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Requires Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10, and a computer with 8GB of RAM and good graphics capabilities. The Nvidia GeForce 1060 is the recommended GPU, though almost any GPU made after 2017 will work. If you use a Mac, you need to run Windows over Bootcamp or Parallels. The Professional version, Hobbyist version, and Free Trial all use the same download.

Latest Finale 3D Release (Same Download For All Versions)

  1. Updated Brazilian Portuguese UI translation.
  2. Fixed load/save bug with racks that messed up rack/tube assignments assigned if there were gaps in the rack number sequence.
  3. Fixed minor bug in which the 'Used' count for racks in the effects window wouldn't update after making changes to the rack view.
  4. Made it impossible to enter the reference number 0 for chains, racks, songs, models, and images. 0 was already an invalid value that the system would never assign but it was previously possible to enter the number 0 for a reference manually.
  5. Fixed spelling error, 'Baraq' -> 'Beraq'
  6. Fixed very minor bug in which it was possible for racks to be sorted differently in the rack table after saving and loading show.

All Finale 3D Releases And Beta Versions

  1. First implementation of 'node vdl' for Star Definitions in effect editor.
  2. Fix Brazilian Portuguese language detection.
  3. Remove smoke puff rotation.
  1. Updated Brazilian Portuguese UI translation.
  2. Fixed load/save bug with racks that messed up rack/tube assignments assigned if there were gaps in the rack number sequence.
  3. Fixed minor bug in which the 'Used' count for racks in the effects window wouldn't update after making changes to the rack view.
  4. Made it impossible to enter the reference number 0 for chains, racks, songs, models, and images. 0 was already an invalid value that the system would never assign but it was previously possible to enter the number 0 for a reference manually.
  5. Fixed spelling error, 'Baraq' -> 'Beraq'
  6. Fixed very minor bug in which it was possible for racks to be sorted differently in the rack table after saving and loading show.
  1. Change default model brightness from 1.5 to 1.0.
  2. Fix some crashes in effect parsing/building.
  3. Updated Italian UI translation.
  4. Added settings in 'Scenery > Sky image adjustments' to rotate the direction the image is facing and to stretch the image horizontally to create a wider viewing area.
  5. Re-tuned the darkening/blending on sky images.
  6. Re-tuned the sky image adjustments for the default image, stretching the image horizontally to reduce the black area in the rear and increasing the darkening at the edges which is possible for the larger, stretched image. For backward compatibility, existing shows remain as is, and new shows will get the new defaults.
  7. Added 'skyRotationDegrees' per-show setting to enable rotating the sky image.
  8. Fixed crashing bug that was triggered by opening a large FIR file, and possibly other circumstances.
  9. Updated Polish and Norwegian UI translations.
  10. Minor fix to effects list report.
  11. Fix colorized material loading in SketchUp.
  12. Add secondary break type to effect editor, set soft break types.
  13. Added 100ms resolution option for FireByWire exporter for versions of the FireByWire software that are not able to import 1ms resolution times.
  14. Handle Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) system locale.
  15. Collection of changes to the PyroMaster exporter.
  16. Added FireByWire exporter.
  17. Further adjustment to the printed format of 'Angles*', now printing multiple SAME-angles with the standard angle ASCII character, and only printing the asterisk ASCII character if multiple angles that are DIFFERENT. This change improves the appears of the Angles* column in most common use cases for reports.
  18. Updated the 'Rack List' report template to include angle in the sorting conditions and to list racks of different angles on different lines.
  19. Improved the Angles* column to make it better in printed reports. In this latest revision, the number is printed first, followed by the ASCII graphic character indicating the general direction, AND IF MORE THAN ONE ANGLE IS REPRESENTED then only the first number is printed, and the ASCII character is asterisk, to indicate the row represents multiple effects, examples: 0 |, and 30 /, and 0 *, which would be the result of combining 0 | and 30 / into a single row.
  20. Updated the Polish UI translation.
  21. Fixed/removed the Pre-Wired Rails column from the Rack Totals report.
  22. Send 'Instructions for your Finale3D account' email to users who create their account via the app rather than the website.
  23. Fix mine break pattern so that it spreads in both X and Z instead of just X.
  24. Fix an access level bug where people who had an extra machine license but no initial product license would get into a bad state.
  25. Fix bug where expired promo licenses were showing status=Active on the licenses page.
  26. Fix an issue causing some SketchUp models to look strange.
  27. Fix bug causing My Effects to be blown away during certain network communcation errors.
  28. Remove the XX from partially finished UI translations.
  29. Made Angles* column in the script window display up angles as | 0 or | 90, dependening on chosen convention, instead of leaving up angles as blank.
  30. Fixed bug in formatting of angles in labels, wherein 'up' was printed as 0 degrees even if chosen angle convention was up = 90.
  31. Added 'Set sleeve size' function on right-click context menu for script table, supporting the practice of putting single-shots or candles into mortar tubes of arbitrary size.
  32. Simplified the right-click context menus by removing the 'Filter to >=, <=' options, on the belief that they weren't used enough to justify being in the menu; also moved the 'Table editing hints' menu item to the 'Help' menu.
  33. Added 'Why is this tube red?' function on right-click context menu when you click on a rack in the rack layout view, to explain what the error is.
  1. Added settings in 'Scenery > Sky image adjustments' to rotate the direction the image is facing and to stretch the image horizontally to create a wider viewing area.
  2. Re-tuned the darkening/blending on sky images.
  3. Re-tuned the sky image adjustments for the default image, stretching the image horizontally to reduce the black area in the rear and increasing the darkening at the edges which is possible for the larger, stretched image. For backward compatibility, existing shows remain as is, and new shows will get the new defaults.
  4. Added 'skyRotationDegrees' per-show setting to enable rotating the sky image.
  5. Fixed crashing bug that was triggered by opening a large FIR file, and possibly other circumstances.
  6. Updated Polish and Norwegian UI translations.
  7. Minor fix to effects list report.
  8. Fix colorized material loading in SketchUp.
  1. Added 100ms resolution option for FireByWire exporter for versions of the FireByWire software that are not able to import 1ms resolution times.
  1. Handle 'Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)' system locale.
  2. Collection of changes to the PyroMaster exporter.
  3. Added FireByWire exporter.
  1. Further adjustment to the printed format of 'Angles*', now printing multiple SAME-angles with the standard angle ASCII character, and only printing the asterisk ASCII character if multiple angles that are DIFFERENT. This change improves the appears of the Angles* column in most common use cases for reports.
  2. Updated the 'Rack List' report template to include angle in the sorting conditions and to list racks of different angles on different lines.
  3. Improved the Angles* column to make it better in printed reports. In this latest revision, the number is printed first, followed by the ASCII graphic character indicating the general direction, AND IF MORE THAN ONE ANGLE IS REPRESENTED then only the first number is printed, and the ASCII character is asterisk, to indicate the row represents multiple effects, examples: 0 |, and 30 /, and 0 *, which would be the result of combining 0 | and 30 / into a single row.
  4. Updated the Polish UI translation.
  5. Fixed/removed the Pre-Wired Rails column from the Rack Totals report.
  6. Send 'Instructions for your Finale3D account' email to users who create their account via the app rather than the website.
  7. Fix mine break pattern so that it spreads in both X and Z instead of just X.
  8. Fix an access level bug where people who had an extra machine license but no initial product license would get into a bad state.
  9. Fix an issue causing some SketchUp models to look strange.
  10. Fix bug causing My Effects to be blown away during certain network communcation errors.
  11. Remove the XX from partially finished UI translations.
  12. Made Angles* column in the script window display up angles as | 0 or | 90, dependening on chosen convention, instead of leaving up angles as blank.
  13. Fixed bug in formatting of angles in labels, wherein 'up' was printed as 0 degrees even if chosen angle convention was up = 90.
  14. Added 'Set sleeve size' function on right-click context menu for script table, supporting the practice of putting single-shots or candles into mortar tubes of arbitrary size.
  15. Simplified the right-click context menus by removing the 'Filter to >=, <=' options, on the belief that they weren't used enough to justify being in the menu; also moved the 'Table editing hints' menu item to the 'Help' menu.
  16. Added 'Why is this tube red?' function on right-click context menu when you click on a rack in the rack layout view, to explain what the error is.
  1. On startup, set the Finale3D language setting to be the same as the user's system UI language.
  2. Fix issue with Finale Inventory network sync, causing F3D rows with an empty part type to be synced as choreography tab 'Non-Choreographed', which meant that they didn't show up in Finale 3D, so it looked like they were being deleted. Now, these rows get choreography tab 'Unspecified'.
  3. Fixed bug causing a crash with some sequencing/sorting commands.
  1. Adjust compiler settings to make many things 40% or so faster.
  2. Added min/max size option for rack definitions, particularly for single-shot racks.
  3. Fixed rounding error on the printed 1inch shells in Easy Racks dialog.
  1. Fix Parallels 'gray world' rendering bug.
  2. Added blob export for users with capability enabled to Finale Generic CSV and File > Export > Export effects.
  3. Make effect editor handle launch point lights.
  4. Adjust mortar flare tuning.
  1. Add mortar flare to effects.
  2. Fixed several related crashes in building some customized effect parameters.
  3. Added 'Re-address' button to rack layout view for re-addressing just the position being viewed.
  4. Added 'Racks' button to rack layout view for adding as many additional racks are required for the position being viewed, keeping the existing racks.
  5. Added 'Easy racks' button to rack layout view for adding as many additional easy racks are required for the position being viewed, keeping the existing racks.
  6. Added 'Racks help' button to the rack layout view.
  7. Added 'Clear pins' button to the rack layout view to clear the pin addresses for the position being viewed.
  8. Moved 'Disable UI sound effects' from per-show settings to user settings.
  9. Make clicking and right clicking rail icons in rack layout view when not in 'edit pins' mode select all the events addressed to the rail and scroll the script window to bring the first event associated with the rail into view.
  10. Updated Brazilian Portuguese UI translation.
  11. Improved rack layout tooltiops.
  12. Improve UI sounds in rack layout window.
  13. Fix star phase trail density bug.
  14. Fix bug causing the effect editor content to disappear if you added a blank launch and tried to edit it.
  1. Fix crash bug with certain effects that had stars that end in reports.
  2. Fix bug: rendered movie sounds were playing as though the observer/camera were at the origin. The observer/camera is now correct and sounds like it does when you play the show inside Finale3D.
  3. Make prefire override from VDL or table column work in the effect editor.
  4. Make vdl parser output new 'star phases' structure for transition stars.
  1. Implement handling of 'star phases' from the effect editor.
  2. Update Spanish translation file.
  3. Fix bug causing effects to 'blink out of existence' too early.
  4. Disable the 'gpu has crashed but Finale3D can continue' dialog, which was just confusing people.
  5. Added 'Edit rails' and 'Add rail' links to the rack layout screen to add or manage the position's 'Pre-Assigned Rails'. The UI now supports a workflow that feels a lot like Finale Business.
  6. Made changing rails automatically normalize capitalization for firing systems with HEX addresses or letters in their addresses.
  7. Enabled moving unracked pin on rails by drag and drop in the rack layout view; previously it was possible to move racked pins, but not unracked pins, other than connecting them to tubes.
  1. Add 'Star Phases' concept to effect structure. The vdl parser is not yet making effects that use this feature, but it will soon for transition stars.
  2. Updated Spanish UI translation, work in progress.
  3. In rack layout view, hide rack size below racks unless racks are selected, to remove clutter; right click rack and set annotation if you want an alternative.
  4. Update the position pre-assigned racks when user changes rail numbers of rails in the rack layout view.
  5. Added 'Pre-Wired Rails' field on racks as a column in the table below the rack layout view, enabling user to constraint individual racks to any of the positions 'Pre-Assigned Rails'.
  6. Draw tubes in rack layout as red if their shells use a rail that doesn't match the rack's pre-wired rails.
  7. Fix a crash in the vdl parser's handling of fountains.
  8. This fixes a crash in the building of crackling fountains, glittering fountains, etc. These kinds of fountains are still broken and don't show anything in the simulation. This will be fixed in another release soon, but this release fixes the new crash that started occurring in 'crackling fountain'.
  9. Fixed minor UI bug when cloning racks in rack layout window with control-click-drag, previously the drag point would be offset.
  10. Added right-click context menu options for racks in rack layout screen for 'Sort left to right' and 'Move to last' to give the user control over the order in which racks are considered when assigning addresses.
  11. Changed theway racks are sorted for addressing purposes, now sorting racks by their 'Rack' field, which is visible as a coliumn in the table below the rack diagram, instead of the internal creation date, which wasn't visible or changeable by the user.
  12. Add launch menu items to the effect node when it's in single shot mode.
  13. Ignore 0.0s duration in single-shot effects.
  14. Further simplified the racks menu 'Show advanced rack functions' is unchecked.
  15. Added 'Pre-Assigned Rails' field on position properties, enabling user to pre-assign specific rails per-position instead of counting up from 'Start Module'. Pre-assigned rails are always shown in the rack layout view even before addressing and if events are not addressed to them.
  16. Improved the unchecked 'Treat all missing racks as errors' option in addressing dialog to accommodate multi-caliber mortar racks property for error reporting.
  17. Adjust charcoal trail tuning.
  18. Fix a crash bug in fountain/ground flare VDL processing.
  19. Fold the Launch star's duration and windFriction into Launch.
  1. Added checkbox 'Treat missing racks as errors' to the addressing dialogs, giving user the option of addressing a show with racks for some effects and not others without reporting errors.
  2. Added checkbox 'Racks > Racks settings > Rack layout shows missing racks as errors', to give user control over whether pins on the modules show up in red if there are no racks added for effects of that size/type.
  1. Fix bug causing 'action' sounds like whistles to go missing.
  2. Fix window sizing for network sync dialog and other html dialogs.
  3. Add 'Override Prefire Column' to effect editor.
  4. Updated Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and Brazilian Portuguese UI translations.
  5. Fixed formatting of 'Edit addressing blueprint' dialog.
  6. Fixed minor bug in which 'Used' count of racks didn't get updated after undo.
  7. Added 'Racks > Add easy racks for show' function, which is an way to add racks to the show, more similar to Finale Business.
  8. Added 'File > Easy racks settings' to specify user preference for rack lengths by size.
  9. At last, added saved user settings!
  10. Added 'Addressing > Report missing racks as errors' setting which makes it easier to ignore cakes or certain sizes of effects or positions as far as racks are concerned, without addressing errors being generated.
  11. Make the sync dialog error messages more user-friendly.
  1. This build has a new implementation of the vdl_parser. It fixes a couple of vdl bugs, but the real focus is a foundation for making vdl improvements in the future.
  2. Transitions to multicolor work now. e.g. 'brocade to multicolor'.
  3. Fix break smoke and break flash for non-primary flowers.
  4. Move 'duration' and 'wind friction' from the BreakPetal into the Star (visible in the effect editor).
  5. Fix some effect editor crashes, and make the effect editor faster/more responsive.
  1. Fixed crash bug for chains larger than 100 shells, crashing in labels printing.
  2. Automatically add the words 'Single Shot' to the description in the 'Edit effect VDL' dialog if the effect being edited has Type = single_shot but no indica xxx indication in the VDL that it is a single shot.
  3. Added 'Alternating row tube loading order' checkbox on create/edit rack definition dialog, to provide a snaking option for multi-row racks.
  1. Make 'Reverse tube loading order' on rack's right click context menu dynamically re-allocate the tubes on the spot, in addition to changing the rack's setting that applies when addressing.
  2. Added 'File > User settings > Reverse tube loading order on alternating racks' which applies when you add racks with 'Racks > Add racks for show'.
  3. Added rack context menu command 'Reverse tube loading order' which reverses the order in which tubes in that rack are allocated in the addressing functions, for purpose of snaking addresses or chaines back and forth in the racks.
  4. Made text color of rack angles black instead of gray, to make it more visible.
  5. Added indicator above drawn rack to show that its tube loading order is reversed.
  6. Adjusted text position of the angles above racks to make them more visible.
  7. Added right-click option on racks in rack layoug view, 'Change all effect angles to match rack'.
  8. Added confirmation dialog when 'Edit effect VDL' changes effect type, giving option to change type or keep old value.
  9. Updated Polish UI translation.
  10. Added Polish Zloty currency symbol option in user settings.
  11. Added 'Change this effect angle to match rack' on the rack's context menu in rack layout view, for fixing effect angles to match the racks.
  1. In rack layout view, the tooltip for the effects now shows both the tilt and pan angles if the pan is not the default value, to help make it understandable if the angle of the rack appears to match the tilt of the effect yet the effect is still red because of pan mismatch.
  2. Clicking on a specific tube in a rack in rack layout view now scrolls to that specific event in the script window rather than just the first event in the rack.
  3. Clicking on a rack in the rack layout view now scrolls to its events in the script window even rack was already selected when you click on it.
  4. Updated Bulgarian UI translation.
  5. Fixed Chain Gap bug in displayed sequence for long chains.
  6. Fixed 'Script > Time adjustments > Add time variance' bug, making it automatically keep same-time effects together.
  7. Changed the Delay column to show the delays from first item for chains, e.g., 0*1*2*3*4, so users can customize the Chain Specifications report to use Delay intead of Chain Gap, which shows the relative delays like 0*1*1*1*1, if that's what the users want.
  8. Added hot key for 'Renumber chains'.
  9. Updated Polish translation.
  10. Made 'Add time variance...' and 'Renumber chains' remember their previous parameters.
  11. Added 'Script > Chains > Renumber chains...' to support the new chain reports documented https://finale3d.com/documentation/chain-specifications/
  12. Made 'Add time variance...' function round times to timeline snap-to resolution if in effect.
  13. Added 'Script > Add time variance...' function to jitter the times of the selected events to make the sequence less robotic.
  1. Make 'Effects > Break apart cake' function apply cake's prefire to first component while still handling lift time correctly, for cases in which user has assigned prefire to the cake that is different from first effect's lift.
  2. Fixed minor bug in 'Create cake effect by combining items' to make it correctly support effects with explicit prefire and LFT in them, and to make the cake's prefire be the original prefire of the first item combined into the cake.
  3. Updated Polish UI translation.
  4. Added Dance Of Fire firing system.
  5. Added 'Pin Absolute', 'Module/Pin Address' and 'Module' field options for labels, which convert slat-based pin numbers to module-based pin numbers for virtual slats and splitter-box based firing systems that use pin numbers relative to the module instead of the slat.)NOTE(Added 'Chains First', 'Chains Last' and 'Chain Reference' to address sorting criteria options. Previously 'Chains First' was actually doing a comparison based on chain reference as opposed to treating all non-blank chain references as being equal each other for sorting purposes, so now that same sorting option value is called 'Chain Reference' and the new 'Chains First' option treats ties correctly.)NOTE(Added 'IsChain' column in script.)NOTE(The new chain-related columns in the script in this this update and the last update will appear on all existing blueprints for reports and table layouts until you hide them with the 'Hide or unhide column' option from the blue gear menu or copy the blueprints from a new blank show to replace the blueprints in a saved show. We know this is inconvenient, and we apologize for that. We tried to do this whole batch of new columns at once to minimize the number of times you would need to update the blueprints saved in your shows.
