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  1. Exporter now includes universe name in exported filenames if show contains multiple universes.
  2. Allow zero prefire for shells and cake, using default lift time as a special case instead of inferring that lift time is prefire time.
  3. Updated Norwegian translation.
  4. Import effects functions now use current language setting for importing default subtype and color fields, instead of guessing the language based on other words in the descriptions, which was often a bad guess.
  5. Added 'Degrees' keyword to VDL to specify the fan angle of a cake.
  6. 'Create cake effect from selected items' adds 'XXX Degrees' to calculated VDL to incorporate the cake fan angle correctly.
  1. Add movie encoder dropdown choice to render movie dialog.
  2. Fix crash bug in the effect preview popup when you hover over an icon.
  3. Added three new rack reports: counts_per_angle_per_rack, single_shot_setup_by_rack_with_pan_tilt, single_shot_setup_by_rack_with_pitch_roll.
  4. Added a rack column to the other two single_shot_setup_by_module reports.
  1. Fix some GL compatibility issues on Intel integrated graphics.
  2. Fixed cakes related bug in show import wherein cakes would be imported sideways.
  3. Fixed Fire Pioneer addressing number of pins, changing from 0-32 to 0-31.
  4. Made import show work better for old Finale HBS files, not it imports cake simulations from the HBS file instead of replacing the cake with a placeholder cake.
  5. Added the keyword HTM to VDL to specify the heights of cake components independently so the heights of effects in a cake no longer need to be the same.
  6. Updated Norwegian UI translation.
  7. Improved palette graphics.
  8. Made cakes like '75mm 10 shot cake red comet + blue mine' preserve relative effect heights.
  9. Made 'Combine as cake' include the VDL terms HTM and DUR for individual component effect duration and height if necessary to keep user adjustments.
  10. Fix inventory sync problem that was causing some effect changes to not sync up to the server.
  11. Tune pistils.
  12. Fix the mine pancake being squished front-to-back instead of top-to-bottom.
  13. Change the orientation of ring break pattern so that it correctly orients with respect to 'top half' and 'bottom half' to create jellyfish shells.
  14. Fix deleted effect render caching bug.
  15. Added 'File > Import > Import effects from HBS file' to make it easier to import effects from Finale Business.
  1. Changes to inventory sync process.
  2. Fix bug that prevented Fuse Delay from syncing to My Effects.
  3. Tune serpent motion paths.
  4. Tune Titanium Salutes to be a bit smaller.
  5. Tune Cycas to be more like Palm.
  1. More minor improvements to 'Combine as cake' row layout.
  2. Tuning/fixing pass over all cakes in Generic Effects.
  3. Additional minor bug fixes in 'Combine as cake'.
  4. Add more logging to help diagnose My Effects sync issue.
  1. Fix bug causing duration adjectives to not apply to pistils. Tune 'long', 'big', and 'dense' adjectives to have larger effect sizes.
  2. Tune small caliber effects.
  3. Translate 'Gold Tipped' to 'Gold Tip'.
  4. Fixed 'Combine as cake' bug of finding non-optimal cake row pattern when last row is different.
  5. Slightly improved format of 'Combine as cake' output by removing excess timing information.
  6. Tune popcorn crackle
  7. Fix and tune popcorn crackle sound.
  8. Fix bug causing uninitialized data (apple banana etc) to appear in the render resolution selector when rendering a movie.
  9. Changed header for Megafire exporter.
  10. Slightly improved row layout for 'Combine as cake'.
  1. Fix bug causing all ground strobes to light up in sync.
  2. Re-tune popcorn crackle, titanium salute, titanium report, flash tray, crackle flowers.
  3. Made 'Combine as cake' interpret 13 shot cakes as single slice by default.
  4. Improved 'Combine as cake' row length interpretation of cakes with irregular gap before last row.
  5. Combine nearly equal durations and delays in 'Combine as cake' to avoid rounding error in shown VDL output.
  6. Fixed 'Break apart cake' for some effect descriptions that changed from comets inside cakes to shells outside of cakes.
  7. Fixed rounding error issues in 'Combine as cake'.
  8. Improved Russian and Ukrainian translations.
  9. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  10. Changed 'C-shape' cakes from FNT rows to CTO rows.
  11. Fixed simulation of cakes that have calibers in their row descriptions.
  12. Added Megafire exporter.
  1. Improve the Finale Inventory sales order syncing functions.
  2. Fixed import of Finale Generic CSV of effects with placeholder VDL that showed up importing as variegated peonies.
  3. Made the straight up ss racks in Craig Co. racks and Pyrolamas racks collections be non-rotatable so the other angle racks would be added automatically instead of tilted straight up racks.
