Showven is a Chinese manufacturer of special effects equipment including the Sparkular, Sparkular Cyclone, uFlamer, and Circle Flamer.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items177
Items Per Effect Type
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
SHV1020Flame Projector L45SVCFLM [009/0120] Program -45° Long
SHV3117Silver JetSVSPKCYC [015/0418] One Sec Sparks (lg)
SHV3200Flame Projector L40VOLC-PRO [047/0201] L40 Long Flame, Fixed Angle
SHV3303Bright Green Ground FlareSBOOM-SJ [062/0431] Fog Jet And Green Flash (lg)
SHV0904Flame ProjectorSVCFLM [009/0014] Very Long Flame
SHV0905Flame ProjectorSVCFLM [009/0017] One Sec Flame
SHV3406Dim Yellow Ground FlareSBOOMX [070/0435] Fog Jet And Yellow Flash (sm)
SHV3208Flame Projector R20VOLC-PRO [047/0214] R20 Short Flame, Fixed Angle
SHV1030Flame Projector R105SVCFLM [009/0130] Program 105° Long
SHV10588 Shot Cake (a) .27 DUR Flame + (b) R15 .27 DUR Flame + (c) R30 .27 DUR Flame + (d) R45 .27 DUR Flame + (e) R60 .27 DUR Flame + (f) R75 .27 DUR Flame + (g) R90 .27 DUR Flame + (h) R105 .27 DUR Flame 1 Row (hgfedcba)SVCFLM [009/0158] Program Wave RM 15>>8 Middle