  6. Further improved 'Chain Specifications' standard report by combining rows of same-effects in a multi-effect chain, so a 20-shell chain that consists of 10 red peonies followed by 10 blue peonies would only take two rows in the report, not twenty.
  7. Improved standard chain specifications report to print single rows for same-effect chains and multiple rows for multi-effect chains, so a single report contains all necessary chain information but without unnecessary rows.
  8. Added 'Next' column to script table that indicates time delta to next cue.)NOTE(Added 'Cue Count' column to script table that counts up with each different effect time, ignoring chain follower shells.)NOTE(Changed cue flag numbers to be the cue count, which is unaffected by hiding events.)NOTE(Added 'Next' to the default scripting table blueprint.
  1. Handle empty caliber strings syncing to Finale Inventory
  2. Added 'Chain Summary' report that lists chains as single rows with individual delays in a list like 0*2*2*2*2 for 5-shell chain with 2sec delays.
  3. Added 'Set chain delays' function that lets you enter a list of numbers and applies them to all selected chains.
  4. Added 'Set chain angles' function that lets you enter a list of angles and applies them to all selected chains.
  5. Added helpful dialog to prevent people from trying to replace chains, since that doesn't work, and to tell people what to do instead.
  6. Added explanation dialogs to prevent user from trying to use effect editor on cake sim, or on chain sim.
  7. Added explanation dialog to prevent user from trying to edit VDL of chain after it has been inserted into the show.
  8. Fix layout bug on Create Account dialog.
  9. Added support for Pyromaster firing system.
  10. Fix the 'ctrl-z blows away the effect editor' bug.
  11. NOTE(Improved layout of top section above table windows.)
  12. Adjust VDL tuning to remove some super-wide variances.
  13. Make pasting breakpetals and launches allocate new random group ids.
  14. Added 'Rack Setup' report, which lists rack and tube assignments for all script devices.
  15. Fixed bug that positions in site layout diagram did not take into account rotation.
  16. Updated French translation.
  17. Added 'File > User settings > Use A4 page size for all reports and settings' which overrides the page size in all standard and custom blueprints.
  18. Fix effect editor panels text input layout issue
  19. Updated Hungarian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese translations.
  20. Added 25-pin standard option for pin board addressing, from the firing systems menu on the addressing dialog.
  21. Made the default part number for a new effect created with control-G avoid collisions with part numbers in any open show.
  22. Fixed the problem that when right clicking a grouped row in the script table window to edit or customize simulation, the full group would become selected and then a dialog would ask you to select a single item, unhelpfully.
  23. Fixed some crashes in effects with 'strange' trajectories.
  24. Fixed the red underline underneath the selected blueprint puzzle piece icon.
  1. Fixed bug that occurred when trying to sync very large My Effects inventories.
  2. Fixed bug causing smoke trails to pop out of existence instead of fading away.
  3. Fixed problem with chain effects made from effects customized with the effect editor.
  1. Fixed some bugs in break-apart and combine-as cake.
  2. Fix bug causing effect launch sounds to not work if the movie render start time was not 0:00
  1. Fix a crash that occured when turning on 'Draw trajectory dots instead of effect simulations.'
  2. Fix timeline duration calculation for multi-break shells from the effect editor.
  3. Fix bug causing sounds in movies to not be at the correct time if the movie render start time was not 0:00.
  1. Add heading/pitch/roll to break petals in the effect editor.
  1. Fix fountain speed bug.
  2. Fix secondary part height bug (e.g. "Red Comet w/ Green Mine").
  1. Fix bug in break flash rendering.
  2. Changes to effect tree structure. This release breaks effects that were customized with the effect editor.
  1. Fixed bug that the dot key by itself would close dialogs even without holding control. Control-dot is the intended hotkey.
  1. Fix a sync error causing sync to fail with certain languages/character sets.
  2. Fixed minor bug with the automatic application or clearing of the Type=Rack filter when switching to/from window arrangements that include the racks window.
  3. Automatically clear the search box when switching to/from window arrangements that include the rack window, since filter text for effects don't generally apply to racks and vice versa.
  4. Added control-. as a hot key for closing the active window or dialog, working even when the search box has focus to make it easy to dismiss the effect window after invoking if you change you mind, without taking hands off the keyboard.
  5. Added tab and shift-tab as hotkeys for design window to select next/previous position.
  6. Updated Bulgarian, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese UI translations.
  7. Added incremental search to script and effects window.
  8. Made 'C' hotkey invoke effects window with search field focused and search text highlighted and arrow keys hot from within the search field to select rows, and control-enter hot to insert, and control-shift-enter hot to replace-with-effect.
  9. Made effect window auto-dismiss/close when user inserts or replaces an effect if effect window was invoked by 'C'.
  10. Fixed/improved handling of minimized windows.
  11. Made home/end and page up/down work on tables.
  12. Added control-shift-up/down-arrow as hotkey alias for home/end that works on tables when search field is focused, during incremental search.
  13. Made 'enter' key invoke the effects window from design view.
  14. Documented all the new hotkeys -- see Documentation > Software documentation > Keyboard shortcuts, or search for shortcuts in the upper right of the home page.
  15. Made commands like 'Add racks for show' pop up the required windows in their previous position instead of re-arranging all windows.
  16. Added 'Effects above design' and 'Script above design' standard window arrangements as shift-8 and shift-9.
  17. Removed the old 'Effect chooser' dialog as it is now replaced by the new functionality of the effect window, connected to the 'C' key.
  18. Implemented all the 'Insert multiple' functions and added options for inserting based on quota, or entered quantity, or fraction of quota, from all effects or just selected effects.
  19. Simplified menu command options for inserting and replacing effects based on the new effect window capabilities.
  20. Automatically set or clear the Type=Rack selector in the effects window when changing window arrangement, as a convenience.
  21. No longer change window arrangement automatically to make the script window visible as a side-effect of addressing the show.
  1. Stability improvements to effect editor undo/redo.
  1. Fixed voice cues bug with chains, that all shells were getting voice cues.
  2. Added 'Turn voice cues ON' checkbox to bottom of the 'Voice cues settings...' dialog to make it more discoverable.
  3. Fix missing translation strings.
  1. Fixed bug causing initial inventory sync to not happen.
  2. Added 'Script > Time adjustments > Speed up cadence at end', which adjusts the timing of an existing sequence to accelerate toward a crescendo.
  3. Improved 'Script > Randomize' to keep effects together that are originally at the same effect time, i.e., same cue.
  4. Made 'Re-align cues to their event time' align at the latest event time instead of the earliest of cue, so the first break of the cue remains a t the same time.
  5. Improved 'Randomize' to take into account the number of undoable operations in the session as part of its random number seed, so repeatedly randomizing will no longer get stuck in cycles yet will still be deterministic, i.e., if you undo and repeat the operation you will get the same result.
  6. Made 'Script > Sequences > Spread out according to effect durations' keep effects together that ar e originally at the same effect time, i.e., same cue.
  7. Added 'File > Export > Export voice cues track' and 'File > Voice cues settings...' and 'File > User settings > Turn voice cues ON for playback'.
  8. Added capability to export voice cues tracks with opt ions for channel selection, music/voice cues mixing volumes, lead time of utterance before shots, and various vocalization options including human voice, and buzzers, and beeps, and combinations.
  9. Provided option to turn voice cues on during playback while scripting, as user setting.
  10. Minor fix to PyroDigiT exporter, for reporting warnings.
  11. Removed limit of 30 characters for description names in CSV ex port.
  12. Added 'Pin Board' firing system option in addressing menu, with pre-defined options for popular pin board configurations including 32,36,45,48,50,100,400 pins.
  13. Enlarged maximum module size that the rack layout pin editing was capable of handling to 400 pins, from 128.
  14. Fixed a bug in the rack layout pin editing for the CSV firing system.
  15. Added capability to export Parente Firemaster beep tracks, using the export voice cues feature and selecting the Firemaster beep and proper lead time.
  16. Updated German UI translation.
  17. Fixed bug in 'Script > Align > Align event times to resolution wherein the alignment wouldn't preserve the spacing in a chain.
  18. Added 'Script > Time adjustments' submenu, moved a few commands into it.
  19. Added 'Script > Time adjustments > Insert minimum separation...' to insert specified separation as necessary between tight sequences of cues, to help with pin board / voice cues shows.
  20. Added 'Scrit > Time adjustments > Re-align cues on event time' to convert cues of multiple effects alignted by their effect time to having the same event time, for pin board shows.
  21. Redesigned the standard 'Cue Sheet' report to make it much better suited for manual, pin board shows.
  22. Added voice cues setting for speciying the volume of music overlay on the voice cues channel.
  23. Auto-close sync dialog when the initial login sync completes successfully.
  24. Fix layout bug causing the 'button bar' to not appear at the bottom of the sync dialog.
  1. Use 'purple comet' placeholder for customized effects that can't be loaded.
  2. Updated Turkish UI translation.
  3. Added Parente Firemaster5 exporter.
  4. Added firemasterMinSeparation and firemasterSequenceNumberOffset per-show settings variables.
  5. Fix promo page layout bug.
  1. Updated Polish and Italian UI translations.
  2. Added an 'annotation' field to racks, enabling user to add annotation text on the rack layout diagram.
  3. Added automatic rack annotations for each rack part number group added by the 'Racks > Add racks for show' function.
  4. Added 'File > User settings > Disable automatic part number rack annotations' in case you don't want them.
  5. Added 'Set annotation...' to the rack context menus.
  6. Added annotations to the rack properties window.
  7. Removed the new rack annotations from the default rack layout report templates, but existing rack layout report templates saved in shows will need to be modified to remove the new fields.
  8. Fix bug that copy/paste effects from a single position should paste into whatever positions are selected, not always to the copied-from position.
  9. Improved help text on ghost icon for hidden columns.
  10. Added right-click context menu on racks in rack layout.
  11. Added right-click context menu on rack layout background, with options for zoom and reset view.
  12. Added help option in right-click context menus in rack layout.
  13. Added right-click context menu for row number column in rack layout table.
  14. Added test and warning when you click the module number in the rack layout window to change the address, warning you if your change conflicts with an existing module.
  15. Fix login bug causing some users to 'get stuck in trial mode'.
  16. Fixed crash bug that occurred if you hid all windows and then closed the script window from task bar while windows hidden.
  17. Improvements to sync dialog progress display.
  1. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  2. Fixed PDF report generator for supporting Euro and Pound and other currency symbols.
  3. Added Bulgarian UI translation.
  4. Changed capitalization of the term 'Effect window' throughout the product, which requires a minor update from the translators.
  5. Improved 'Replace rack...' and 'Replace effect' functions when a cell in a row is selected rather than the entire row.
  6. Added ability to change module address in the rack layout window by clicking on the module address and entering a replacement number.
  7. Added 'Edit rack properties' in right click context menu on rack table in rack layout window.
  8. Added 'Change rail address of effects in rack...' to rack context menu in rack layout window.
  9. Added 'Select racks containing this item' to effects context menu.
  10. Changed 'Select all events using this effect' to 'Select this item in layout or script', making it work for racks as well as effects.
  11. Made 'Replace with this effect' work for racks too.
  12. Changed script context menu item 'Replace effect...' to 'Replace with effect from effects window' to start moving away from the popup effect chooser window while improving the usability of the main effects window.
  13. Added hot keys for rack functions in context menus.
  14. Fixed problem with wrong counts in the position filter bar on shows with more than 100 positions.
  15. Added 'Edit this rack VDL' contxt menu item.
  16. Fix bug where inventory sync did not work when the main window was minimized.
  17. Fix login bug happening for some users with extra machine licenses.
  18. Fix bug causing inventory sync to fail if the target inventory has 0 products.
  19. Fix bug causing expired licenses to work when they should not.
  20. Fix 'license valid through' date display logic.
  1. Removed rack palette from rack layout window, on the theory that the effects window itself is now adequate as a palette for inserting racks.
  2. Updated Polish, Hungarian, and Dutch translations
  3. Fixed obscure clipping bug in rack layout screen wherein module graphics could be partially off screen when using multiple module types in the same position.
  4. Fixed crash bug when Hobbyist or Free Trial user attempts to do rack layout, which requires the Pro version.
  5. Added new window arrangement #0, which puts the effects/inventory in a window *above* the design view and script.
  6. Added magnification to saved table layout blueprints, supporting saving the magnification changes you can do to the table windows by holding control and using the scroll wheel.
  7. Added 'File > User settings > Click action for rows on other windows' in addition to the option for click action on the effects window, allowing you to change the user interface so single click selects the row instead of the cell.
  8. Made the 'Used' quantity column keep track of used racks, not just effects.
  9. Added 'Type' to all the default effect table layout blueprint filters.
  10. Automatically filter to type = rack when switching to rack layout view, shift-3.
  11. Automatically switch to the collection that contains racks used in the show when switching to rack layout view, shift-3.
  12. Automatically switch to a collection that contains effects used in the show when switch out of rack layout view, e.g., shift-2 or shift-0.
  13. Fix bug with newlines in Part Notes.
  14. Fix bug in syncing My Effects Qoh and Available columns.
  15. Make importing work for trial users.
  1. The function 'Racks > Add racks for show' now lays out racks grouped by rack part number, not just by size.
  2. Highlight racks in red in rack layout view if they are directly on top of other racks, to avoid confusion.
  3. Clicking on rack tube in 'Edit pins' mode in rack layout view now selects and scrolls to bring into view only the event for that tube, not all events associated with that rail/pin, which can be more than one for chains and items e-matched together.
  4. Updated Dutch and Hungarian UI translations.
  5. Added 'Effects > Set quotas to available...' which sets the show's quotas column with values from the available column in the effects collection. Items with quotas get red and green visual indicators for whether you've used too many in the show, and a remaining count visual indicator on the icons in the effect palette.
  6. Fixed the 'Replace effect' functions to make them work for inventory items that are missing VDL and/or other fields that would be filled in automatically if the effect were inserted directly.
  7. Added 'File > Tools > Fill missing effect fields based on description...' to fill in all the missing fields in an effects collection.
  8. Update Chinese UI translation, now complete.
  9. Update Polish UI translation.
  10. In rack layout window, selecting a rack or dragging a pin now automatically selects the associated events in the script window, so you know what you are dealing with.
  11. In rack layout window, hovering the cursor over a rack tube highlights the event in the script associated with that tube.
  12. In rack layout window, hovering cursor over pin numbers in rail graphic will highlight all script rows associated with that firing system pin.
  1. PLEASE NOTE: This release adds new columns to the effects window, and because of this, you will be prompted to sync your changes to My Effects, even though you have not made any changes. This is because all of the data really has changed and needs to be synced to the server. After you sync the first time, the change notice should go away.
  2. Added Weight and NEQ columns to effects window and script window.
  3. More improvements and bug fixes to the new inventory sync process.
  4. Prompt to sync unsaved finale inventory changes on exit.
  5. Added new pre-wired pin patterns for racks that traverse rows in the reverse order, to match common configurations of PyroDigiT-like racks.
  6. Improve support for user typing in addresses manually into the script, then locking the addresses, and then doing 'Addressing > Address show...' to address around them, avoiding conflicts. Previously user would need to fill the Module Or Slat Type column also in the locked rows, not just the addresses. Now if you leave that field blank then the default Module Or Slat Type applies, which is just what you would expect.
  7. Added Cost column to script window.
  8. Added Cost, Weight, and NEQ columns to the basic report templates that they apply to. Changes to report templates are not automaticaly incorporated into existing shows, so see https://finale3d.com/documentation/copying-reports/ to copy the new templates to existing shows if you need to.
  9. Added Ruble currency symbol option in user settings.
  10. Added additional French misspellings of pot-au-feu to VDL parser.
  11. Added four additional pre-wired pin options for racks, reversing the order of the rows, for pre-wired racks like PyroDigiT and i-shot and Evolved.
  1. Fix some inventory sync bugs.
  2. Added user setting for to make rack layout default to smallest racks first, instead of largest first.
  3. Fixed minor rack layout bug wherein pins error checking that would make the pins red was disabled when the corresponding events were filtered in the script window.
  4. Made rack layout window automatically scroll to bring into view the table row corresponding to the most recently selected rack.
  5. Improved timeline event bar and tooltip text to indicate a bar represents a group or chain as opposed to an individual effect.
  1. Fix bug with some fields during inventory sync.
  1. Fix bug causing network sync to get stuck if you do not have any supplier catalogs enabled.
  2. Fix some other inventory sync issues related to specific columns not updating correctly.
  3. Added collection selector to 'Edit effect/rack VDL' dialogs, defaulting to active collection.
  4. Made collection selector for 'Create effect/rack/chain/cake from xxx' remember and default to previous choice'.
  5. Made 'Edit/Create effect/rack/chain/cake VDL' functions preserve existing Type field if updating existing effect so as not to overwrite single_shot type unintentionally, with comet or mine, for example.
  6. Made 'Create effect/rack/chain/cake VDL' not overwrite Description field if updating VDL of an existing effect.
  7. Updated Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish translations.
  8. Added first full Chinese UI translation.
  9. Made the default part number in the 'Create cake from selecte items' dialog default to the part number of the broken apart cake if coming from a 'Results of break apart cake' show.
  10. Added margin at edges of timeline for 'Zoom to selected' button action so you can tell that selected items don't etend beyond edges of the window.)
  1. New inventory sync process and UI.
  2. Finished 'File > User settings > Set currency symbol' function.
  3. Updated Hungarian, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese translations.
  4. Folded 'Display events on timeline as blips' option into the x-ray button on the timeline, making that button cycle through the three options, bars, names, or blips.
  5. Turned off the Piroshow exporter feature that automatically separated shots by 10ms to accommodate electical limitations, and made it optional for users to add by creating a per-show settings of 'piroshow10MsSeparation' with value = true.
  6. Added support for Piroshow to fire pins multiple times at different times, 'multi-hit pins'.
  7. Show 'committed' orders in finale inventory sales order list.
  8. Preserve table layout in effects and script window when switching between shows or effects collections.
  1. Added Universe, Section, Module Type, Rack Type, and Custom Script Field to 'Edit Properties' dialog for events, which among other things is useful if you want to use Custom Script Field values of 1-10 to control cue flag colors.
