, Green Peony With White Glitter
680612 Shot Cake (a) 1.0 DUR Green To Orange Peony + (b) 1.0 DUR Orange To Green Peony, 1 Row (abababababab/STR)12S - Green to Orange, Orange to Green Peony
6866Blue Mine Single ShotBlue Mine
688413 Shot 90 Degrees 3 DUR Gold Glittering Comet w/ Red Strobing Mine Fan Cake (1 Row)13S - Red Glitter Mine w/Gold Glitter Tiger Tail - Fan