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Visual Design
Visual Design

Finale 3D’s real-time simulation and drag-and-drop user interface empower you to design interactively.Simply drag an effect’s trajectory to change its angle or move it from one position to another.  Scrub back and forth on the timeline to get a feel for what you’ve designed.

Finale 3D generates simulations for your effects automatically from their descriptions. You can get started with the 6,000 generic effects, or the supplier libraries from Lidu and others, or import your own inventory from a CSV, or type in the names of effects on the fly when you need them.  You’ll be up and running in minutes!

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High Quality Simulation

Create stunning Ultra-HD simulation videos for prospective clients in 1080p or 4K.   Effortlessly import any Sketchup models of buildings or venues without any file conversion required.  Enter the coordinates of the shoot site from Google Maps to project a satellite view on the ground.  Set your own render resolution, frame rate, slow-mo options, lighting and rendering parameters, smoke, wind, and randomness options.  Generate videos and long-exposure images locally on your own computer, no network connection required.

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High Quality Simulation
Powerful Rack Layout
Powerful Rack Layout

Use Finale’s “Add racks for show” functions or layout the racks yourself by dragging-and-dropping from a palette of predefined or custom racks.  Finale supports all kinds of custom racks, including single-shot racks with adjustable rows or posts, slide-in tracks, caliber ranges, fixed or variable angles, integrated firing system wiring, and more.

The rack functions add the optimal number of racks for the show, choosing from racks in your inventory.  From there you can re-arrange the racks into groups.  The software takes your arrangements into account for firing system addressing, to avoid inefficient or impossible wiring.  If you want to fine tune the wiring, you can make adjustments by simply dragging the pin numbers from rack to rack or module to module.

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Customizable Reports
Customizable Reports

Reports and labels are all fully customizable.  Choose from 30 preset designs or layout your own reports with control over every detail — column size, order of columns, font size, spacing, pagination, page size (A4/letter), page orientation, headers, titles, what data is displayed, how the data is grouped, and how certain data like firing system addresses and angles are formatted.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Import inventory from CSV, MDB, or EFX files.  Finale 3D creates simulations automatically from the descriptions and specifications like prefire, duration, or height.  Finale 3D includes import, export and simple inventory management features for maintaining quantities.  The software also has deep integration with Finale Inventory for full scale inventory management, barcoding, and ATF approved reporting.

Advanced Addressing Methods
Advanced Addressing Methods

Everyone has a different process for assigning firing system addresses. Finale 3D supports them all.  You can “fill down” in a table-based approach with custom filters and sorts, or you can use Finale 3D’s “blueprint” paradigm with custom addressing rule templates for different sections of the show.  Or simply click the “Address show” function and set sort order any way you want.

Audio Editing
Audio Editing

If you prefer to create your own sound track within Finale you can import multiple songs and edit, crop, and fade the songs to build your sound track directly on the timeline.  Simply drag the wave forms on the timeline to re-arrange the songs.  If you need to re-arrange songs after designing the show, the sections of the show scripted with the songs will move along with them!

Multiple Firing Systems
Multiple Firing Systems

Finale 3D supports every major firing system — about 30 in all — in addition to the new firing systems with DMX output for flame and special effects. The software supports multiple firing systems within the same show design, and can import FIR, SCR, and CSV files to create visualizations for existing shows in a matter of minutes, creating simulations on the fly from the effect names in the show file.


Design your own label templates for stickers of any dimensions or format, including presets for popular Avery labels printed on sheets and Dymo labels printed in rolls.  Define the sizes, colors, and formats of whatever fields you want on the labels, and specify every detail, including sorting, page breaks, number of labels per chain, etc.  The software supports standard letter size and A4 sheets as well as custom dimensions.

Announcing major improvements to the process of migrating effects from Finale Business to Finale 3D! Get the latest version here: https://finale3d.com/download/

Check out the video overview here: https://youtu.be/wUZ9gqCcQAM

Stay tuned for more detailed effect-migration tutorials to come!

Finale 3D will be presenting for the first time at the International Fireworks Fair in Paestum (Sa- Italy) February 28 to March 1. Join us to learn how the powerful features of Finale 3D make it easy bring even the most complex designs to life!
Event info: http://www.internationalfireworksfair.it

Latest release of Finale 3D!

• Vastly improved Finale Business migration: better handling of cake patterns & timing, now import cake components, complex chains
• Performance improvements
• Non-ASCII filename & height fix

Full release notes & download: http://finale3d.com/download

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What People Are Saying

“Finale 3D makes it truly finale! It is incredible creative software with very good support on all levels. We are able to design next level shows with visual testing, and we are able to create next level effects for our shows. We use the graphical position plans of Finale 3D effectively, and we control of our stock levels using Finale Inventory.  WE LIKE!”

“We used Finale 3D for the ‘Havana 500’ displays, with the simulations approved by Cuba’s President himself! I can’t say enough about 3D. It’s straightforward to learn, provides simple solutions for complex equipment planning, and produces stunning simulations that a designer can provide to the most prestigious of clients.”

Hamex Slovenia

“Truly wonderful. I used to use separate software for visualization, sound, and equipment. I had to explain everything in the field. There were a lot of mistakes. Finale 3D is modern, all-in-one software, which simplifies my work extensively. Prints are logical, clear and understandable. Now we always take the right amount of mortars and modules. There are no mistakes any more.”

GFA Pyro

“Truly amazing software to take your designs to the next level. Endless customizability, complex sequences, multiple firing systems in the same show, real time simulations and inventory management make designing a treat. Creating the 360° CN Tower show at 1800 feet above the ground would have been impossible without the visualizing power of Finale 3D.”


