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Showven is a Chinese manufacturer of special effects equipment including the Sparkular, Sparkular Cyclone, uFlamer, and Circle Flamer.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items184
Items Per Effect Type
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
SHV10505 Shot Cake (a) .41 DUR Flame + (b) L30 .41 DUR Flame + (c) R30 .41 DUR Flame + (d) L60 .41 DUR Flame + (e) R60 .41 DUR Flame 1 Row (acbed)Circle Flamer [009/0150] Macro Step ZR 8>10>6>12>4 Long
SHV1177Flame ProjectorCircle Flamer [009/0013] Rotatable Very Long Flame (Small)
SHV2208Flame ProjectoruFlamer [013/0007] Flame (Small)
SHV2201Flame ProjectoruFlamer [013/0005] Short Flame (Medium)
SHV2215Flame ProjectoruFlamer [013/0012] Long Flame (Large)
SHV10632 Shot Cake (a) L90 .3 DUR Flame + (b) R90 .3 DUR Flame 1 Row (ab)Circle Flamer [009/0163] Macro Step LR 2>14 Short
SHV2109Flame ProjectoruFlamer [012/0010] Long Flame (Small)
SHV3015Silver JetSparkular [014/0412] Long Sparks (Large)
SHV3012Silver JetSparkular [014/0403] Very Short Sparks (Large)
SHV3109Silver JetSparkular Cyclone [015/0410] Long Sparks (Small)