  2. Added 'File > User settings > Show cost instead of price in 3D view.
  3. Work-in-progress Adding 'File > User settings > Currency symbol' but it doesn't work yet.
  4. Work-in-progress Preserve table layout when switching between different collections in effects view; works except for opening a new show.
  1. Updated Hungarian UI translation.
  2. Support double-click to edit cell when in mode of 'File > User settings > Click action in effects window > Select row.
  3. Changed right click action on position group icon or camera preset icon on left/right sides of design view from the action of deleting the icon to the action of bringing up the rename/delete dialog.
  4. Added 'File > User settings > Click action in effect window' with options for select-row, select-cell, or insert-effect.
  5. Added support for Romanian character set, ISO88259-2.
  6. Added Romanian language option in preparation for adding Romanian UI translation.
  7. Added 'Show > Set cue flag color mapping' to enable mapping the cue flag colors to track, position, section, size, etc.
  8. By popular demand, change the timeline hiding during playback feature to hide the timeline during playback only when cursor is in the lower right hand corner of the 3D view, not whenever the cursor is outside of the design window entirely.
  9. Alphabetized all options for addressing constraints and sorts and labels/reports customization fields.
  10. Changed SHA1 checksum in Pyrodigit export format to 32 bit uint.
  11. Added 'Group' as a constraint option, enabling user to use groups to control what sets of effects at the same time and launch position are e-matched in series to the same pin by setting 'Max e-matches per pin' to a large value and then adding 'Group' as a 'Pin Constraint' on the addressing dialog, and putting items meant to be e-matched together into the same groups.
  1. Fix bug with Finale Inventory sync and very long descriptions.
  2. Added 'Show > Set cue flag color mapping' to enable mapping the cue flag colors to track, position, section, size, etc.
  3. By popular demand, change the timeline hiding during playback feature to hide the timeline during playback only when cursor is in the lower right hand corner of the 3D view, not whenever the cursor is outside of the design window entirely.
  4. Alphabetized all options for addressing constraints and sorts and labels/reports customization fields.
  5. Changed SHA1 checksum in Pyrodigit export format to 32 bit uint.
  6. Added 'Group' as a constraint option, enabling user to use groups to control what sets of effects at the same time and launch position are e-matched in series to the same pin by setting 'Max e-matches per pin' to a large value and then adding 'Group' as a 'Pin Constraint' on the addressing dialog, and putting items meant to be e-matched together into the same groups.
  1. Fix render bug causing fountains to be cut off 'instantly' at the end of their duration.
  2. Changed the group function, hotkey = G, to auto-generate the group name instead of asking user to name the group, which massively improves this feature.
  3. Changed the default script table window formatting option for new shows to consolidate both chain rows and group rows. Previously these consolidation options would default to off and the user would need to switch them on from the blue gear menu on the script.
  4. Fixed crash bug with new 'Zoom to selected' button when used with timeline rounding to 100ths of a second.
  5. Fixed bug in 'Addressing > Edit blueprint' that was introduced in the last release with the prettier menu text formatting for labels and reports.
  6. Updated German and Polish UI translations.
  1. Added 'Script > Insert effect > Insert selected effect from effect window' with bound hotkey of 'W'.
  2. Fixed custom breaks so that when break orientation randomness is disabled, the breaks are oriented like right-side up.
  3. Updated Russian and Uktranian UI translations.
  4. Localize report/label names in menus, and also make them prettier in English.
  5. Minor improvements to blips-only mode on timeline when used in combination with the xray mode.
  6. Added 'Script > Replace > Replace with selected effect from effects window' and hot key 'Y', which is a really fast UI for replacing effects.
  7. Changed the two-part hotkeys that began with control-letter to begin with control-digit; most had already been changed a long time ago but there were some in the scenery drawing submenu among other places.
  8. Added a hotkey for the setting to display items on timelines as blips instead of bars, so you can toggle that setting easily.
  9. Made minor fix to timeline 'zoom to selected' function when a single placeholder cue is selected at the time of pressing the button.
  1. Add custom break pattern support to effect editor.
  1. Updated Brazilian Portuguese UI translation.
  2. Added xray mode on timeline that draws effect names in the timeline instead of light bars.
  3. Added 'Zoom to selected' button on timeline, or hold shift to zoom full out.
  4. Added vertical bar on playhead while playing.
  5. Added tooltip for selected effect at base of timeline, replacing tooltip that used to cover the hovered-over light bar on timeline.
  6. Rearranged time tooltips on timeline to reduce overlap of cue flags.
  7. Further tuning on brightness and glow of effect bars on the timeline.
  8. Moved effect bar effect name text to bottom of timeline instead of overwriting effect bar.
  9. fixed hit testing area in timeline below the circle buttons of the 3D view.
  10. Moved playhead time indicator to bottom of timeline to avoid overwriting cue flags.
  1. Changed CSV firing system format slightly to make it import easier, changing column name Delay to Prefore.
  2. Made show importer recognize 'Rail Address' as a column header to help Merlock users who export as a CSV firing system and then import and re-export as Finale Generic for their old Merlock software.
  3. Improved contrast of music waveforms on timeline and made them prettier.
  4. Improved brightness and glowiness of effet bars on timeline.
  5. Improved blip circles on timeline.
  6. Improved timeline cue flags.
  7. Added option in 'Show > Per-user settings...' to turn off timeline cue flags.
  8. Added option in 'Show > Per-user settings...' to use flat colors for timeline waveforms instead of the new gradients.
  9. Updated Polish UI translation.
  10. Added 'Distance unit' to CSV/XLS exported from 'File > Export > Export effects for importing into Finale Inventory...'
  11. Added warning when exporting a script with a firing system script export offset, to prevent the possible accident of forgetting about an offset previously setup in the 'Show > Show information...' dialog.
  12. Made export offset field in 'Show > Show information...' dialog accept blank as the same as zero.
  1. Fix bug causing DLY to not affect simulation sounds.
  2. Added 'Firing system export offset' to 'Show > Show settings...' dialog, providing a simple UI to specify an arbitrary time offset added to all rows in exported firing system scripts.
  3. Added 'Effects > Paste clipboard into effects window, add or update' to make it easy to copy/paste between effects collections in a way that updates/overwrites existing effects instead of adding a tag like '(1)' to the end of colliding part numbers, which is the behavior when you press control-V to paste.
  4. Updated Hungarian UI translation.
  5. Added FM-24 option for FireLinx firing system.
  6. Added Pyrotronix module type options with 20 simultaneous channel limit option.
  7. Changed name of menu item and added XLSX format option to 'File > Export > Export effects...' which exports the effects table.
  8. Added 'File > Export > Export effects for importing into Finale Inventory...' which translates column headers and effect type for easy importing into Finale Inventory through the web interface.
  1. Fixed rare bug in VDL parser for input ending in terms like DUR and HTM.
  2. Fixed crash bug importing cakes with more than 1000 shots.
  3. Changed interpretation of prefire, such that prefire < 0.5 is interpreted as a fuse delay, and prefire >= 0.5 is interpreted as a lift for aerial shells.
  4. Added new VDL term LFT to specify the lift delay of an aerial shell explicitly, for cases in which user wants it to be different from a prefire >= 0.5. Example: 10s RC 4.0 PFT Red Peony 3.0 LFT 1.0 DLY, which is a roman candle with a 1s delay before launch and 3s delay in the air.
  5. Added new VDL term DLY to specify the delay before simulation/launch, which inserts an explicit delay before the simulation of the cake, candle, or individual effect begins.
  1. Fix render_use_slow_gdi_paint setting to work for effect preview animations.
  2. Decrease the default launch angle random spread a little bit.
  3. Reactivate products in Finale Inventory if they are being added/modded from Finale 3D.
  4. Show an error message box when audio initialization fails.
  5. Miscellaneous effect editor improvements.
  1. Added Japanese UI translation.
  2. Made the word 'then' in the menu hot keys localizable.
  3. Fixed a new bug potentially causing Finale 3D processes to remain running after being closed.
  1. Updated Polish UI translation.
  2. Fixed the bug/limitation that the addressing functions were previously unable to assign multiple chains to the same pin.
  3. Tune wind/trail 'waviness'.
  4. Tune launch angle spread.
  5. Hide timeline during playback if cursor outside window, for more immersive option.
  1. Added Pyromate analog module type option with letter addresses, A-L instead of numbers 1-12, for the 45-pin slats.
  2. Updated the PyroDigiT script format and exporter, adding an 'AFC32 Address' column whose value comes from the Section field in the script, and updating the Angle field and Rail Address field.
  3. Fixed show import bug wherein tilted roman candles and cakes came in with the wrong angles.
  4. Improve ematch/chain hint in labels, making it show show delays for full chain, e.g., 'Chain of 5 x 2.0s'
  5. Full Polish UI translation.
  6. Update Hungarian UI translation.
  1. Made 'File > Import > Import effects' functions create new part numbers that do not conflict/overwrite part numbers of the collection that you are importing into, to facilitate converting batches of effects from Finale Business in multiple HBS files.
  2. Updated Polish and Brazilian Portuguese translations.
  3. Fixed recently added roman candles in Generic Effects, which had the incorrect type of single_shot instead of candle.
  4. Added Pyroleda F3 firing system option for 2 x 16 pin slats, and added technical documentationfor Pyroleda in the documentation section.
  5. Added option in reports configuratin to turn off 'Clear redundant cells' and made this option the default for all reports except chain_specifications report; without this option, the left-most cells in report rows are cleared if they are the same as the row above, which some people think makes the reports easier to read but others hate.
  6. Added 'Filter' option in reports configuration and labels configuration, enabling easy customization of reports to filter by position, or chains/nochains, universe, rack type, etc.
  7. Added new default labels templates for 'Chain labels' which print one label per shell, and include the delay immediately before the shell; this label template can be used if you want labels per shell of chains, and also you can print it on paper and just use it as chain building instructions, if you prefer this format to the chain_specifications report.
  8. Fixed bug in default magnification of site layout screen, which was introduced a few weeks ago.
  9. Changed name of 'script_rail_pin_report' default reports to just 'script'.
  10. Added submenus for reports and labels in the 'File' menu.
  11. Added 400 roman candles to generic effects.
  12. Started Polish UI translations on top level menus.
  1. Update Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese UI translations.
  2. Started Chinese simplified UI translation.
  3. Fix for SLV in Pyroleda exported scripts.
  4. Changed labels format name from 'Fancy count colors' to 'Fancy address colors'.
  5. Fixed labels formatting bug wherein e-match counts didn't consider universes and piggyback slats.
  6. Changed effect field name 'Fuse Delay' to 'Delay Default' in preparation for further changes to prefire.
  7. Added more fields that can be used in labels: show name, show date, show location, show option 1, show option 2, show date plus name, size plus description, part number plus description, and ematch/chain message.
  8. Improved label formatting for addresses.
  9. Added 'Safety Distance Meters' to the script table, referencing effect table.
  10. Added verbose and concise options for 'Chain/e-match message' as a field accessible in labels, which print e-match count, shell count within chain, external delay before e-match, and delay before shell in chain, and/or total number of shells in chain.
  11. Updated all default label templates to a new layout that uses the new fields to display show date and name, e-match/chain message, and a duplicate of the address in the lower right.
  12. Added optional corner outlines and fold lines to labels.
  1. Changed max magnification level of rack layout diagrams so tiny racks on tiny positions are printed large enough to read.
  2. Changed the 'Fancy count colors' formatting option used for formatting addresses on labels to print the module and pin using two colors, black and red, as in Finale Business labels.
  3. Added track column to CSV firing system export, and made cue column and semi-auto modality unaffected by track column, and documented format specification in software section of the website.)
  4. Added track to PyroDigiT exporter for semi-autonomous fire.
  1. Updated Hungarian UI translation.
  2. Added PyroDigiT firing system export.
  3. Added initial translation file for Bulgarian.
  4. Changed menu hotkey text to use + instead of -.
  1. Fixed 'Add racks for show' crash bug on cakes pitched forward/back.
  2. Updated Hungarian UI translation.
  1. For Pyrodigital download, appended extra NULL character to downloaded data to amke transfer more reliable.
  2. For HBS importing, improved reverse engineering differentiation between rising crossette and aerial crossette for HBO37.
  3. Added FireOne 8-pin and 4-pin module types.
  4. Added automatic time adjustments to Piroshow exporter to guarantee that pins firing on the same module are separated by at least 10ms.
  1. For importing HBS files, improved trail color reverse engineering for HBO48.
  2. For importing HBS files, fixed angle rounding tolerance as required to reverse engineer some Finale Business cakes.
  3. Expanded max rendered cake shots from 500 to 1000.
  4. Expanded max cake rows from 50 to 100 when avg row length >= 2.
  5. For importing HBS files, detect and fix corrupted cake/chain effects and import a placeholder so it at least shows up.
  6. For importing HBS files, detect and fix bad firing patterns from HBO43.
  7. For importing HBS files, fixed the default tip color for HBO40,43,47,48, to red.
  8. For importing HBS files, improved trail color reverse engineering for HBO48 and reverse engineered color changing mines and comets.
  1. Add some missing strings to the translation template.
  2. Fixed importing HBS HBO31 colors.
  3. For importing HBS files, reverse engineered HBO31 falling leaves and ti salutes.
  4. FOr importingHBS files, changed threshold for inferring 'very big' break from sim parameters.
  5. Fixed fan angle width for importing HBS with HBO43.
  6. Improved speed of combine-as-cake for search efficiency related to CTO and OTC firing patterns.
  7. Fixed combine-as-cake problem with narrow fans due to rounding error.
  8. Fixed duration calculation for importing HBS with HBO43.
  9. For importing HBS files, reverse engineer HBO40 for old-style mines and HBO39 for old-style comets.
  10. For importing HBS, reverse engineer old-style HBO31, 32, 34, 35, 36, and 37.
  11. Fixed crashing bug that could occur when importing or combining some cakes.
  12. For importing HBS, reverse engineer HBO48 pistil and ring petals.
  13. For importing HBS, reverse engineer HBO48 trail colors, strobing, crackling, horsetail, ring, crossette, color transitions, popcorn crackle, salute, and ti salute.
  14. When importing from CSV, avoid interpreting 'Finale Box' as meaning a chain, a bug that interfered with importing some cakes.
  1. Fix bug with syncing sales orders to Finale Inventory that have very long custom order ids.
  2. Fix bug causing Google Maps and ground images to not show up under Parallels.
  1. Big improvements to gray 'compiling launch instances' screen speed.
  2. Automatically separate overlapping slices when importing HBS cakes, to make the transformation to VDL more sure fire.
  3. Added 'File > Import > Import effects and break apart cakes from HBS file...' to help users debug cakes before converting them to VDL.
  4. Made 'Combine as cake' allow any rectangular layout footprint of tubes, any proportions, if has at least 5 tubes per row.
  5. Improved importing HBS cakes by converting 0.05s duration fan rows to all-at-once rows, correcting a limitation in Finale Business firing patterns.
  6. Support importing HBS chains of compound effects like shells with bouquets.
  7. Made 'File > Import > Import effects and break apart cakes from HBS file...' create results from HBS simulation parameters for all multi-shot effects, rather than relying on the VDL.
  8. Improved importing old-style HBS effects by reverse engineering the simulation parameters.
  9. Made 'Combine as cake' support up to 50 rows, 15 unique effects, 999 shots, and made it substitute if more than 15 unique effects are required.
  10. Improved importing HBS effects that do not have VDL by reverse engineering simulation parameters to derive effect type, size, tip colors, trail.
  11. Support importing old-style HBS effects based on HBO47 or HBO40 or HBO43 or HBO48.
  12. Fix bug with syncing from Finale 3D to Finale Inventory for the first time specifying incorrect distance unit of measure.
  13. Fix non-ascii filename handling in sound files.
  1. Make 'Combine-as-cake' function and cake importing from HBS files more tolerant of asymmetric angles and small errors in the input angles, which previously could prevent interpretations of various firing patterns in angles.
  2. Made 'File > Import > Import effects from HBS file' work for parts that have duplicate/blank part numbers.
  3. Made 'Create chain from selected events' and the import chain functions produce more succinct VDL when shells and delays are all the same.
  4. Made inserting chain effects with hand-edited VDL a litle more reliable, handling VDL syntax that has not had the duration stripped out, as in '10s Chain of 5 Salutes'.
  5. Made chains import more reliably when importing/hopening HBS show files, less chance of simulation being invisible.
  6. Fixed importing chaing effects with 'File > Import > Import effecs from HBS file'.
  7. Improved importing HBS show files and 'File > Import > Import effects from HBS file' for shells in Finale Business whose prefires were not their lift times, rounding down the prefires to zero so they aren't misinterpreted as lift times.
  8. Simplified the rule for importing HBS cake and shell prefires: round to zero if < 1sec; else import AS IS. This rule avoids flowerpotting sims from prefires that aren't lift times. The prefire of zero doesn't imply a lift time; the default lift time is used for sims with prefire of zero.
  9. Fixed bug in the 'Create/edit effect VDL' dialog and VDL importing that could cause the wrong heights and part types for effects inside cakes that multiple effect types.
  1. Tune mines.
  2. Tune gold trails.
  3. Tune willows.
  4. Fix some crash bugs due to non-ascii pathnames.
  5. Added VSS firing pattern to VDL, meaning a sequence of nested Vs.
  6. Added TRS firing pattern to VDL, meaning a sequence of nested Ws.
  7. Changed meaning of V-Shape to mean VSS instead of VST, i.e. a sequence instead of all together.
  8. Changed meaning of W-shape to mean TRS instead of TRI, i.e., a sequence instead of all together.
  9. Fixed combine-as-cake problem wherein 3D reported 'Too complex' for some shot timings.
  10. Fixed combine-as-cake problem wherein aerially ambiguous VDL terms like crossette would change from rising effect to aerial effect in a combined cake.
  11. Improved reliability of combine-as-cake by normalizing times and/or angles if given sequence of shots does not have a realistic cake construction as specified.
  12. Fixed Generic effects cake GCK1034.
  13. Improved cake shot timing accuracy for combine-as-cake and importing Finale Business cakes.
  14. Ignore redundant VDL row delay and duration specifications on parallel-firing rows.
  15. Made combine-as-cake handle parallel firing rows. Previously combine-as-cake would not provide a good result if the physical construction of the cake would have required parallel firing slices.
  16. Made combine-as-cake support fans with double straight-up shots, as wouldbe produced by pairs of bookend slices shot in parallel to make the fan.
