Showven is a Chinese manufacturer of special effects equipment including the Sparkular, Sparkular Cyclone, uFlamer, and Circle Flamer.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items181
Items Per Effect Type
sfx 55
flame 117
other_effect 9
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
SHV3203Flame Projector R20VOLC-PRO [047/0204] R20 Long Flame, Fixed Angle
SHV2005Flame ProjectorSVUFLM2P [011/0017] One Sec Flame
SHV1017Flame Projector L90SVCFLM [009/0117] Program -90° Long
SHV3402Dim Green Ground FlareSBOOMX [070/0429] Fog Jet And Green Flash (sm)
SHV10443 Shot Cake (a) L45 .41 DUR Flame + (b) .41 DUR Flame + (c) R45 .41 DUR Flame 1 Row (cba)SVCFLM [009/0144] Program Step RL 11>8>5 Long
SHV3304Dim Blue Ground FlareSBOOM-SJ [062/0432] Fog Jet And Blue Flash (sm)
SHV0904Flame ProjectorSVCFLM [009/0014] Very Long Flame
SHV3408Dim Magenta Ground FlareSBOOMX [070/0438] Fog Jet And Magenta Flash (sm)
SHV2103Flame ProjectorSVUFLM6 [012/0011] Long Flame
SHV3301Bright Red Ground FlareSBOOM-SJ [062/0428] Fog Jet And Red Flash (lg)