“Finale rocks — it is an unbelievable tool to get the pictures out of your mind and onto the screen. We designed the first place Pyronale 2018 show in Finale 3D. To keep in budget, we used Finale 3D to simulate firing patterns to choose the best approach to fill the sky. The extensive addressing capabilities made the show setup as easy as could be.”

Pyro-Team Serbia

“The features of Finale 3D are incredible, and they are so easy to use. We save many hours of work with the software’s great and powerful features.”

FOG fireworks + sfx GmbH

“No ignition system or software has ever offered such effective methods. For productions with thousands of single-shots, Finale 3D allocates racks according to our specifications, giving us enormous relief and time savings. Previously, we used three systems to perform visualization, scripting and reporting. It all works today with just a single software, Finale 3D.”


“What used to take two hours per minute of show duration to design now takes two hours per song or segment to complete. Even if you only design one show per year and save yourself 20 hours of work, which I promise you will, you are already well ahead. Finale 3D is an absolute must have. It is the single greatest innovation in display design efficiency I have ever seen.”

Flash Art

“It is impossible to say enough about a system that takes care of your entire workflow.  I have used Finale 3D to design shows with multiple firing systems stretching across kilometers of land and water.  After 20 years of experience in this field, I can tell you for a fact that there is no other product that even justifies a comparison attempt.”

Howard & Sons

“A once in a generation moment! The realtime sim, addressing blueprints and 4k videos enable us to showcase our ideas in 3D to clients, collaborators, event management and broadcast partners early, which forms the backbone of our final design and provides a link to drive the creative development of an event around our pyrotechnic concepts.”

Skyfiller Fireworks Ltd

“We always thought the original Finale was a powerful tool but Finale 3D takes show designing to a whole new level. From the ease of adding effects from available stock to just the versatility of scripting, the software works naturally for us the way we work, rather than requiring us to change procedures to make it work.”

“Finale 3D is the most powerful design software I have ever had the opportunity to use, and its features are all simple and intuitive. It has so many tools, effects and possibilities that I am able to impress clients to the point of raising their budgets, allowing me to increase the complexity of my designs.”

Our Partners

Supplier Catalogs With Simulations

Craig Co Racks

Craig Co racks are a great way to manage your single shots. Inexpensive and durable, they are a great addition to your equipment inventory.


Parente Fireworks Group is an Italian company specializing in large scale pyrotechnic shows. It is one of the most famous and prestigious pyrotechnics manufacturing companies in the world. Parente Fireworks also produces one of the most popular wireless firing systems.

RES Pyro

Since 1983, RES Pyro has crafted fireworks, pyrotechnics and special effects displays and products of every size.

Ultratec Special Effects

Ultratec is built on a simple combination of humbled culture, experience, outstanding creativity, and excellent customer service. Through these basic principals we provide the capability of delivering some of the best products in the industry.

Heron Fireworks

Heron Fireworks is a Dutch company founded 25 years ago by Hayo Wolff in Veenendaal. After a very successful 10-year period.

Lidu Europe

Jiangxi Province Lidu Fireworks corporation Co. Ltd is the largest, the most beautiful and qualification fireworks firms in China.

Hands Fireworks

Hands Fireworks was established in 1873. Hands is currently owned by Lidu International, a pillar in the Chinese fireworks industry.

Lidu USA

Lidu Fireworks was founded in 1974. Lidu is one of the worlds largest 1.3g fireworks manufacturers.

Pyrodigit Racks

With over thirty years of experience in the field of electronics applied to pyrotechnics, they are Italian designer of a professional.


Liuyang Hunan China “Dominator” fireworks has become one of the fastest growing fireworks suppliers in the world.

’76 Pro Line

Since 1987, Spirit of ’76 has delivered America’s best consumer fireworks, helping their customers put on amazing consumer fireworks


The PyroProdukt team has excellent contacts with the world’s leading manufacturers of fireworks.


Pyrolamas®, consists on a completely new concept for orienting the single shot tubes for the pyrotechnic industry.

Shogun Vulcan

Shogun Vulcan is one of the oldest companies based in Hong Kong that has been exporting fireworks made in China direct to the USA.

Fireworks Factory

The Fireworks Factory, located in Rockyford, Alberta, was established in 2002 to provide wholesale fireworks to Canadian distributors.

Nico Europe

NICO Europe GmbH is more than 10 decades old fireworks company and is one of the leading suppliers of pyrotechnics in Germany.

Celtic fireworks

Celtic Fireworks Ltd is a supplier of high-quality fireworks to the trade. Their range includes professional fireworks and retail


Supported Firing Systems

Cobra Firing Systems

The COBRA system can support all types of shows including both manual, scripted, and full pyromusical support.


FireOne is the pioneer in integrated digital firing systems and is recognized worldwide as THE world-class firing system.


Pyrodigital at Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH are very proud to carry on the legacy of Ken and Bob Nixons’ magnificent.


ActionBase project (ABP) was born in 2004 as a result of close cooperation between professional pyrotechnists and engineers.


Since 1992 galaxis have been developing and manufacturing radio-operated firing systems and so galaxis can offer you unlimited.


Pyromac is a company that has been operating for years in the automation of pyrotechnic shots.


The minds behind fireTEK firing systems are engineering and fireworks professionals who have come together with one intention.

Fire Pioneer

Founded in 2004, LiuYangShi (Gexin Fireworks Firing Systems Technology Company) is the largest producer of fireworks ignition systems and the first producer of computer-fired ignition systems in China.


For years, the name “Explo Ignition systems” has stood for the manufacture of high quality ignition machines, as well as accessories.


Piroshow is setting new standards of excellence with its professional DMX-and-Pyro capable firing systems.


Wireless Modules are compact and manufactured in extruded aluminium. Each module communicates with the Controller.