  17. Improved tube and row layout in VDL output from combine-as-cake, making cakes more uniformly rectangular in physical construction when possible by converting wide-row fans and Vs and TRIs into equivalent combinations of smaller rows, BLT, BRT, ARL, ARL, etc., when a suitable equivalent representation exists.
  1. Disable effect editor invocation from the 3d view right-click popup.
  2. Extended 'Effects > Create cake from selected items' to support building slices and then combining them into bigger cakes. Previously the function didn't support creating cakes from other cakes.
  1. Fixed file system bug, making it possible now to save/load from network drives.
  2. Updated Norwegian translation.
  3. Updated German, Hungarian, Norwegian, and Brazilian Portuguese translations.
  4. Changed Pyrodigital 'Manual script' mode exporter to collapse prefires of individual cue markers as described in Table2 of Documentation > Software documentation > Pyrodigital.
  5. Fix 'black speckles' bug on some GPUs.
  6. Fix crackling tail on shells.
  1. Improved randomize feature to make it remove runs for randomization of angles and part numbers, in addition to positions.
  2. Fixed bug in randomize feature wherein for small numbers of positions the algorithm's removal of runs would result in a less desirable sequence than the true randomization that it was trying to improve upon.
  3. Added Galaxis 20 channel split box module types.
  4. Fix scale bug in "Add Ground Image".
  5. Fix bug causing multiple map labels to appear after downloading google maps.
  1. Implement user-specified image backdrops.
  2. Implement user-specified ground images.
  3. Make Google Maps downloaded ground images save when the show is saved.
  4. Made 'File > Import > Effects' support importing an effect file into network inventories directly.
  5. Changed ground image import dialog text.
  6. Trimmed whitespace from the part number field in the 'Create effect' dialog to avoid creating part numbers that end with whitespace.
  7. Streamline installer to automatically install to AppData/Roaming.
  8. Fix a crash bug in some effects.
  9. Updated Hungarian and Brazilian Portuguese.
  10. Improved Cobra step-by-events script export format by grouping together same-time events into the same step.
  11. Changed FireOne exporter to export size field in mm or inches, and to include mm or double quotes in exported string.
  1. Fixed bug in 'Replace effect', making it overwrite the delay field and clear the chainDeviceVdl field of the effects being overwritten. Also make it report error if user tries to replace effect with a chain, which we will be able to support eventually but too much for now.
  2. Added hint dialogs when adding model or editing terrain that point user to render settings to adjust brightness.
  3. Terrain editing changes are now saved in show files.
  4. Added 'Set to water everywhere' command.
  5. Updated Hungarian, Ukrainian and Russian translations.
  1. Fix bug in email validation popup dialog.
  1. Disable effect editor.
  2. Enlarged limit of number of tubes per rack from 100 to 400, for big-ass single-shot racks.
  3. Updated Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Norwegian.
  4. Changed 'signup' button into 'create account'.
  5. Added black outline on default button at base of dialog when input field has focus.
  6. Updated and reduced help menu pages.
  7. Changed font in render settings dialog to make it fit in window in non-English languages.
  8. Changed default settings for importing background images to show the image under the ground, making the grass invisible.
  9. Added a helpful dialog after user sets the 'show image under horizon' option to offer to set the aspect ratio to standard aspect ratio, letterbox mode, so positions aligned to the image will align correctly in videos.
  10. Tune gold trails down a bit.
  11. Add 'pixie dust' as a reformulation of 'glitterig'.
  12. Tune the 'droopy' adjective to work better on gerbs.
  13. Add 'sfx' and 'light' products to Finale Inventory sync.
  1. Added full set of features for users to import their own background images.
  2. Added image processing features to add gradients to turn daylight pictures of shootsites into convincing nighttime pictures.
  3. Update Hungarian translation.
  4. Added "Degree" as synonym for Degrees for VDL for cake fan angles.
  5. Added 'Images' menu and functions to manage images as assets used by the show.
  6. Added 'Scenery > Background images > Set sky image'.
  7. Added 'Scenery > Background images > Set ground tile image' to replace grass with custom texture.
  8. Removed old "set background image" menu items that didn't work.
  9. Added 'Sky image adjustments' with parameters to make a photograph into a good background image.
  10. Fixed height of 'Create video' dialog so it fits on short displays.
  11. Added functionality to create an account at the login dialog if no account exists.
  12. Improved email verification flow when trying to log in with an unverified email address.
  13. Added documentation link to help menu.
  1. Tune flash trays. Tune air bursts. Tune Titanium Salutes. Tune Popcorn Crackle.
  2. Add 'wide' and 'narrow' adjectives to fountains
  3. Fixed a crash bug when loading some SketchUp models.
  4. Add 'straight' and 'droopy' VDL adjectives for fountains.
  5. Add 'low smoke' and 'no smoke' as translations of 'clean smoke' and 'smokeless'.
  1. Tune mine pancakes to be less flat.
  2. Tune gold trails.
  3. Tune small whistles.
  4. Add trial mode messages to localization table.
  5. Tune flash trays and air bursts.
  1. Update Russian and Ukrainian UI translations.
  2. Added the little dot in the lower right corner of selected table cells like in Excel, a 'FILL HANDLE', to extend the cell values in a pattern or incrementing sequence.
  3. Added mp3 pathname to exported Pyrosure WYH script files on fully automatic shows.
  4. Updated Russian and Ukrainian UI translations.
  5. Added cursor image change when hovering over fill handle in corner of table cell.
  6. Improved cursor image reactiveness when using fill handle in table cells.
  7. Fixed minor table update bug when undoing a change to the show setting for effect time format.
  8. Fixed fan angle of bookend firing pattern in 'Combine as cake' function.
  1. Exporter now includes universe name in exported filenames if show contains multiple universes.
  2. Allow zero prefire for shells and cake, using default lift time as a special case instead of inferring that lift time is prefire time.
  3. Updated Norwegian translation.
  4. Import effects functions now use current language setting for importing default subtype and color fields, instead of guessing the language based on other words in the descriptions, which was often a bad guess.
  5. Added 'Degrees' keyword to VDL to specify the fan angle of a cake.
  6. 'Create cake effect from selected items' adds 'XXX Degrees' to calculated VDL to incorporate the cake fan angle correctly.
  1. Add movie encoder dropdown choice to render movie dialog.
  2. Fix crash bug in the effect preview popup when you hover over an icon.
  3. Added three new rack reports: counts_per_angle_per_rack, single_shot_setup_by_rack_with_pan_tilt, single_shot_setup_by_rack_with_pitch_roll.
  4. Added a rack column to the other two single_shot_setup_by_module reports.
  1. Fix some GL compatibility issues on Intel integrated graphics.
  2. Fixed cakes related bug in show import wherein cakes would be imported sideways.
  3. Fixed Fire Pioneer addressing number of pins, changing from 0-32 to 0-31.
  4. Made import show work better for old Finale HBS files, not it imports cake simulations from the HBS file instead of replacing the cake with a placeholder cake.
  5. Added the keyword HTM to VDL to specify the heights of cake components independently so the heights of effects in a cake no longer need to be the same.
  6. Updated Norwegian UI translation.
  7. Improved palette graphics.
  8. Made cakes like '75mm 10 shot cake red comet + blue mine' preserve relative effect heights.
  9. Made 'Combine as cake' include the VDL terms HTM and DUR for individual component effect duration and height if necessary to keep user adjustments.
  10. Fix inventory sync problem that was causing some effect changes to not sync up to the server.
  11. Tune pistils.
  12. Fix the mine pancake being squished front-to-back instead of top-to-bottom.
  13. Change the orientation of ring break pattern so that it correctly orients with respect to 'top half' and 'bottom half' to create jellyfish shells.
  14. Fix deleted effect render caching bug.
  15. Added 'File > Import > Import effects from HBS file' to make it easier to import effects from Finale Business.
  1. Changes to inventory sync process.
  2. Fix bug that prevented Fuse Delay from syncing to My Effects.
  3. Tune serpent motion paths.
  4. Tune Titanium Salutes to be a bit smaller.
  5. Tune Cycas to be more like Palm.
  1. More minor improvements to 'Combine as cake' row layout.
  2. Tuning/fixing pass over all cakes in Generic Effects.
  3. Additional minor bug fixes in 'Combine as cake'.
  4. Add more logging to help diagnose My Effects sync issue.
  1. Fix bug causing duration adjectives to not apply to pistils. Tune 'long', 'big', and 'dense' adjectives to have larger effect sizes.
  2. Tune small caliber effects.
  3. Translate 'Gold Tipped' to 'Gold Tip'.
  4. Fixed 'Combine as cake' bug of finding non-optimal cake row pattern when last row is different.
  5. Slightly improved format of 'Combine as cake' output by removing excess timing information.
  6. Tune popcorn crackle
  7. Fix and tune popcorn crackle sound.
  8. Fix bug causing uninitialized data (apple banana etc) to appear in the render resolution selector when rendering a movie.
  9. Changed header for Megafire exporter.
  10. Slightly improved row layout for 'Combine as cake'.
  1. Fix bug causing all ground strobes to light up in sync.
  2. Re-tune popcorn crackle, titanium salute, titanium report, flash tray, crackle flowers.
  3. Made 'Combine as cake' interpret 13 shot cakes as single slice by default.
  4. Improved 'Combine as cake' row length interpretation of cakes with irregular gap before last row.
  5. Combine nearly equal durations and delays in 'Combine as cake' to avoid rounding error in shown VDL output.
  6. Fixed 'Break apart cake' for some effect descriptions that changed from comets inside cakes to shells outside of cakes.
  7. Fixed rounding error issues in 'Combine as cake'.
  8. Improved Russian and Ukrainian translations.
  9. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  10. Changed 'C-shape' cakes from FNT rows to CTO rows.
  11. Fixed simulation of cakes that have calibers in their row descriptions.
  12. Added Megafire exporter.
  1. Improve the Finale Inventory sales order syncing functions.
  2. Fixed import of Finale Generic CSV of effects with placeholder VDL that showed up importing as variegated peonies.
  3. Made the straight up ss racks in Craig Co. racks and Pyrolamas racks collections be non-rotatable so the other angle racks would be added automatically instead of tilted straight up racks.
  1. Reorganized effect menu items, movingall import functions to file menu.
  2. Added 'Break apart cake' function.
  3. Fixed duration bug in right-to-left slice cake simulations.
  4. Fixed 'Combine as cake' for cakes with FNT, CTO, or OTC firing pattern rows.
  5. Fixed tube order bug in 'Combine as cake' for right-to-left slice cakes.
  6. Fixed a different tube order bug in 'Combine as cake'.
  1. Updated Italian UI translation.
  2. Fix physics precision bug causing smoke puffs to sometimes jump to Origin Man.
  3. Fix simulation bug causing particles to pop in and out of existence.
  4. Added 'Combine as cake' function to create a cake from a selected pattern of effects on the timeline.
  5. Made 'Combine as cake' function preserve all timing gaps.
  6. Added three new Generic Effects for flames with variable duration, GFX1005, GFX1006, and GFX1007.
  7. Added two new Part Types: sfx, and light. sfx is like flame except has variable duration. light is for stage lights and moving lights, which are not yet implemented.
  1. Added 'Combine as cake' function to create a cake from a selected pattern of effects on the timeline.
  2. Fix bug that caused certain cakes to not render correctly after they had been moved to a different position or effect time.
  1. Switch video encoding to use VP9 encoder. This encoder produces better quality output files that are smaller, but it is a little bit slower than the old encoder. Video files rendered in Finale 3D will now work natively in Chrome, Firefox, and on more phones than previously.
  2. Update Sketchup SDK, so that we can now load Sketchup 2019 files.
  1. Re-tuned gold, silver, and charcoal trails.
  2. Re-tuned mines at low calibers.
  3. Re-tuned horsetails and waterfalls.
  1. Changed Pyromac max DMX duration to 59.99.
  2. Made CSV show importer recognize LAUNCH POSITION and POST as synonyms for POSTION.
  3. Made Pyrodigital fix for macros beginning with zippers use the correct Hazard/CGHZ value.
  4. Added new RJ Equipamentos exporter for its new timecode based system.
  1. In Hobbyist mode, make the create movie dialog default to 720p, since it can't render 1080p+
  2. Add some logging to help diagnose a movie rendering crash.
  3. Add performance logging for Intel graphics.
  1. Added "File->Admin->Flush render caches" menu item. Flushing the render caches may help speed up Finale3D if it slows down. They are automatically flushed when you save your show file.
  2. Updated Pyrodigital 'fix' for manual fire macros based on further information from Pyrodigital. See documentation page for more info.
  3. Make non-randomized break orientations depend on their start velocities (so that mine pancakes point in the correct direction).
  1. Speed improvements and memory reduction in rendering.
  2. Added Pyrodigital manual script mode, supporting macros and zipper fire -- select from module type selector.
  3. Added fancy 'fix' for Pyrodigital FC-3 limitation that it can't fire zipper fire at beginning of macro; fix is that software automatically adds a 'dummy cue' in front of zipper 1/10th second in situations requiring it.
  4. Added warning -- 'Added dummy cue for zipper fire at beginning of macro' when fix is applied, to avoid confusion about where the dummy cue came from.
  5. Added single-shot 39 letter mines to generic effects for shooting letters with mines having smaller clusters of stars.
  6. Added 'storage location' to Show Director CSV export as the CUSTOM3 column.)
  7. Fix bug causing 'qoh' and 'available' columns to cause spurious change notifications when syncing to Finale Inventory.
  8. Fix the login flow when offline login fails because of unmatched computer id.
  9. Fix bug causing 0.0 duration for some effects that have trails with no tips (e.g. flying fish).
  1. Highlighted 'Edit racks' button when editing pins in rack layout so user doesn't get stuck without knowing how to exit the mode.
  2. Reset rack layout to 'Edit racks' mode when user changes the position selector.
  3. Made the 'Hide palette' and 'Hide generic effects' buttons on rack layout palette remain ideal font size even when palette is shrunk down because it is wide, so the buttons don't become unreadable.
  4. Added tiny indicators on effect palette to show that it can be resized.
  5. Improve startup time.
  6. Reduce GPU memory usage by about 40%.
  1. Clear the temp attribute after writing zip-based file formats so that some backup programs (e.g. Carbonite) don't skip files written by Finale3D.
  2. Added VDL implementation of 'Octopus' as 'clusters of stars, defaulting to gold'.
  3. Fixed bug in multi-DMX-universe export for fireTEK and PyroSure.
  4. Update Ukrainian and Russian translations.
  5. Fixed effect palette menus and search bar input box when rendering in letterbox mode.
  6. Scaled down size of effect palette on short height windows so it isn't offensively large.
  7. Improved colors and readability of effect palette text.
  8. Improved effect palette tooltips.
  9. Added rounded corners to tooltips.
  10. Fixed filtering problem with position names that contained slash characters.
  1. Fix bug causing multi-shot items (cakes and candles) not correctly updating the effect simulations when you edit the effect instances.
  1. Fix bug causing color-changing stars to not work correctly.
  2. Tune popcorn crackle simulation to have a bit more oomph.
  1. Fix crash error with certain pattern breaks.
  2. Fix bug causing some trails to 'blink out of existence' too soon (mostly comets).
  3. Fix effect icon rendering so that chrysanthemums look better.
  4. Make small/big adjectives apply to mines. Try using 'very small green mine' for letter writing.
  1. Attempt #2 at shipping the new renderer.
  2. Changed number of digits for pins in Pyromac exporter.
  3. Fixed long-lasting DMX events in Pyromac exporter, longer than 99sec.
  4. Added DMX script optimizers for fireTEK, Piroshow, Pyromac, and PyroSure.
  5. Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  6. Fixed DMX bugs in PyroSure exporter.
  7. Added checks to make it impossible to have multipleshows open with the same name, to eliminate the risk of losing data by exiting and saving changes.
  8. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation, now complete.
  1. Fix the "blue render bug" happening on some GPUs.
  1. This release is the first release with a new renderer implementation that should be much faster and more stable than the previous renderer.
  2. Fix crash bug in long exposure rendering. There is still no progress dialog yet.
  3. Improved PyroSure exporter, automatically filling module number sequence gaps, changing DMX modulo from 100 to 300, fixing some header bugs.
  4. Minor Pyromac exporter changes.
  5. Made 'Whistles' aerially ambiguous so it is interpreted as small rockets in context of a cake and aerial shell payload outside of context of a cake.
  6. Added 'Waterfall lance' and 'Ground Waterfall' for upside-down mounted fountain-like devices, to distinguish them from the 'Waterfall' aerial shell.
  7. Updates to Russian and Ukrainian translations.
  8. Added fireTEK v3.0 script format with 11 columns.
  9. Chagned sort of fireTEK columns and improved DMX efficiency using duration field.
  10. Improved Pyromac exporter for DMX.
  11. Improved DMX Patch capabilities.
  12. Improved Pyromac exporter to support DMX events that leave channels with non-zero values.
  13. Added ActionBase firing system support.
  14. Added universe and section to Show Director CSV format in CUSTOM1 and CUSTOM2.
  15. Added export FPS options for Show Director CSV format, 30fps, 29.97, 25, 25.
  16. Added capability to open a Pyrodigital PDM file as a generic table so you can see its contents before downloading.
  17. Added 'File > Tools > Verify PDM file...' so you can verify and get a summary for PDM file before downloading.
  18. Improved Show Director CSV export, fixing a problem with pins for non-PD firing systems, and handling single digit hex module numbers for PD firing systems.
  1. Fixed PyroSure slat count limit, F not D.
  2. Progress in Hungarian translation, very close to done.
  3. Added Merlin exporter.
  4. Improved Galaxis module names.
  5. Improve DMX safety channel effects.
  6. Added flame system specific safety channel effects.
  7. Added ability to rotate MAGICFX Flamaniac flames interactively by dragging trajectory.
  8. Fixed PyroSure exporter errors.
  9. Improved FireTEK and PyroSure module names to remove confusion.
  1. Fixed a GPU detection bug that was sometimes causing an 'Invalid GPU' warning dialog to appear on startup when it should not.
  2. Fixed 'Racks > Add racks for show...' involving flames and other_effect effects that don't need racks.
  3. Improved 'Addressing > Address show...' to write 'dmx' in the pin number field for dmx effects, since dmx effects don't have meaningful pin numbers.
  4. Fixed bug in Piroshow exporter (scaled DMX channel values from 255 to 100.
  5. Added troubleshooting menu item for finding missing DMX patches.
  6. Removed the export warning for 'round to resolution' but kept the troubleshooting menu item in case you care.
  7. Strengthened error checking on module/pin address parsing.
  8. Updated the COBRA v6.0 script file format with the new position information section and version number.
  9. Fixed bug in GS2 export in which dt and stepDelay were formatted incorrectly if longer than 60 seconds.
  10. Added capability to adjust Explo X2 Wave Flamer angles by dragging trajectories in the 3D view.
  11. Added capability to control Explo X2 Wave Flamer by DMX.
  12. Extended DMX Patch programming language in effect definitions to support DMX devices with channels that depend on angles, durations, and customPartField.
