Additional Finale 3D Pro License

Additional Finale 3D Pro License


When a company purchases multiple Finale 3D licenses for its employees, the company “assigns” the licenses to its employees from the license assignments page on this website.  The company itself owns the licenses that it purchases.  If an employee leaves the company, the company can re-assign the license to a different employee.

As the purchaser of the licenses, the company can also connect the licenses to the company inventory if the company uses the Finale Inventory stock tracking system (see  In addition to giving the license users the ability to design with up-to-date products, this integration enables users to design  shows with visibility into stock quantities on hand, stock quantities allocated for a show to be designed, and stock quantities available after taking into account reservations.   A new benefit of the Finale 3D licensing system is that the company can set the permissions for seeing prices and editing products on a per-license basis, enabling a company to assign licenses to shooters, for example, while keeping tight control over who can see prices or change inventory.

Each Finale 3D license is a single-user, single-machine license.  The first license that a company or individual buys must be the regular price license, but after the first license, the company or individual can buy this Additional Finale 3D License, which is discounted 35% from the regular price, for the additional users.  Like the first Finale 3D license, this is a single-user, single-machine license.

Requires Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11, 8GB of RAM and good graphics capabilities. The Nvidia GeForce 1060 is the recommended GPU, though almost any GPU made after 2017 will work. If you use a Mac, you need to run Windows over Bootcamp or Parallels. For more details, see System requirements.

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