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The World's Most Powerful Fireworks Design Software

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Create the Truly Spectacular

Design and create the most amazing fireworks and special effects displays with real-time 3D visualizations and easy-to-use, automatic scripting features.

  • Finale 3D's realistic HD simulations and drag-and-drop interface put you in control quickly and easily.

  • Design your show with real-world products and let Finale 3D rack and address your shows completely automatically.

  • Easy enough for backyard enthusiasts, powerful enough for world-class professionals — Click. Drag. Boom.

The World's Most Powerful Fireworks and SPFX Design Software

Finale 3D is built for the real world. Whether you're working with pyrotechnics or DMX special effects — automatic scripting, sequencing, and addressing features get you ready for show time in no time.

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Real Life Fireworks (Sims) Included

Finale 3D's included 50+ Supplier Catalogs provide you with thousands of 1.3g Display, 1.4g Consumer, and 1.4g Pro Line effects from some of your favorite brands, like Raccoon, Wizard, and Spirit of '76 Fireworks, with more always on the way.

Pro Tip: Even if specific cakes or products you're looking for aren't included, making new effects is fast and easy with VDL! An example: 1" 16 Shot 12s Red & Green Peony Cake
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All-In-One Show Design Made Simple

Everything you need for designing and managing breathtaking shows, including printable scripts, reports, labels, and more.

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  • Inventory Import and Management

    Track show costs and quantities. Automatically generate visual effect sims from text descriptions when you import your existing inventory. Finale 3D also has deep integration with Finale Inventory for more advanced tracking.

  • Show Reports and Labels of All Types

    Effortlessly generate wiring scripts and other essential reports for your show. Automatically create product labels for all common sized labels.

  • Built-in Audio Editing Features

    Build and edit your soundtrack directly within Finale 3D — import, crop, and fade songs on the timeline, and rearrange tracks with ease to mix the perfect audio track for your show.

  • Customizable Site Layout Diagrams

    Design precise site layout diagrams with customizable options to accurately plan and execute your displays, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and precision on site.

The Sky Isn't the Limit — It's Only the Beginning

Localized to 20+ Languages Around the World

Finale 3D is translated into over 20 languages and trusted by professionals from all over the world.

Drone Show Importing and Visualization

Import and visualize drone shows in Finale 3D, streamlining your design process with beautiful simulations.

Compatible with All Major Firing Systems

Finale 3D exports to all common formats, even for newer firing systems with DMX outputs for special effects.

Aleš Ham

Hamex Slovenia

"Truly wonderful..."

"... Finale 3D is modern, all-in-one software, which simplifies my work extensively... There are no mistakes any more."

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Powerful Racking and Addressing

Stop wasting time thinking about rack arrangements and spend more time designing amazing shows. Let Finale 3D take care of racking and addressing your show automatically, with support for any and all kinds of custom racks and arrangements.

Pro Tip: If you want even more control, you can always drag-and-drop pins and effects to manually configure racks exactly how you want them!
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Google Maps and 3D Models

With a Finale 3D Pro Subscription


Show 2D satellite views from Google Maps, and import and view high resolution 3D Google Maps data of real-world locations directly in Finale 3D. On top of that, you can even import your own 3D models (.SKP or .GLB files) to recreate any scene or venue.

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What People are Saying About Finale 3D

"... Simple and Intuitive ..."

"... I am able to impress clients to the point of raising their budgets, allowing me to increase the complexity of my designs."

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Guillaume Chartier

Lidu Fireworks

"... Impossible to say enough ..."

"... After 20 years of experience in this field, I can tell you for a fact that there is no other product that even justifies a comparison attempt."

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Piotr Szablowski

Flash Art

"... Can't say enough about 3D."

"... straightforward to learn, provides simple solutions for complex equipment planning, and produces stunning simulations ..."

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George Wade


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