  13. Added semi-auto firing mode to Piroshow exporter for scripts that contain valid Track values.
  14. Changed the :customPartField100 field in DMX patches to :customPartFieldExploX2.
  15. Fixed Galaxis time format bug for delta times of 60 seconds or more.
  1. Reduce renderer memory usage, which should help with some crashes.
  2. Added error checking and error messages for exporting DMX events that do not have DMX patches.
  3. Improved exporting summary messages for DMX exports, better pin and module counts.
  4. Improved addressing summary messages for DMX scripts, better pin counts.
  5. Added Pyrosure DMX script exporter.
  6. Added MAGICFC DMX Flamaniac effects to Generic Effects list.
  7. Made DMX Safety Channel effect show a duration bar in the timeline.
  8. Fixed type of DMX Safety Channel so it receives firing system / DMX address.
  9. Fixed FireTek exporter for pyro from DMX-capable modules.
  10. Made Pyromac exporter ignore the end-event in DMX patches so it can use the same standard DMX effects as other firing systems that require begin/end events.
  1. Progress on Portuguese translation.
  2. Update to Russian and Ukrainian translations.
  3. Improved error message presented when user tries to edit racks without valid license.
  4. Fixed bug in reports printed to XLS and CSV file formats wherein table format was wrong.
  5. Fix some rendering crash issues.
  1. Improved Russian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian localizations.
  2. Added 'Move on axis...' command and widget for moving positions.
  3. Improved positions menu structure and options.
  4. Added Avery 5163 labels template.
  5. Expanded interior margins of label templates 5195, 5260, 5267, A4_L4737, and A4_L7158 to reduce printing alignment sensitivity.
  6. Added first progress on Portuguese UI localization.
  7. Added language option for Brazilian Portuguese, work in progress.
  8. Allow track fields that begin with text followed by a number to be interpreted as the number, e.g., 'T9' --> 9.
  9. Made default cue sheet report templates split different pins onto different rows instead of combining all firing at the same time into a single row.
  10. Added Pyrosure exporter.
  1. Fix rendering bug causing strange artifacts to appear, especially around trajectory dots.
  1. Improved positions menu.
  2. Added 'Stretch line of positions'.
  3. Added 'Scale arrangement of positions.'
  4. Fix a rendering crash bug.
  5. Fix the 'blank gray screen' bug.
  1. Improved Russian and Ukrainian localizations.
  2. Show total width dimension in addition to splits between positions in position line ruler.
  3. Changed position locked status to be per-show-per-session state instead of saving it with show.
  4. Made position rotation widget only appear when user selects rotate function from top menu or position context menu.
  5. Made position rotate functions in menus automatically unlock positions and show tooltip indicating the change if they had been locked previously.
  6. Fixed Cobra step-by-tracks export option, extending max tracks to 999.
  7. Enlarged report header field widths for Russian and other localizations.
  8. Added new function for positions, 'Project positions on local down axis to nearest surface' to make it easier to place positions on towers.
  9. Added new function for positions, 'Raise position heights.'
  10. Made the rotate-position-pitch functions not keep positions being swung into the air stuck to the ground.
  11. Added right-click context menu option, 'Measure to this point.'
  12. Added 'Adjust heights when dragging multiple positions' option, defaulting to on, which is the current behavior, but giving you the ability to turn it off for some complicated position layout scenarios involving trusses.
  1. Added 1-second options for Script > Align functions.
  2. Added 1-second option for Show > Set snap-to timeline resolution.
  3. Include items with blank 'Type' fields in the 'Other effects' division of the effect palette.
  4. Start out with positions locked by default.
  5. Flash position padlock button and tooltip when user attempts to drag positions while locked.
  6. Show the position-line rulers even from side-view, not just from top-view.
  7. Fixed hit detection problem on position tooltips that generated multiple click sounds when cursor moved slowly over position name.
  1. Fixed labels crash bug that occurs when script rows have a bad part number.
  2. Fixed bug in long exposure rendering.
  3. Fixed formatting bugs in Pyromac script exports.
  4. Added size filter to the effect palette.
  5. Added clickable links for collection, size, and quantity filters to base of effect palette.
  6. Improved Russian and Ukrainian localizations.
  1. Fix bug in network sync-ing with Finale Inventory.
  2. Improved Pyromate module options in menus.
  3. Added labels templates for sorting by size, part number, or position, in all labels sizes, 39 new options.
  4. Added landscape option for all basic reports.
  5. Slightly improved format of chain specifications report.
  6. Fixed addressing but that resulted in inefficient use of firing system hardware in some circumstances.
  7. Added Cobra v3.0, v4.0, v5.0, and v6.0 script formats.
  8. Added copy script formats for the two 'step' based semi-automatic firing methods, stepping by tracks and stepping by events.
  9. Added embedded part numbers in the Cobra v6.0 script export format for the Cobra reverse logistics feature for accounting for unshot shells.
  10. Improved module type menus for Cobra addressing.
  11. Widened effects files menu.
  12. Made quantity filter status text in effect palette localizable.
  13. Improved Russian and Hungarian translations.
  14. Hide effect palette when using effect editor.
  15. Support drag and drop from effect palette to timeline.
  16. Focus the OK button on the account summary dialog on launch.
  17. Added Ukranian localization.
  18. Improved Russian localization.
  19. Added subtitles to the part type buttons on effect palette window.
  20. Fixed import and create effect bug in which descriptions with no recognized terms would yield an errant duration value.
  1. Filtered out not_an_effect and rack type parts from favorites filter on effect palette.
  2. Added Pyromate SmartShow and Pyromate analog controller exporters.
  3. Fix bug causing Google Maps satellite imagery to not show up.
  1. Fix some effect editor crash bugs.
  2. Improved hit detection for overlapping trajectory donuts.
  3. Improved Hungarian and Russian UI localizations.
  4. Added effect palette GUI with quantity filters, incremental full text search, and favorites features.
  1. Added Explo module types for 1k, 5k, 20k, wave_player.
  2. Improved Explo exporter, writing Track field to Gruppe column, and Hazard field to Efg. column.
  3. Fixed Pyrolamas and Pyrodigt racks, which didn't work because I had forgotten to specify the number of tubes.
  4. Clear the undo stack after loading/populating effect collections so that control-Z/undo doesn't clear them.
  5. Made simple 'Ok' dialogs close automatically if user clicks on any other window, to prevent them from locking up the interactivity.
  1. Fixed crash bug in 'Add racks' function that applied if show contains invalid part numbers that do not have parts in the Per-show parts list.
  2. Rename login checkbox to 'Sync with network'.
  3. Implement 'double-checking' inventory change confirmation on >=50 rows.
  4. Many changes to the renderer. This should be faster for most people. Please report if it is slower for you.
  1. Improved German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian translations.
  2. Fixed 'Add racks for show' for circle racks that have straight-down tube; previously it wouldn't add or fill racks that had a straight-down tube.
  3. Added Pyrolamas racks supplier catalog.
  4. Added Pyrodigit racks supplier catalog.
  5. Added two new pre-wired pin options for racks that are pre-wired for two modules, half and half.
  6. Added a fan type 'In a circle' for the 'Make into fan...' function which starts with the up angle and devices total angle by N instead of N - 1 since circles have one more angle gap than fans.
  7. Added hot keys for 'Align at earliest event time' and 'Align at latest effect time'.
  8. Added Pyromate digital firing system support, including 'File > Download to controller'.
  9. Fix inch->meter conversion bug in Finale Inventory sync.
  10. Fix bugs relating to inventory sync and fractional quantities.
  1. Fix caching bug causing large show performance to get much worse.
  1. Fix a bug in the 'Export sound track' feature.
  2. Remove translation entries for effect editor internals.
  3. Small performance improvements.
  1. Implemented more performance and responsiveness improvements.
  2. Removed page breaks from default labels formats.
  3. Added basic rack functionality for Hobbyist version to define racks, add racks for show, and print reports of rack lists, leaving visual editing and rack-based addressing as pro features.
  4. Improved table layout menu item names to make them more understandable.
  5. Changed name of basic_rail_pin_report to basic_script_rail_pin_report.
  6. Fix translation templates missing some strings.
  7. Fix long exposure bug.
  1. More rendering improvements.
  2. Fix water rendering crash bug.
  1. Full Norwegian translation.
  2. Full Italian translation.
  3. Support for Hungarian translation.
  4. Big improvements to render performance.
  5. Translators: Go to 'Admin > Update language translation file' to add missing phrases.
  1. Fix bug causing empty effect editor widget windows.
  1. Fix emitter randomness to be more random.
  2. Fix shell-of-shells / artillery.
  3. Fix ground flash.
  4. Fix bug in 'Create high-res image' functionality.
  5. Added support for Norwegian translation.
  6. Added support for Maltese translation.
  7. First beta version of effect editor gui.
  1. Progress on French, German, Spanish, Russian user interface translations.
  2. Minor change to Explo SHW export format, exporting position in the Position column instead of the Pos column.
  3. Added VDL angle terms L110, L115, ... L180 and R110, R115, ...R180 so you can specify full 360 degrees for cake or flame shots in VDL.
  4. Changed the timeline UI to make selection rect easier.
  5. Fixed chain specifications report.
  6. Added new reports:Basic rail pin report, Basic pull sheet, Basic rack list, Basic rack totals, Basic Product list, Basic product totals, Basic size totals.
  7. Changed name of 'Product list with details' report to 'Effect collection product report' to clarify it applies to the effect window.
  8. Progress on Spanish, French, and Russian translations -- nearly done.
  9. Fixed default selector values in custom reports not based on the script window.
  10. Improved position lock icon tooltip appearance.
  11. Added hot keys for customize simulation commands.
  12. Filter out sales orders that aren't editable.
  13. Fix the extra break sounds coming from pistils.
  14. Fix crackling sounds.
  15. Fix 'silver & green peony'.
  16. Added first version of Italian translation.
  17. Improved Spanish translations.
  1. French, Russian, and German UI translation progress, about 50% done.
  2. Made Explo exporter support shows longer than 60min.
  3. Fixed a few missing UI phrases for localization to other languages.
  4. (Added explanation dialog when clicking green plus button for position groups on left side of screen.
  5. Fixed localization to other languages in dialog selector menu items.
  6. Fixed divider lines in context menus.
  7. Improved support for Explo X2 Wave Flamers by making the 'address show' function automatically copy flame program, 1-66, from the effect's Custom Part Field to the Pin field of the addressed script; previously the flame program was copied by the 'Export show' function but not by the 'Address show' function so the pin numbers in the addressed script appeared wrong.
  8. Changed the part numbers of the Explo flame effects in Generic Effects to correspond to the Explo flame program numbers, GFX9001 for program 1, GFX9002 for program 2, etc., as a convenience to the user; previously the part numbers were off-by-one, which was confusing.
  9. Improved the 'Address show' summary for Galaxis and Explo by not counting the flame unit pins in the pin counts since they are not physical pins.
  10. Improved the 'Address show' summary for any flame system by not including flame shots in the e-match count.
  11. Fix bug causing rendered videos to have incorrect aspect ratio, causing view to be 'squeezed' one way or the other.
  12. Fix bug causing the Finale Inventory 'selected locations' filter to not work.
  13. Fix the 'Set ground to Google Maps' feature, which had broken. It is still not saving the downloaded image yet.
  1. Fix some GPU memory leaks with the previous attempt at this release.
  2. Fix some OpenGL usage bugs causing crashes in Parallels and some Intel GPUs.
  3. Improve UI responsiveness.
  4. Improve 3D rendering speed.
  5. Show a dialog when we try to run with an unsupported version of Parallels.
  1. Made ruler coordinates relative to reference position if user has selected one from the context menu.
  2. Improved ruler appearance.
  3. Added Pirotex 1ms 10 Pin Module module type.
  4. Made shift-drag of selection rect not be in 'add' mode.
  5. Made the position rotation widget only appear if you click on a position.
  6. Added capability of understanding Dutch effect names, translating Dutch to VDL.
  7. Change parsing of 'red & blue peony cake', which will now make a cake with 'red & blue' peonies rather than red peonies and blue peonies.
  8. Added option to ignore type field when importing shows and inventory files, to make importing more reliably for user data with types different from Finale's convention.
  9. Support 'Stock #' as an alias for part number, for importing ShowSim inventory files.
  1. Fixed crash bug that occurred when importing effects file that is missing a part number column, merging into an existing effects file.
  2. Fix bug causing effects with the word 'fire' in them to have bright purple colors.
  3. Added 5', 5m, 5yd grid for positions.
  4. Changed SCX default angle convention on import to left = 0, up = 90.
  5. Added import show option to ignore PAN angle in imported file and made the 'guess' option ignore PAN angles by default, to make importing angles more reliable for SCX files.
  6. Fixed import show bug wherein angles of non-English cake descriptions were imported with an incorrect PAN angle.
  7. Added 'Admin > Update language translation file...' command for translators.
  8. Fix bug with compound colors not working properly in cakes. (e.g. "Red & Green Peony Cake").
  9. Tune airburst.
  1. Improve memory usage, fix some crashes that were due to running out of memory.
  2. Added 'Admin > Install language translation file...' for the people who are translating 3D to other languages.
  3. Tune titanium salute.
  4. Set default framerate target for edit mode to 10.0
  1. Tune mines.
  2. Add 'license valid through' date to account dialog.
  3. Improved position padlock icon.
  4. Fixed cake/candle problem with Polish translation introduced in the last release.
  5. Fixed rack assignment problem in addressing algorithm for racks with fanned shells.
  6. Improved addressing algorithm to use fan-racks automatically if the user selects 'pin-constrained-to-single-rack'.
  7. Supported cross-loading chains with fanned shells across racks in the same cluster using the 'pin-constrained-to-same-rack-cluster' constraint.
  8. Change icon rendering camera setup.
  9. Change playback mode target framerate from 10.0 to 0.0.
  10. Added FirePioneer firing system.
  11. Fixed price field in PyroShow firing system export.
  12. Fixed obscure crash bug wherein bad user input for a time value, like 000000000000000000000000000000000000:0, could cause a crash.
  13. Fixed crash bug wherein closing a show while it was playing could cause a crash.
  1. Now supports running under Parallels v14+ on Macs.
  2. Fix sync bug when changing more than 1000 effects at a time in My Effects.
  3. Change the way icons are rendered. Performance should be improved, but some icons might not be pictured as well as they previously were.
  4. Fix bug causing certain effects to not be rotated when the position is rotated.
  5. Improved 'permissions explanation' dialog, which should hopefully make it more clear what happened if you are getting Trial mode all of a sudden.
  6. Tune mines.
  7. Fix an email case sensitivity bug in license assignments.
  8. Added positions locked/unlocked button.
  9. Added RMB context menu on positions for 'Set as reference position for rulers.
  10. Changed UI paradigm such that now rulers are always displayed whilst positions are unlocked.
  11. Re-enabled support for shift-dragging selection rect to add items to existing selection set in sim view, and on timeline selection strip at the bottom of timeline.
  12. Added cursor image change when cursor over timeline selection strip on bottom.
  13. Re-purposed the first blue nav button as the new selection rect mode nav button, and made the default pointer mode be represented by none of the blue nav buttons being pressed.
  14. Added 'Hide all position rulers' option in Show menu.
  15. Minor fix, not displaying padlock buttons when drawing time counter in 3d view, which would overlay them.
  16. Added glowy green box around reference position for rulers, chosen from the position context menu.
  17. Added 'Positions locked/unlocked' tool tip notification when clicking on padlock button.
  18. Added rotation widget for rotating positions.
  19. Added snap-to rotations of 1, 5, and 22.5 degrees for rotating positions.
  20. Added clickable padlock button in lower right for locking/unlocking positions.
  21. Added blue navigation button for selecting by way of selection rect, so you don't need to press shift.
  22. Added new 'Angles' submenu of the 'Positions' menu, with options for rotating positions around different axes; also added such menu options to RMB context menu on positions.
  1. Fix crash bugs in some effects.
  2. Tune mines.
  3. Tune whistles.
  4. Add sound to serpents.
  1. Added ability for user to make user-defined stepper sequences for Galaxis by putting a track identifier in the track column of the script table.
  2. Improvements to position movement rulers.
  3. Added position movement grid option.
  4. Added position movement guidelines for 'middle-of-neighbors' and 'same coordinate as other positions' and 'extending sequence'.
  5. Added position movement rulers for positions in a line that is not axis-aligned.
  6. Make mine layers closer together.
  7. Fix effect parsing crash bug.
  8. Tune gold mine and horsetail to be brighter and have more particles.
  9. Make serpents not spread so wide.
  10. Implement 'PNG image sequence' video output format.
  1. Added automatic translation from Polish to VDL for effect names.
  2. Fixed bug in Galaxis exporter for modules using steppers.
  1. Implement 'trial mode explanation' dialog that explains why you are running in trial mode.
  1. Added 'File > User settings > Swap insert and play keys' to swap the space bar and 'i' keys.
  2. Made position group buttons and camera preset buttons stack into multiple columns if there are many of them.
  3. Added hot area at bottom edge of timeline for dragging selection rects without holding shift.
  4. Made control-drag on the timeline background drag a selection rect, same as shift-drag.
  5. Fix bug that caused position shadows to disappear.
  6. Allow price editing from 3d client -> finale inventory.
  7. Added vertical rulers to show height of positions when moving them.
  8. Added 'File > User settings > Show rulers in feet instead of meters'.
  9. Added XZ rulers when moving positions to show their distances.
  10. Added XZ ruler to origin when moving a single position.
  11. Fixed UI bug wherein dragging positions floating in air from top view would sometimes drag them in weird directions.
  12. Fix inventory sync bug preventing edits of products with an empty price field.
  1. Fixed a bug in Galaxis GS2 V2.6 exporter.
  2. Made 'Import show' read the device table and hazard zone and position coordinates out of V2.6 GS2 scripts.
  3. Change the way sounds for effects are handled.
  4. Fixed problem of pop-up menus extending off edges of monitors in multiple monitor configurations.
  5. Option in File > User settings, to support multiple monitors for window layouts.
  6. Option in File > User settings, to support swapping monitor 1 and 2 in multiple monitor configurations.
  1. Added 'File > Export > Export Show Director csv' function to export in Show Director format.
  2. Fixed bug in import show wherein chain durations specified in milliseconds were misread.
  3. Fix bug preventing users from un-subscribing from supplier catalogs via the finale3d.com website.
  4. Fix bug: previously, we did not render water when the terrain brightness was set to 0. This has been fixed, the water will be rendered now.
