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Which Finale 3D version is right for you?



Key Features

  • All Hobbyist features with saving and exporting disabled


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Key Features

  • Design shows of any size
  • Create and import unlimited effects
  • Export scripts for any firing system
  • Print setup reports & labels
  • Finale Inventory integration
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Everything in Hobbyist plus...

  • Visual rack layout
  • Import 3D models & Google Maps
  • Fully customizable reports & labels
  • 4K Ultra-HD simulations videos
  • Advanced addressing options
  • Company-wide effect and report sharing
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Add more users at a discount.

For these licenses to function, your account must also have an active full-price license.

Additional Hobbyist

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Additional Pro

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Add Pro User

Add another computer for any user.

Extra Machine License $200.00/year

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