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Last updated: March 1, 2020

1 VDL effect adjustment terms (Big, Bright, etc.)

The VDL language includes a set of adjectives to adjust certain characteristics of the effect description, such as the size of a shell’s break or the number of stars in the break. Here is the list of adjectives and their meaning.

MeaningSmall adjustmentMedium adjustmentLarge adjustment
Expand the size of the shell break or mine spreadSlightly bigBigVery big
Reduce the size of the shell break or mine spreadSlightly smallSmallVery small
Brighten the stars and their trails of sparksSlightly brightBrightVery bright
Darken the stars and their trails of sparksSlightly dimDimVery dim
Brighten the trails of sparksSlightly bright trailBright trailVery bright trail
Darken the trails of sparksSlightly dim trailDim trailVery dim trail
Increase the number of starsSlightly denseDenseVery dense
Reduce the number of starsSlightly sparseSparseVery sparse
Thicken the trail of sparks from the starsSlightly thickThickVery thick
Thin out the trail of sparks from the starsSlightly thinThinVery thin
Lengthen trail spark durationSlightly long trailLong trail (“trail” not “tail”)Very long trail
Shorten trail spark durationSlightly short trailShort trailVery short trail
Lengthen star durationSlightly longLongVery long
Shorten star durationSlightly shortShortVery short
Make gerb/fountain sparks last longerSlightly droopyDroopyVery droopy
Make gerb/fountain sparks expire soonerSlightly straightStraightVery straight

Even more pronounced alterations are possible by repeating adjustment adjectives in a VDL effect description. For example, to very significantly reduce the number of stars in a mine you would type, “Very Big Very Big”. In this way, each repetition of the VDL large adjustment adjective will further compound the changes to the effect.

In a VDL effect description, the position of the adjectives determines what part of the description they apply to. For example, if you type,

Red Peony w/ Big Blue Pistil

That is obviously going to be different from,

Big Red Peony w/ Blue Pistil

Similarly, if you type,

Bright Red To Green Chrysanthemum

That will be different from,

Red To Bright Green Chrysanthemum

A good rule of thumb is that prepositions like “To” and “With” divide the effect description up into parts, and you need to make sure that your adjectives are in the right parts of the description. Within a part of the description, however, the position of adjectives doesn’t matter, so,

Red Peony w/ Big Blue Pistil

Is the same as:

Red Peony w/ Blue Pistil Big

The ability to locate adjectives before or after the noun or pronoun that they modify makes VDL easier for non-English users, because unlike English, many languages have a “post-nominal” grammar in which adjectives follow the noun or pronoun they modify.