  5. Added Galaxis GS2 exporter version 2.6, including device table.
  6. Added ShowDirector CSV exporter.
  7. Added another formatting option for durations in import show, SSFF for ShowDirector imports.
  8. Made 'Tools > Open firing system script as generic table' work for GS2 version 2.6 in addition to showing the device table.
  9. Made show import guess durations better when user selects 'guess duration' in import configuration.
  10. Added 10 output and 5 output modules for Galaxis, and re-organized list of module types; removed split matrix options other than 5x10 and 10x10.
  1. Implement letterbox render setting.
  2. Implementing downscale resolution selector render setting.
  3. Make 'bright' and 'dim' vdl terms affect trails.
  4. Tune 'thick' and 'very thick' to be bigger.
  5. Make 'thick' and 'thin' affect charcoal trails
  6. Add reflection brightness render setting.
  7. Implemented distance-based falloff for break flashes lighting up the whole world.
  8. Implemented 'Break flash world lighting' render setting.
  1. Added position group buttons on left side of 3d view.
  2. Added automatic creation of position groups when inserting effects into multiple position.
  3. Added option to turn off automatic creation of position groups.
  4. Changed rack row max tubes from 32 to 40.
  5. Sorted rack buttons in rack layout palette first by maximum caliber, then rack width, then height.
  6. Added ability to rename position groups.
  7. Fix bug with flames and explicitly angled shots (e.g. "L45 gold comet") not working properly when trajectory is angled.
  8. Round times in FireOne FIR exporter to hundredths to remove warnings when opening in FireOne software.
  9. Fixed problem that remainingQuota column and filters didn't work in the per-show-effects collection in the effect window.
  10. Fixed bug that import show's configuration dialog appeared blank if no shows were open at the time of doing the import show.
  11. Exclude positions with no racks in the rack layout diagrams printouts, to save paper.
  12. Added 'Positions > Adjust > Straighten positions in line' function that does just that.
  13. Added context menu items for clicking on ground for 'Aim positions at this point' and 'Aim positions at this point in parallel' to make it easy to angle positions toward anything.
  14. Added context menu item for clicking on ground for 'Add position at this point'.
  15. Made play time highlight in script window update while dragging timeline background, as it does while dragging playhead itself.
  16. Remove distance-based particle LOD decimation.
  1. Fix case packing and 'chains count as one unit' Finale Inventory integration bugs.
  2. Speed up the 'update remote inventory' operation, for when you bulk-edit a Finale Inventory catalog.
  3. Implement 'see prices' permission.
  4. Fix bug with adding a product to a Finale Inventory when the product already exists in the inventory as a non-choreographed part.
  5. Fix bug with updating a Finale Inventory product when the Finale Inventory distance unit-of-measure is not meters.
  6. Implement 'Available Column Does Not Include Unreceived Purchase Orders'.
  7. Changed 3D navigation paradign to 'pan-and-pointer' dominant mode, with optional orbit mode if holding control; hold shift for selection box.
  8. Changed orbit to rotate around the pointed-at location.
  9. Removed hand and home buttons.
  10. Improved UI for moving positions; made shift key constraint position movement to axes.
  11. Supported effect icons and previews for effects missing VDL, instead of showing yellow warning triangle.
  12. Relocated the drag and drop hot spot for cursor image.
  13. Change menu item 'File > User settings > Chains count as 1 unit in 'used' column' to make language consistent with website.
  14. Improved the effect insert buttons on the effect window to avoid accidental triggering of previews getting in the way; now preview hotspot is the white hover indicator bar on the button.
  15. Added front/top/side camera preset buttons on right of screen.
  16. Added new custom camera presets buttons on right of screen.
  17. Option to delete custom camera presets by right clicking them, or click just clicking the name to rename or delete.
  18. Added camera key frame and preset add/delete menu items to camera menu.
  19. Fixed parsing of French 'rouge et tronc' and that general pattern for non-English effect names.
  20. Fixed file load/save bug pertaining to shows with the frame-based time formats in 'Show > effect time format', previously save didn't work with that setting on.
  21. Start the application with a good front-on viewing angle, like in Finale Business.
  22. Changed timeline UI such that clicking on timeline background drags timeline instead of creating a selection rect; hold shift to create a selection rect.
  23. Fixed minor selection bugs for selecting groups in 3D window and using selection rects.
  24. In rack layout window, make shift-draging a selection rect begin by deselecting all, instead of adding to selection set.
  25. On timeline, make shift-dragging a selection rect begin by deselecting all, instead of adding to selection set.
  26. Changed cursor image to back-of-hand when dragging timeline background.
  1. Re-add shadows underneath positions so that it is easier to see where the positions are.
  2. Improve rendering performance when there is no water in the scene.
  3. Fix a bug: we weren't properly writing the WAV file header when exporting a sound track.
  4. Fix a bug causing 'chain number of devices' to be 0.
  1. Fix single_shot handling for Finale Inventory sync.
  2. Fix crash when closing the main window before the login window.
  3. Make saving the show be resilient to the output file temporarily not being writable (we think this will help work around certain virus scanners locking the file sometimes).
  1. Add more logging around FIN file saving to help diagnose a bug affecting a few users.
  2. Fixed a crash bug when certain 'invalid' text was entered as VDL.
  1. Improved non-English effect name parsing for center/core without preposition.
  2. Improved handling of colons in parsed effect names.
  3. Minor improvements to French effect name parsing.
  4. Improve rendering performance.
  5. Show the Account dialog on app startup.
  1. Add machine id and machine name to About dialog.
  2. Make movie, image, and icon renders use the 'new' progressive render framework that has been in use for edit mode for awhile now. This should reduce crashes for some people.
  3. Make login retry when there is a failure, rather than just exiting the program.
  4. Add reset activations link to About dialog.
  5. Tweak cake timing randomness so that it won't re-order shots.
  6. Added new option 'Show > Options > Draw chains as multiple rows' turned OFF by default, making the new default behavior that chains are now single bars on the timeline.
  7. Added device count to effect name of chains and groups on timeline such as [5] Red Chrys Chain so you can tell the difference between a chain and a single item easily now that chains are one row on the timeline.
  8. Show an error if you try to login to the client and your email address has not been verified.
  9. Scale video bitrate with the size of the movie being rendered, and increase the bitrate defaults. This should reduce encoding artifacts in the output videos.
  1. Added Portuguese effect name translations.
  2. Improved VDL parsing for cakes, requiring parentheses around effect labels to avoid confusion with single letter abbreviations and non-English words.
  3. Fixed the Italian and Portuguese 'e' in effect name parsing.
  4. Improved Portuguese effect name translations.
  5. Import 1 shot candles as having type = single_shot.
  6. Improved effect name parsing handling of slash and backslash.
  7. Made effect name interpreter less likely to get confused by unrecognized terms like 'ccc' that could be interpreted as cake row tube specifications.
  8. Fixed script row highlight jumping around when playing overlapping chains while showing chains as single row in script.
  9. Fix a crash affecting some Nvidia GPUs.
  10. Change login dialog links to point to the correct locations on the new website.
  11. Fix issue causing stars to 'blink off' rather than having an intensity curve.
  1. Make 'about finale3d' show the same dialog as account details.
  2. Fix an issue with updating Finale Inventory sales orders from Finale3D.
  3. Fix a crash triggered by certain '2-part' effects.
  4. Added 'whistling' as synonym in VDL for whistles.
  1. Added RJ Equipamentos exporter.
  2. Fixed previewer to make it take into account the prefire column.
  3. Implement new access level code, supporting trial users who can't save/render/etc.
  4. Fixed 'Script > Align > At Earliest EFFECT time' which previously aligned to EVENT time.
  5. Fixed render issue causing shell breaks to look 'square'.
  6. Fixed a bug causing certain importer/exporters to not be able to use file paths with spaces in them.
  1. Add more logging around FireOne import/export to diagnose a bug.
  1. Added additional validation for assortments, requiring them to have at least two sequential children beginning with 0 or 1, e.g., ASSTA-01 and ASSTA-02.
  2. Added 'Script > Align > Align at earliest event time'.
  3. Added 'Align at latest event time' and 'Align at latest effect time'.
  4. Fixed an obscure bug when aligning chains to groups.
  5. Added fourth data row to labels.
  6. Improved labels configuration dialog.
  7. Fix a bug causing 'My Effects' network sync to fail.
  8. Make the 'Create new account' link go to the right place.
  9. Implement minimum frame rate render setting.
  1. Fix a crash bug for certain effects.
  2. Added single-shot rack type with posts that hold two tube each; and posts that hold four tubes each.
  3. Added single-shot rack type for tubes that have adjustable pitch angle but not tilt angle within the row.
  4. Improved addressing summary dialog to include position names of any positions with addressing errors.
  5. Improved addressing summary dialog to have explanatory footnote in case of wiring or racking errors.
  6. Fix bug with long sales order ids not working with Finale Inventory integration.
  7. Fix bug introduced in previous build, with explicitly-specified prefires and durations not working correctly.
  8. Clear assignments to racks when they are cut or deleted from the rack layout window.
  9. Erase underneath 'edit racks' and 'hide rails' links in rack layout window to make them more readable.
  10. Fix bug affecting a FireOne and other MDB-based firing script exporters.
  1. Added 'Effects > Break apart assortment quotas for Finale Inventory users.'
  2. Added automatic break apart and recombine assortment quantities to the update from and to Finale Inventory sale order functions.
  3. Added 'Effects > Break apart assortment quotas' menu item.
  4. Fixed the 'wavy stars' bug.
  5. Fixed several problems with multi-part effects.
  6. Changed default model brightness to 1.5
  7. Removed the 'high/low' quality rendering concept. Added 'compatibility mode' render checkbox for low-end hardware. (Currently it just disables fancy motions like serpents and bees).
  1. Add confirmation dialog for changes to inventories when syncing to network.
  2. Fix fountains.
  1. Tune charcoal comet trails.
  2. Fix a startup crash bug.
  1. Fix a bug causing new user accounts to not be able to save My Effects.
  2. Fix a bug causing a crash with certain effect VDL.
  3. Show a more informative error dialog when syncing and your Finale Inventory credentials are misconfigured.
  1. Add/fix strobing, flashing, twinkling, and shimmering.
  2. Improve comet shells.
  3. Make 'comet to report' have a report sound.
  4. Change 'songs' to 'music' menu.
  5. Support copy/pasting racks between positions.
  6. If paste or insert rack right on top of an existing rack, shift the newly inserted rack slightly so you can see that you have a stack.
  7. Added 'Add racks for unracked events.
  8. When pasting or duplicating positions, shift the pasted or duplicated positions to avoid stacking on top of each other.
  9. Fix issue with some SCX files not importing.
  1. Improved rack menu items.
  2. Clear rack/tube addresses as part of 'Add racks for show'.
  3. Show effect angle in tooltip over module graphic in rack layout view.
  4. Improved detailed explanation for why effects don't match single-shot racks unless their type is single_shot.
  5. Improve polyp simulation.
  6. Make 'flare' on its own recognized as a ground flare.
  7. Don't compress audio data and model data being stored in FIN files, so that saving is faster.
  8. Fix comet w/ mine bug where the mine would come out ahead of the comet sometimes.
  9. Fix charcoal trail brightness.
  1. Fix rendering bugs introduced with prior build.
  1. Lots of effect tuning improvements.
  2. Add whistles,
  3. Made the rack length constraint apply to the calculation in 'add racks for show' just as it does for addressing and red warnings in rack layout screen.
  4. Fixed minor bug wherein the 'update effects in show' dialog would appear after you change a rack definition, and would incorrectly fill in the rack tube size as 3inch if it was 'any_size'.
  5. Fixed harmless bug wherein the 'update effects in show' dialog would appear unnecessarily when the edited effect hadn't actually been changed.
  6. Add ground strobe.
  1. Recognize m/m as meaning millimeters in effect parser.
  2. Implemented the 'File > Export > Export sound track' command, which previously did nothing.
  3. Spanish effect language improvements.
  4. Added turquoise and cyan and magenta to VDL.
  5. Improvements to polyp and some other shells.
  6. Add progress dialog for network sync.
  1. Improved performance of main UI loop.
  2. Added max. usable length constraint option in the create-rack dialog for Ricasa style single-shot racks with slides that fit variable size tubes, since the number of tubes depends on their size.
  3. Fixed minor update problem wherein module pins on the rack layout screen didn't turn red when referencing deleted racks.
  4. Fixed minor graphics bug wherein rack tube circles were not drawn in some circumstances that involved red warnings on tubes.
  5. German and Russian effect language improvements.
  6. Changed RFRemotech's name in menu.
  7. Added Pyrodigital FMA module name explicitly to the list.
  8. Added Explo splitter box option to start with a 10 pin offset.
  9. Spanish effect name improvements.
  10. PD and FireOne terminology change in menus.
  11. Fix 'flicker' render bug.
  1. Tune wave and palm.
  2. Tune ground flare.
  3. Tune down report flashes a bit.
  4. Tune bees.
  5. Support saving/loading fountains to Finale Inventory.
  6. Improved some language translation terms.
  7. Fix bugs in Finale Inventory sync.
  8. Fixed crash bug that occurred when clickign the 'hide rails' link and then hovering over a rack in the rack layout page.
  9. Fixed the bug in which inserting a rack updates existing racks in the show from a different collection.
  10. Added algorithmic support for single-shot racks whose tubes are pre-wired to sequential pin addresses, but UI to to make use of this feature is not yet implemented.
  11. Added option in create-rack dialog for pre-wired pins, for parente ishot and evolved single-shot bases.
  12. Added rack constraints field on addressing dialogs to support restrictions on racks similar to restrictions on modules, slats, and pins.
  1. Improved rendering performance, to make playback smoother.
  2. Minor fixes to Spanish VDL translation.
  3. Fixed the generic CSV editing tool, which was adding the line number column to the files when saving them.
  1. Fix some bugs in the Finale Inventory sync process.
  2. Added 'Details' button with detailed explanations for any devices left over after 'Add racks for show'.
  3. Improved error handling for 'Add racks for show'.
  4. Added rack functions to 'Clear all tube assignments' and 'Select all events missing tube assignments' and 'Clear tube assignments of selected events'.
  5. Activate effects window whenever user adds racks.
  6. Tune spark rendering to be better-performing.
  1. Added more fields to the Finale Inventory sync: DMX Patch, Color, Subtype, Hazard Default, Rack Type Default, Tubes, and Custom Part Field.
  2. Improved menu items for adding racks to the show.
  3. Fixed minor warnings in FireOne export for flame events that caused quantity=0 warning.
  4. Support multi-hit pins in the FireOne exporter, for flames and special effects.
  5. Fixed pin count summary in exporters that supported multi-hit pins, which were counting hits instead of pins.
  1. Fixed all known UI bugs with 'Create rack' and 'Edit rack' dialogs.
  2. Implemented ghost shells.
  3. Implemented cake shot timing randomness, with a toggle on the render config dialog.
  4. Added ghost, smiley, and heart to generic effects.
  5. Updated durations, prefires, and heights of generic effects.
  1. Implement faster and more robust method for syncing My Effects and Finale Inventory connections.
  2. Added red square warnings on rack layout screen for incompatible rack type, effect type, angle, or size.
  3. Added angle to the tooltips on rack layout screen.
  4. Made rack tube tooltip red if tube has compatibility error.
  5. Fixed addressing functions such that racking errors do not prevent successful addressing for the firing system, since racking errors can be fixed manually in rack layout.
  6. Changed addressing summary dialog to report 'wiring errors' and 'racking errors' separately.
  7. Added 'Firing Point Type' to RFRemotech exporter and changed name to Pyroremotec-RFMemotech.
  8. Improved rack assignment algorithm for chains to support constraints that prevent chains from spilling over to another rack or rack cluster.
  9. Added 'Create rack...' and 'Edit rack...' functions -- but racks are still not ready to be used.
  10. Fix a possible memory corruption bug with pattern breaks (hearts and smiley faces).
  11. Fixed checkbox problem on create rack dialog.
  1. Added drag-and-drop from module pin to module pin in rack layout, to support moving effects from pin to pin visually.
  2. Added effect tooltips to the module pins, including multiple tooltips for chains and module devices ematched to the same pin.
  3. Added RfRemotech firing system support.
  4. Added ability to adjust the brightness of the racks in the rack layout screen, the rackBrightness per-show setting.
  5. Added 'Show > Options > Disable UI sound effects' option.
  6. Enhanced Galaxis exporter to add a 'Start show' row at time zero if the scripted events do not begin at time zero.
  7. Enhanced Galaxis exporter to adjust G-Flame times to provide the minimum 0.3sec time separation between successive shots on the same device, and to provide a warning dialog if necessary at time of export.
  8. Fixed CSV show import to ignore invalid module types in the CSV file so that exporting works if you simply set the 'Addressing > Addressing settings > Set default firing system' option.
  9. Added 'Disable price indicator in design view' option for demonstrating to clients or staff who should not see prices.
  10. Fixed 'Swimming' and 'Fish' terms in VDL by adding translations to 'Scattering' and 'Flying fish' which are the corresponding VDL terms.
  11. Fixed a crash that could occur on shutdown.
  12. Re-tuned comets to be more correctly scaled against the default shell heights.
  13. Implement a server-side history of 'My Effects', so that any accidental overwrite can be recovered from.
  14. Fixed bug with module graphics re-sorting in rack layout view.
  15. Added rollover effect when editing pins in rack layout view.
  16. Improved UI for dragging pins between rails.
  17. Removed the UI links and palette from printed rack layout diagrams.
  1. Added functionality for Supplier Catalogs to show up in parts list.
  2. Added drag and drop wiring from rack tubes to other rack tubes in rack layout.
  3. Added red highlighting in rail graphics in rack layout window for pins wired to devices that are not in rack tubes.
  4. Added tooltips for rack pins in rack layout window showing effect name and size.
  5. Better detection of underpowered GPUs.
  6. Fix memory leak in progressive rendering.
  7. Fixed bug with the 'angles first' and 'angles last' sort options for reports and addressing.
  8. Added drag-and-drop wiring to rack layout -- work in progress, racking still not very usable.
  1. Added tooltips for the rack buttons in rack palette in the rack layout window.
  2. Added rollover effect on the control-points for rotating racks in the rack layout window.
  3. Implement heart and smiley breaks.
  4. Tuned spinners to look more natural.
  5. Change progressive render framerate target to 60 fps, which results in more flicker while scrubbing, but also more responsiveness.