  1. Reorganized effect menu items, movingall import functions to file menu.
  2. Added 'Break apart cake' function.
  3. Fixed duration bug in right-to-left slice cake simulations.
  4. Fixed 'Combine as cake' for cakes with FNT, CTO, or OTC firing pattern rows.
  5. Fixed tube order bug in 'Combine as cake' for right-to-left slice cakes.
  6. Fixed a different tube order bug in 'Combine as cake'.
  1. Updated Italian UI translation.
  2. Fix physics precision bug causing smoke puffs to sometimes jump to Origin Man.
  3. Fix simulation bug causing particles to pop in and out of existence.
  4. Added 'Combine as cake' function to create a cake from a selected pattern of effects on the timeline.
  5. Made 'Combine as cake' function preserve all timing gaps.
  6. Added three new Generic Effects for flames with variable duration, GFX1005, GFX1006, and GFX1007.
  7. Added two new Part Types: sfx, and light. sfx is like flame except has variable duration. light is for stage lights and moving lights, which are not yet implemented.
  1. Added 'Combine as cake' function to create a cake from a selected pattern of effects on the timeline.
  2. Fix bug that caused certain cakes to not render correctly after they had been moved to a different position or effect time.
  1. Switch video encoding to use VP9 encoder. This encoder produces better quality output files that are smaller, but it is a little bit slower than the old encoder. Video files rendered in Finale 3D will now work natively in Chrome, Firefox, and on more phones than previously.
  2. Update Sketchup SDK, so that we can now load Sketchup 2019 files.
  1. Re-tuned gold, silver, and charcoal trails.
  2. Re-tuned mines at low calibers.
  3. Re-tuned horsetails and waterfalls.
  1. Changed Pyromac max DMX duration to 59.99.
  2. Made CSV show importer recognize LAUNCH POSITION and POST as synonyms for POSTION.
  3. Made Pyrodigital fix for macros beginning with zippers use the correct Hazard/CGHZ value.
  4. Added new RJ Equipamentos exporter for its new timecode based system.
  1. In Hobbyist mode, make the create movie dialog default to 720p, since it can't render 1080p+
  2. Add some logging to help diagnose a movie rendering crash.
  3. Add performance logging for Intel graphics.
  1. Added "File->Admin->Flush render caches" menu item. Flushing the render caches may help speed up Finale3D if it slows down. They are automatically flushed when you save your show file.
  2. Updated Pyrodigital 'fix' for manual fire macros based on further information from Pyrodigital. See documentation page for more info.
  3. Make non-randomized break orientations depend on their start velocities (so that mine pancakes point in the correct direction).
  1. Speed improvements and memory reduction in rendering.
  2. Added Pyrodigital manual script mode, supporting macros and zipper fire -- select from module type selector.
  3. Added fancy 'fix' for Pyrodigital FC-3 limitation that it can't fire zipper fire at beginning of macro; fix is that software automatically adds a 'dummy cue' in front of zipper 1/10th second in situations requiring it.
  4. Added warning -- 'Added dummy cue for zipper fire at beginning of macro' when fix is applied, to avoid confusion about where the dummy cue came from.
  5. Added single-shot 39 letter mines to generic effects for shooting letters with mines having smaller clusters of stars.
  6. Added 'storage location' to Show Director CSV export as the CUSTOM3 column.)
  7. Fix bug causing 'qoh' and 'available' columns to cause spurious change notifications when syncing to Finale Inventory.
  8. Fix the login flow when offline login fails because of unmatched computer id.
  9. Fix bug causing 0.0 duration for some effects that have trails with no tips (e.g. flying fish).
  1. Highlighted 'Edit racks' button when editing pins in rack layout so user doesn't get stuck without knowing how to exit the mode.
  2. Reset rack layout to 'Edit racks' mode when user changes the position selector.
  3. Made the 'Hide palette' and 'Hide generic effects' buttons on rack layout palette remain ideal font size even when palette is shrunk down because it is wide, so the buttons don't become unreadable.
  4. Added tiny indicators on effect palette to show that it can be resized.
  5. Improve startup time.
  6. Reduce GPU memory usage by about 40%.
  1. Clear the temp attribute after writing zip-based file formats so that some backup programs (e.g. Carbonite) don't skip files written by Finale3D.
  2. Added VDL implementation of 'Octopus' as 'clusters of stars, defaulting to gold'.
  3. Fixed bug in multi-DMX-universe export for fireTEK and PyroSure.
  4. Update Ukrainian and Russian translations.
  5. Fixed effect palette menus and search bar input box when rendering in letterbox mode.
  6. Scaled down size of effect palette on short height windows so it isn't offensively large.
  7. Improved colors and readability of effect palette text.
  8. Improved effect palette tooltips.
  9. Added rounded corners to tooltips.
  10. Fixed filtering problem with position names that contained slash characters.
  1. Fix bug causing multi-shot items (cakes and candles) not correctly updating the effect simulations when you edit the effect instances.