Showven is a Chinese manufacturer of special effects equipment including the Sparkular, Sparkular Cyclone, uFlamer, and Circle Flamer.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items181
Items Per Effect Type
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
SHV3212Flame ProjectorVOLC-PRO [047/0223] Up One Sec Flame, Fixed Angle
SHV3414Nonphysical Modifier DmxStrobing5HzSBOOMX [070/1105] With Strobing Slow
SHV1010Flame Projector R30SVCFLM [009/0110] Program 30° Short
SHV3005Silver JetSVSPK [014/0417] One Sec Sparks (md)
SHV10558 Shot Cake (a) .27 DUR Flame + (b) L15 .27 DUR Flame + (c) L30 .27 DUR Flame + (d) L45 .27 DUR Flame + (e) L60 .27 DUR Flame + (f) L75 .27 DUR Flame + (g) L90 .27 DUR Flame + (h) L105 .27 DUR Flame 1 Row (abcdefgh)SVCFLM [009/0155] Program Wave ML 8>>1 Middle
SHV2018Nonphysical ModifierSVUFLM2P [011/0000] With Safety Channel
SHV1011Flame Projector R45SVCFLM [009/0111] Program 45° Short
SHV0900Flame ProjectorSVCFLM [009/0002] Very Short Flame
SHV3203Flame Projector R20VOLC-PRO [047/0204] R20 Long Flame, Fixed Angle
SHV35011.0 DLY Silver JetSVSPKJ [086/0408] Standard Sparks (md)