  6. Allow Intel HD 4000 to try to run, to see if it works on some machines.
  1. Make spinners only emit trail sparks after they enter the 'crazy spin' phase.
  2. Decrease the intensity of the 'gold' color. Previously, gold-tipped comets would look much larger than red comets, for example.
  3. Added buttons on rack layout page to show/hide the racks palette and to show/hide generic racks.
  4. Adjust tuning on crossette shells.
  1. Add new motion simulation for spinners.
  2. Tune scattering effects.
  3. Fix a crash bug affecting large shows.
  4. Added rack palette UI and clickable rack buttons in rack layout window -- note: racks are still not easy to use.
  5. Fixed minor printing problem in which very tiny mortar circles would be invisible.
  1. Fix bug causing serpent/whirl/bee/spinner/etc mines to 'go crazy'.
  2. Fix a crash bug affecting some GPUs on complicated scenes.
  3. Added 'Print > Diagrams > Site layout' and 'Print > Diagrams > Rack layout'.
  4. Added ability to customize rack layout and site layout printed diagrams from the gear menu of the rack layout window.
  5. Fixed vertical alignment problem with Russian character set.
  6. Disabled space bar / play command when design view is not visible.
  7. Fixed bugs relating to changing the language setting.
  8. Fixed repaint/invalidation bug in rack layout when when user moves a position.
  9. Fixed numDevices=0 bug, where exported Finale Generic CSV files would have numDevices=0 if the effect in the effect window / inventory had a numDevices = blank value. Now blank will translate to 1.
  10. Fixed notes field in Finale Generic CSV export.
  11. Changed rack layout UI to be like Google Maps.
  12. Added control points on the racks in the rack layout windowith which to adjust the racks' tilt and pitch angles.
  1. Add debug logging to detect memory leak bugs.
  1. Fixed import inventory bug wherein quantity column was imported as number of devices instead of the available count.
  2. Added ability to import the fuse delay column.
  3. Fixed the 'Remaining available' column in the effects window and the table layouts from the gear menu that filter to available > 0, etc.
  4. Fixed crash bug introduced yesterday wherein printing labels to a show that has a defined name, not just a filename, would crash.
  1. Improvements to Spanish effect name translator.
  2. Fix creating new products in Finale Inventory from Finale3D.
  3. Fixed bug that was causing Finale3D to use very high cpu in some cases (like showing the login dialog).
  4. Fix several crash bugs that caused Finale3D to crash when the GPU was not supported.
  1. Added first pass of Italian effect name translation.
  2. Made minor refinements to VDL.
  3. Fixed labels formatting bug in which fields disappeared when user set padding wider than width of field.
  4. Second pass of Italian effect name translations.
  5. Finale Inventory sync: fixed sync bug that happened with effects that had an empty caliber field.
  6. Finale Inventory sync: allow the Devices column (called ChainNumberOfDevices in Finale Inventory) to be empty rather than defaulting to 1.
  7. Finale Inventory sync: use correct distance/length values when the Finale Inventory distance unit-of-measure is not meters.
  8. Made labels print angle graphics for up also, instead of leaving up as blank.
  9. Added degrees symbol to angle graphics on labels.
  10. Removed leading zeros from pin numbers in full addresses on labels.
  11. Made label's fancy e-match based color count only the e-matches on the pin, not the chain devices.
  12. Changed timeline effect bar extension colors from blue/green to red/blue based on trajectory angle, red = right.
  13. Changed labels fancy angle based colors to be red = right, green = left, to make them more noticeably different.
  14. Fixed fancy size based colors with outline on labels.
  15. Added label configuration checkbox for 'Sort by rows' versus sort by columns.
  16. Make icon generation use the same logic for default duration that insertion in the show does. The end result is that fewer effects will have empty black icons.
  17. Added the page break conditions to the title of the labels pages, so for example if you have page breaks on universe or module, the title of the page will indicate the universe or module shown on the page.
  18. Fixed crashing bug introduced 8/11 occurring on shows that have any event without an associated valid launch position.
  1. Added 'Custom Position Field' to positions, which is available in the script rows for addressing and sorting.
  2. Added extension to Pirotex exporter that interprets 'Custom Position Field' as 'Channel override' for AKM-10 slats connected in series.
  3. Added error checking in Pirotex exporter for non-chronological pins on AKM-10 slats.
  4. More performance and stability improvements for new rendering method.
  1. Added 32, 64, 128, and 256 channel module versions of the AKM-10 slats for the Pirotex firing system.
  2. Support Russian characters in reports if you select 'File > Language > Russian' before printing.
  3. Fixed memory leak when user changes language setting.
  4. Fix bug with groups not working properly (filling in 'error' in the group column of the script instead of the group name).
  5. Made report configuration dialog include sort criteria.
  6. Expanded sort criteria for labels and reports to eight slots.
  7. Added more choices for sorting reports and labels.
  1. Fixed crash that could happen when showing the 'effect preview' hover.
  2. Improved stability on slow GPUs.
  3. Added a 'Setup By Position Finale Business Format' report, which is the same as the site layout tables report in Finale Business.
  4. Fixed the importing of HBS files with cakes of shells, removing the prefire specification from the cake since in 3D the cake prefire affects the shell's lift time.
  5. Made the word 'And' in VDL convert to + or & based on context.
  6. Added 'Rack' subtype for racks as a VDL term.
  7. Minor French effect name translation improvements.
  8. Added Pirotex exporter, including 1ms resolution and 32/64/128/256 pin modules.
  1. Fix rendering crash bug when reflections are disabled.
  1. Implement new rendering method to improve performance and stability. Slow renders "fill in" over time, so that the app can remain responsive when rendering many effects.
  2. Added help menu item for customizing reports/labels.
  3. Improved German effect translations.
  4. Removed 10 colors from the VDL language, relegating them and their language translations to being synonyms for equivalent colors.
  5. Added translation improvements for Russian effect names.
  6. Fixed the rack icons in generic effects.
  7. Updated generic effects for the VDL color changes.
  8. Added a 'rack' subtype so it easier to filter to racks.
  1. Finished V1 labels features, pending further feedback.
  2. Auto-right-justify right hand fields on labels if <= 50% width.
  3. Auto-trim angle numbers from multi-angle labels since the numbers don't fit anyway and just look ugly when clipped.
  4. Added labels templates for Dymo roll printers 30336 and 30252 x portrait and landscape orientations.
  5. Added labels sort criteria in the comment line in margin of page.
  1. Added label templates for 5267, CL33, LP33, DPS-30-100, L7158, L4737, L7160, 5195.
  2. Added more colors and style options for content of labels.
  3. Added conditional formatting based on ematch count, angle direction, and effect size.
  4. Fixed title and page number formatting.
  5. Automatically consolidate label interior margins to move labels out of unprintable area if necessary.
  6. Remove spaces and special characters from blueprint names for reports and labels, thinking ahead to 'book' blueprints.
  1. Added first labels template Avery 5260, which is customizable to other sizes and formats; to add labels template to existing shows, please copy the labels blueprint from a new show to your existing show.
  1. Another pass of German and Russian translations.
  2. Added more notes to the vdl translation table for translators, to explain the meaning of the terms.
  1. Implement progressive 3D graphics initialization. Finale3D becomes responsive earlier, and shows 'Initializing 3D graphics' rather than pausing for as long as it used to.
  2. Tune brightness of reports and salutes down a bit.
  3. Fix issue with reports and salutes not working in certain effects.
  1. Added Russian and German compound effect terms.
  2. Added German 'combo-words' like silberkomet.
  3. Added very_dim and slightly_dim to VDL.
  4. Added 'relampagos' effect to VDL, including sim.
  5. Added auto-correction for accents of German words.
  6. Pass #2 of German effect name translations.
  7. Changed column names in filter bar expressions to use internal names instead of localized names so that blueprints are independent of language translations.
  8. Added optional columns to effect window for remaining_quota, remaining_available, and remaining_on_hand.
  9. Added table layout blueprints in the gear menu of the effect window for all the quantity filters -- all_effects_used, all_effects_having_quota, all_effects_used_or_having_quota, quota_positive, quota_negative, quota_not_zero, available_positive, available_negative, available_not_zero, available_10_or_more, available_less_than_10.
  10. Made the quota cells in the effect window turn green or red depending on whether used exceeds quota.
  11. Made the available and on_hand cells in the effect window turn red if remaining quantity goes negative.
  12. Fix 'mine pancake always points straight up' bug.
  1. Added cue_list report.
  2. Fixed padding on icons in reports, such as in cue_list report.
  3. Made position groups begin with @ character to be more recognizable and differentiable from individual position names.
  4. Added reverse-mapping to position group names so grouped rows in script displayed as single row will show the position group name in the position column.
  5. Fixed report formatting to XLS and CSV.
  6. Made report formatting clear redundant leading cells, indenting.
  7. Improved various standard reports to take advance of the indenting.
  8. Added rack_list report, which lists racks used in rack layout, grouped by cluster, including angles and modules; this report is meant to be used in combination with a rack layout diagram.
  9. Added 'Show > Set angle format' menu that supports different angle conventions, like left=0,up=90, etc. Current implementation affects displayed fields but not input/output fields, which currently remain in the standard convention up = 0.
  10. Added additional fields/columns to rack layout table to support rack layout based reports.
  11. Added rack_list_by_rack_type report.
  12. Improved both rack_list reports.
  13. Added single_shot_setup_by_module_with_pan_tilt_angles and single_shot_setup_by_module_with_pitch_roll_angles reports.
  14. Added pitch and roll columns to script, to show the effect angle in an alternative representation that is needed for some single shot racks.
  15. Added Russian alphabet and WIP on Russian effect name translations.
  16. Added fermata and stutata to VDL terms, no sims yet.
  17. Improved spreadsheet formatting for effect name language translations.)Added Unicode upper/lower case conversions for Russian alphabet.
  1. Added 'Angle Graphics' column to script table, to show all angles represented by that row as ASCII art.
  2. Added work-in-progress on setup-by-module report, available by selecting the script blueprint by that name and then exporting table to Excel.
  3. Added consolidation field in blueprints, which enables arbitrary combining of rows based on matching fields like module/pin, for reports.
  4. Added ability to customize table windows by moving columns left/right.
  5. Added ability to hide the line number column.
  6. Hid the sort indicators on tables printed to pdf.
  7. Simplified column header context menu.
  8. Sorted the columns correctly in the setup_by_module_blueprint.
  9. Fixed bug with printed reports containing consolidated rows.
  10. Fixed invalidation but wherein changing blueprint didn't invalidate the no-longer matching blueprint selector.
  11. Fixed but wherein resize pad was displayed in printed table.
  12. Added 'Show > Set show information...' command and dialog.
  13. Removed double-height part descriptions from tables.
  14. Reduced vertical padding of rows to show more rows in the same space.
  15. Added a new address column that combines the rail and pin data into a single column.
  16. Added 'Display addresses with dash between rail and pin' option for ShowDirector/PD users to uncheck to see addresses as a simple three digits.
  17. Added adjustable padding on printed reports.
  18. Fixed blueprint menu checkmark after saving blueprint.
  19. Use default firing system for people who type in addresses without using the 'address show' function.
  20. Support Cobra multi-hit pins.
  21. Support Cobra lockout field.
  22. Support Cobra pulseTime field.
  23. Made VDL parser accept '25 FAN' or '25 Z' or '25 STR' as shorthand for 25 shot fan, z, or str; also added 'st' as an abbreviation for shot.
  24. Made submenus adjust position vertically to fit in screen with minimum scrolling requirement.
  25. First end-to-end working customizable reports.
  26. Added menu items to gear menus for selecting, saving, and editing report templates.
  27. Added 'Print > Report' menu to File menu, which now works.
  28. Fixed menu UI for selecting table layouts from reports.
  29. First two example customizable reports are setup-by-module and angle_count_per_module, accessible from File > Print.
  30. Added reports for product_list_by_position, product_list_by_storage_location, product_list_by_storage_location_with_addresses, product_list_by_storage_location_with_positions.
  31. Added capability for reports to show ranges of modules and pins in a single row.
  32. Added module type column to modules_per_position report.
  33. Made modules_per_position show ranges of modules in single rows.
  34. Masked off the lock and hide icons on rows in printed reports.
  35. Added product_summary_per_position report and chain_building report.
  36. Fixed crashing bug when user attempts to filter to empty string / null value.)Improved fast-path speed of rangify consolidator.
  1. Fix caliber issue with finale inventory sync.
  2. Added gear button for customizing tables.
  3. Removed menu box buttons on table headers.
  4. Improved column resizing.
  5. Added 'Show chains as one row' option in script gear menu.
  6. Added 'Show groups as one row' option in script gear menu.
  7. Removed insert icon in upper right corner of design view.
  8. Changed default window layout to #2.
  9. Added 'Insert row' icon for button in script.
  10. Added consolidation functions for all fields of all tables, for chain/group show-as-one-row consolidation and in prep for reports.
  11. Fix bug with pistils appearing disconnected from certain effects.
  1. Fix a bug on syncing with network.
  2. Added the term 'Placeholder' to VDL that interprets as variegated peony, as in Business, for compatibility so default Business effects don't look invisible.
  3. After user changes an effect row in effects window, the step that updates the effect in the show will now update all fields of the changed effect, not just the changed field.
  4. After user changes an effect row in the effects window by deleting the value, the 'update show?' dialog will appear, just as if the user had changed the value to a number.
  5. Re-enable fancy motion paths (rising whirls, etc) for high quality and ultra quality modes.
  1. Added 'Fuse Delay' field to effects window, to hold the visco fuse delay for cakes; when an effect is added to the show, its fuseDelay gets copied to its 'Delay' column in the script.
  2. Made effect simulations start after the 'Delay' field in the script row, to implement visco fuse delays correctly.
  3. Made 'Prefire' and 'Duration' field values optional in effects window, for cleaner integration with Finale Inventory for when effects don't have defined values.
  4. Made 'Devices' field value in Effects window optional, so chains in Finale Inventory work even if chainNumberOfDevices is unspecified.
  5. Fixed bug in Finale Inventory integration that merged instead of replaced the downloaded inventory locations, which was only noticeable if you can from one account to another.
  6. FIxed bug saving files with pathnames that contain dot characters.
  7. Added Pyroneo exporter.
  8. Fixed crash-on-startup bug introduced in last release pertaining to new handling of Finale Inventory per-location quantities.
  9. Re-enabled writing to Finale Inventory account.
  10. Added check and confirmation dialog for writing to Finale Inventory account.
  11. Several improvements to startup time and the time it takes to sync with network.
  1. Changed the way that the Finale Inventory per-location inventories are managed (now inventory loading is much faster).
  2. Added ability to shift-select multiple Finale Inventory locations to see combined available/qoh quantities, in the Effects > Finale Inventory menu.
  1. Made undoing 'Break apart chain' restore the durations of the constituent shells.
  2. Made 'Break apart chain' clear the 'Chain Device VDL' field.
  3. Brighten the default playback brightness a little bit.
  4. Made import show summary dialog report number of devices imported, to make it easier to verify when show contains chains.
  5. Added a check in the 'Break apart chain' function to test if chain was created by a means other than 'Combine as chain' and to give a warning message if so.
  6. Fixed minor bug in 'Update Per-show effects' for chains.
  7. Fix issues causing stars/trail arms to disappear or flicker in and out.
  1. Fix a bug causing a "http code said error" message when logging in.
  2. Fixed bugs with importing chains, mostly edge cases like chains of single devices.
  3. Changed chain importing and inserting to insert as many devices as specified in the 'Devices' column even if that number is 1, rather than treating 1 as a special value that means 'guess based on description'.
  4. Made non-chain items insert a single device no matter what the value in the 'Devices' column is.
  1. Fix multi-segment transition bug.
  2. Changed cake and candle prefire to be the prefire of the first effect, not a fuse delay prior to the first launch.
  3. Changed cake and candle duration to be 'first launch to last break'
  4. Made explicit prefire specification of a cake or candle carry through to specify the prefire of the first effect in the cake or candle.
  5. Fixed crash when user manually types in an invalid module type into the positions window and then addresses.
  6. Added back the filter commands in the table context menus, by popular demand.
  7. Changed 'Used' count calculation to be based on numDevices in perShowEffects, so the option to display the count as full chains works more reliably.
  8. Made 'Update per-show effects' NOT update the numDevices property in circumstances that the per-show effects would have the more current value; making the option to display the 'Used' count as full chains work more reliably.
  1. Fixed pin number export bug in PyroSoftware exporter and changed name from PyroSoft to PyroSoftware.
  2. Removed table context menu items for filters because they didn't justify their pixels.
  3. Made application select Finale Inventory or My effects automatically upon launch if they have any effects in them.
  4. Added context menu commands for events in script and timeline and 3d view for 'Select this effect in Effects window'.
  5. Made editing effects in table or by 'Edit effect simulation' context menu item edit the effect in the original collection, not the per-show effecs collection unless it is already active or is the only choice.
  6. Made editing effects in their original collections write-through the effect to the per-show effects, with confirmation diallog if user did not initiate the edit in the script, timeline, or 3d view.
  7. Made editing effects in read-only collections like Generic effects write-through the changes to My effects and to open shows, adding to My effects if doesn't already exist there.
  8. Made subtype and color fields of effects optional.
  9. Added summary dialog after importing show.
  10. Skip show import configuration dialog if importing HBS file.
  11. Added options to 'Update Per-show effects...' to update from all collections versus from current collection.
  12. Added preflight information to the 'Update Per-show effects...' dialog so yu know if there would be changes.
  13. Prevended 'Update Per-show effects...' from overwriting derived fields with blank fields.
  14. Added 'flight' and 'flt' a synonyms for 'chain' in effect descriptions.
  15. Fixed 'Subtract used quantities from available...' for chains counted as one unit.
  16. Added 'Delete unreferenced Per-show effects...'
  17. Added 'Clear quotas...'
  18. Added 'screamers' as English translation to 'whistles' in VDL.
  19. Changed single-shot prefire to be the prefire of the effect in the single shot, not always 0.
  20. Fixed the problem that single shot shells would have zero duration.
  21. Fixed the redundant printing of the word 'single shot' and '1 shot' in the VDL.
  1. Bring back render quality presets.
  2. Add 'Draw smoke' and 'Draw reflections' options to render settings dialog.
  1. Fix bug with Finale Inventory integration not correctly handling case packing quantities.
  2. Add ability to edit Finale Inventory products from Finale 3D. 'Sync with network' will now sync your changes up to Finale Inventory.
  3. Fix bug where cakes were not being rotated when positions were rotated.
  1. Removed empty color change transitions from translated effect names.
  2. Redefined crackle_flowers to be terminal pop at end of star life, in contrast to dragon_eggs which is a non-terminal star stage description and time_rain which is also non-terminal.
  3. Added Spanish translations for craker_crysantemo, craker_dragones, and craker_colgante, and variations, to crackle_flowers, dragon_eggs, and time_rain.
  4. Support effect phrases like 'red peony crackle flowers' and 'craker cris roja' without requiring a 'to' transition for the star's terminal condition such as the crackle flowers or report.
  5. Fixed effect parsing bugs with asterisks and the syntax of N*M shots in the effect name.
  6. Fix bug with accessing Finale Inventory inventories that were created for Finale Business master inventory accounts.
  7. Now possible to edit effects in any collection (generic, My Effects, etc.) and changes will write through to My Effects and open shows, after confirmation dialog.
  1. Fixed but when dragging selection or playhead off right edge of timeline when timeline overextended.
  2. Change 'Render quality' to 'Render Settings'.
  3. Improve performance and stability with large numbers of effects onscreen at the same time.
  4. We now cache the Finale Inventory effects catalogs, just like the My Effects catalog, so that they are available if you run in offline mode.
  1. Added import options for duration time units.
  2. Fixed default duration of fan cakes.
  3. Added checkmark image.
  4. Make 'popcorn crackle' sparks count as trail sparks (and all other 'grandchildren sparks' as well).
  5. Fixed timeline scrolling UI and scrollbar behavior in over-extended circumstances.
  6. Reversed timeline zoom in/out icons.
  1. Made Finale Inventory integration work more like Business -- when inserting effect, automatically derive vdl, size, duration, prefire, height, subtype, color, type, numDevices if they are missing fields.
  2. Fix bug with rising effects that weren't comets (e.g. pearls, "blue crackling tail", etc).
  3. Re-tune gold, silver, and charcoal trails.
  1. Fixed importing the 'notes' field for parts files.
  2. Rendering performance improvement.
  3. Fix another 'http code said error' login error.
  1. Changed CSV firing script exporter to UTF-8 and improved column names.
  2. Add option to render at 4k resolution.
  3. Improve rendering performance.
  1. Minor changes to German translations.
  2. Added 'Draw fog' render setting.
  3. Added FirelinxLT exporter.
  4. Implemented a faster tonemapping method, improving render performance.
  1. Added first pass of German effect name translations.
  2. Minor improvements to timeline rendering.
  1. Tune small caliber comets.
  2. Make default comets' trajectories vary less.
  3. Add 'Effect Brightness' to render settings dialog.
  4. Fix crash bug with certain effects.
  1. Language improvements for French and Spanish effect names.
  2. Fix bug where 'falling leaves' in a cake was interpreted as a rising effect instead of a shell.
  3. Fix issue with mines being way too 'loose'.
  4. Improve startup time.
  1. Changes to spark rendering to make sparks appear brighter.
  2. Fix 'http code said error' bug when Finale Inventory credentials are invalid.
  3. Improve long hang when building scene for '25 shot Popcorn crackle cake' (it's still a bit slow).
  4. Improved scrollwheel zoom on timeline, making it preserve the playhead even when zooming out near the edges.
  5. Made scrollwheel over scrollbars on timeline and tables zoom instead of move the thumb.
  6. Removed unnecessary +XX ms remainder in clock display when timeline snapping mode matches display mode.
  7. Clicking on one of many selected events in timeline now deselects the others, unless you drag.
  8. Changes to Spanish effect name translations.
  9. Fixed VDL cake number of shots parsing bug introduced when implementing flame.
  10. Made VDL parser accept cake descriptions with row firing patterns without requiring tube labels if single effect cake, as in: 25 shot gold comet z-shape cake 5 rows row 5 (3.0/fnt)
  11. Fixed chain import problem for chains very near start of show.
  12. Added import show option to interpret chain quantities as meaning number of devices or number of chains.
  13. Added import show option to interpret rows with > N quantity as chains.
  1. Another iteration on row highlighting while playing -- now with red line at playhead plus highlighted last-effect rows.
  2. Changed table cell editing focus to not require double clicking a cell to edit it.
  3. Added black border around any single yellow cell to indicate hit has keyboard focus.
  4. Changed hovering over event or cue flag on timeline indicator to highlight associated script rows in red.
  5. Improved 'underline' playhead indicator in script table to stay put when mouse is hovering over other events or flags on timeline.
  6. Additional improvements and changes to French effect name translations.
  1. Added full Spanish translation of all VDL terms.
  2. Added full French translations of VDL terms, except for a few terms.
  3. Fixed minor parsing errors with French and Spanish cake and shot related terms.
  4. Changed playhead indicator in script table window to be a red line between last and next row to play.)Fixed bug in dom renderer relating to inner borders.
  5. Added last few French translation effect terms.
  1. Improved Explo SHW script file importer to import x-flamer shows and automatically to create flame simulations.
  2. Implement shot angle and shot duration specifiers on cake shots.
  3. Fix cake and angle offsets for flames.
  4. Added simulations for explo wave and step flame macros.
  5. Fixed bug in VDL cake parsing occurring with very long effect descriptions, e.g., 12 different effects in the cake.
  1. Added prefire range limit for PD export.
  2. Re-tune cremora fireball.
  3. Added 'DUR' keyword to VDL to allow specifying duration of an effect within a multi-shot cake or candle, e.g., 10s 10 shot 1.5 DUR gold comet cake.
  4. Reorganized and renamed flame effects in generic effects catalog.
  5. Fix bug causing 'missing effects' on some GPUs.
  1. Fix 'black screen' bug on some NVIDIA gpus.
  1. Fix 'pink speckles' issue.
  2. Fix crash on nvidia gpus.
  1. Handle missing data links in Finale Inventory catalogs.
  2. Made StarFire firing system export use union of item notes for sequence notes instead of first item's notes.
  3. First pass of French effect name translation to VDL.
  4. Implement "ACES" tonemapping for lighting and color.
  5. Change 'playback' and 'edit' mode dark/light values to be tunable exposure settings.
  6. Fixed recently introduced bug parsing effects with heights, misinterpreting that as count of mines, e.g., 'Cake 10 m'.
  7. Added PyroSoft firing system exporter.
  8. Fixed firing system exporter device count for chains.
  9. Fixed word placement and translation handling for cakes, candles, slices, and single-shots in French and Spanish.
  10. Added support for interpreting > and TL as tail in effect names.
  11. Added coco, cannister, and center to effect name interpreter.
  12. Improved translation of French effect names, better handling of plurals.
  13. Fixed and verified downloader for the new and old Pyrodigital field controllers.
  14. Added download progress bar for downloading scripts to Pyrodigital.
  15. Automatically determine color and subtype field on import if not explicit in imported file.
  16. Automatically determine language when importing effects and convert inferred fields to native language, e.g., French, Spanish.
  17. Various improvement to French and Spanish effect import.
  18. Changed VDL term thick_trail and thin_trail to just thick and thin, but still support thick_trail and thin_trail also.
  19. Changed caliber field format in PyroSoft exporter.
  20. Fix movie/image over-exposure bug.
  21. Implement first version of new flame simulation. (Try using an Explo flamer from the Generic Effects list).
  1. Tune scene lighting a bit more.
  2. Support interpreting NxM in effect names, as in '5x5 gerb cake'.
  3. Interpret cakes without flower defining terms as comets instead of shells. EX: 'red cake' = comets; 'aerial red cake' = shells; 'red peony cake' = shells.
  4. Support shorthand C, M, and T after number of shots for comets, mines, and shells, as in 'cake 25 c red'.
  5. Made parentheses equivalent to space in effect names.
  6. Made 'fan' and 'w-shape' and other firing patterns imply the effect is a cake automatically.
  7. Add implicit 'with' in effect names for pistil when missing, e.g., 'cometa roja cola de oro' --> 'comet red w/ tail gold'.
  1. Improved script scrolling and its highlight of next firing row.
  2. Made script always highlight the next firing row after playhead unless overridden by cursor hovering over cue flag or event.
  3. Changed definition of 'next firing row' to be rows with effect time at or immediately after the playhead.
  4. Made all operations scroll script to keep next firing row in view.
  5. Added 'edit effect...' menu item to context menu in script and on timeline.
  6. Fixed minor bug with 'edit effect' menu item on timeline context menu.
  1. Highlight script table row when cursor hovering over corresponding event on timeline or in 3D view.
  2. Change scene lighting parameters to be less dark.
  3. Added automatic scrolling of the script and highlighting of the row that is shot when playing simulation.
  4. Added user setting option to display chain quantities as per shell or per chain.
  5. Fixed ematch count on addressing summary dialog, previously had a bug with chains.
  6. Fixed effect chooser's icons to update automatically.
  1. Increase default brightness of skydome, terrain, model.
  2. Improved crash reporting.
  3. Auto-scroll script table when clicking on timeline event or cue flag or trajectory in 3D view.
  4. Extended Unicode case conversion to French accent characters.)WIP on French effect names.
  1. Finally located and fixed the bug that was the #1 source of crashes.
  2. Fixed 'Replace effect' bug wherein applied effect is blank if effect isn't already present in show and if show has a quota for the effect.
  3. Added initial set of Spanish VDL terms to enable importing and creating effects in Spanish.
  4. Removed the snapping to action time feature for dragging playhead since clicking cue flag is easy alternative; snapping while dragging selection can optionally be turned off in show menu.
  5. Renamed 'Parente' to 'Firemaster'.
  6. Fixed the 10 channel Pyromac module bug.
  7. Added 30 channel FireOne option so users don't need to make a custom module.
  8. Added 15 channel PD option so users don't need to make a custom module.
  9. Made ESC exit out of multi-key hotkey sequence.
  10. Removed control-C as a method of exiting multi-key hotkey sequence so can be used for position groups, etc.
  11. Added optional Parente Firemaster per-show-setting of firemasterSequenceNumberOffset. No UI. Just add the variable and give it a value.
  12. Automatically convert 'And' to ampersand when interpreting VDL, e.g., 'Red And Blue Peony' --> 'Red & Blue Peony'.
  13. Fix crash that occurred when inserting an effect with certain non-ascii characters in its description.
  14. Fix rising crossette stars drooping too low.
  15. Recognize 'single shot' and 'roman candle' in effect name import and sim creation from description.
  16. Added pyromac 15 channel module type.
  17. Added support for creating sims and effect names dscribed in Spanish, and importing shows and inventories in Spanish.
  18. Added duration column to chooser.
  19. Changed text file reader to preserve isolated newlines even if file contains carriage return / newline pairs.
  20. Support Unicode characters in translation to VDL and normalization of native language effect descriptions.
  21. Incorporated Spanish effect terms from Conlapi conference round table meeting on effect terminology.
  22. Fix issue with 'sync to network' not working when running Finale in offline mode.
  23. Fix bug causing 'input lag' on some Finale operations.
  1. Added 'Insert effect' to effect menu.
  2. Made effect chooser support multiple monitors for remembering its position.
  3. Made importing scripts ignore vacuous module/pin columns if non-vacuous ADDR column exists, for ShowDirector CSV and SCX.
  4. Fixed timeline scrollbar, which was broken when the effect bar was removed.
  5. Added File > User settings > Test sound system, to help debug the spurious crash in the sound system.
  1. Change the way our initial windows are created to work around a strange startup bug.
  1. Extra logging for debugging program startup issues.
  2. Create debug windows for testing window creation issues.
  1. Extra logging for debugging program startup issues.
  1. Tune down brocade trails a bit.
  2. Fix problem with very large MyParts files causing a causing a crash.
  3. Fix bug causing Finale3D to use a lot of unnecessary CPU time (even when minimized).
  4. Added function to download script to PD FC-A and FC-3 field controllers.
  5. Made effect chooser window remember its position, size, and magnification level, for next time it is invoked.
  6. Add a separate way to run Finale3D for debugging purposes.
  1. Tune down brocade trails a bit.
  2. Fix problem with very large MyParts files causing a causing a crash.
  3. Fix bug causing Finale3D to use a lot of unnecessary CPU time (even when minimized).
  4. Added function to download script to PD FC-A and FC-3 field controllers.
  5. Made effect chooser window remember its position, size, and magnification level, for next time it is invoked.
  1. Added effects collection selector to the effects chooser dialog, to select Generic, My effects, Per-show effects, etc.
  2. Removed effect bar.
  3. Added 'insert' icon to top right of design view.
  4. Cursor over bottom right corner text in design view hides trajectories.
  5. Fix farfalle double rings.
  6. Add audio volume controls to render settings menu.
  7. Added previewer window features to the effect chooser dialog.
  8. Fix horsetails and waterfalls to not look so artificial.
  9. Fix bug when rendering movie where songs played at the wrong start times.
  10. Fix 'render settings getting stuck on low' bug.
  11. Change song volume default to 100%
  1. Made effect chooser wide and added columns for color, price, etc.
  2. Added selectors to effect chooser for size, color, etc.
  3. Added reasonable ATF category values for Generic effects.
  4. Made effect chooser sort by part number as secondary sort criterion, after most-recently used.
  5. Added option to 'Import show' for 'Ignore empty cues'.
  6. Made import show ignore the value 0 in the duration column if guessing duration units, because 0 usually means the user hasn't set it, rather than the effect actually has a zero duration.
  7. Fixed random number seeds in imported show files; fix is retroactive, fixing existing shows that have been imported from SCX, for example.
  8. Fixed import effects file bug wherein duration units guess would be wrong and the 'ignore duration in file' option would ignore the size instead.
  9. Added 'File > User settings' menu, though not yet connected to network.
  10. Added 'Interpret chain price as per-shell' option under user settings, which defaults to OFF; when OFF a 0 chain of 5 in the show counts as 0 not 0.
  11. Added render option to disable smoke entirely.
  12. Lots of effect tuning.
  13. Fixed problem where pattern breaks were not properly registered. For example, "Red Bowtie w/ Green Ring" now has the ring properly around the middle of the bowtie.
  14. Fixed a memory leak on the GPU which should reduce random crashes.
  1. Made show import expand out script rows containing multiple angles in the angle or tilt column, as in VSD convension 80-90-100 meaning three angles.
  2. Made show import prefer using a tilt column over an angle column if it exists and is non-empty.
  3. Made show import overwrite the script row quantity value with the number of numerical angles in the tilt/angle column if that number is more than one, e.g., 80-90-10 --> quantity = 3.
  4. Naming change 'Parts' --> 'Effects' pervasively.
  5. Added 'Crackling Chrys' shells to generic effects.
  6. Naming change 'Basic parts' --> 'Generic effects'.
  7. Added quantities to all selector menu items, e.g., click the 'Size' selector on the script to see how many shells of each size you are using.
  8. Fixed some minor specs of some of the cakes in the generic effects collection.
  9. Added a 'hang reporter' (like the crash reporter) that will let us diagnose cases where Finale3D hangs.
  1. Improved basic effects list, adding cakes and rounding duration, prefire, height to one or two digits.
  2. Added 150 cakes to basic parts.
  3. Reduced height of playhead to make it easier to select cue flags behind it.
  4. Improved cake VDL parsing to allow specifying firing pattern for some rows and leaving other rows as default.
  5. Fixed bug in parsing invalid VDL cake firing patterns descriptions.
  6. Fixed crasher bug when printing table to PDF and moving mouse over table while PDF window being displayed.
  7. Made cake VDL parser more robust in reading firing row descriptions by allowing a slash before the asterisk that indicates two rows are fired together.
  8. Made cake VDL parser more robust by allow firing row descriptions to include only the firing pattern if there's only a single effect type used in teh cake, as opposed to requiring the effect type label, as in (FNT)
  9. Added to the positions menu new functions for creating, selecting, and managing groups of positions.
  10. Added 'Select positions by name...' for positions and position groups.)Fixed bug with position group names containing spaces.
  11. Added show import options to import into active show/scene or into a new show.
  12. Importing a script with position group names into show with matching group names expands the script rows into all the positions of the group.)Fixed issues with spaces and special characters in position group names.
  13. Fix one bug that was causing Finale3D to use too much cpu (but another remains).
  14. Implement 'Count chains as 1 unit' in Finale Inventory integration
  15. Fix crossette timing.
  1. Made effect duration a reference to the effect definition, instead of a copied value that can be updated in the script, because the latter caused too much confusion. This means it is no longer possible to change the duration of a specific instance of a cake by editing the script; you have to make a new cake effect with a different duration and use that.
  2. Improved VDL parsing robustness so it is more flexible in reading VDL cake descriptions, to improve backward compatibility with Finale Business VDL cakes.
  3. Fixed the 'STR' firing pattern in cake descriptions.
  4. Made cake firing patterns for each row default to STR, i.e., sequence-right, even if some rows explicitly have different patterns such as STT, all-together.
  5. Add 'configure Finale Inventory connection' menu item.
  6. Filter out non-choreographed effects when pulling down from Finale Inventory.
  7. Implement 'airburst' vdl effect.
  8. Make 'lemon' color less orange.
  9. Make dahlia stars larger.
  10. Tune crossettes to make their duration longer.
  11. Tighten up shot randomness for everything.
  12. Remove height from VDL when extracting it into height column.
  13. Made 'Edit effect' command preserve prefire, duration, and height values from the columns, and extract from VDL so not redundantly recorded.
  14. Round prefire, duration to hundredths, height to tenths.
  1. Bugfixes for Finale Inventory integration.
  2. Added new list of generic/basic effects, replacing old list.
  3. Fixed usage count bug wherein effects in Finale Inventory with chainNumberOfDevices=0 didn't get counted.
  4. Change chainNumberOfDevices/numDevices to default to 1 when empty.
  1. Fixed rare crash bug reported when editing groups.
  2. Added windows menu preset for design+positions.
  3. Added ability to export any window as xlsx or csv, from File menu or right-click context menu.
  4. Fixed checkmarks on Windows menu.
  5. Fixed 'Print table...' function on right-click context menu of table windows.
  6. Hooked up Finale Inventory sales order integrations.
  1. Added EX, CE, UN number fields, and Safety Distance, and Cost field, to parts window as optional columns.
  2. Fixed bug wherein the control-G create effect function provided a default part number of 10000 instead of avoiding existing part numbers.
  3. Fixed PTX exporter bug relating to delays between simultaneous events.
  4. Added 'Edit this effect' menu item to RMB context menus on parts table.
  5. Added 'Show > Options > Draw effects on timeline as dots'.
  6. Display the correct GPU in the 'About Finale' dialogs when running on GPU-switching computers.
  1. Fixed bug wherein inserting events with timeline snapping to fps would insert effect at wrong time.
  2. Darkened partNumber/name column in tables to make white text more readable.
  3. Fixed slight jiggling of events on timeline due to rounding error.
  4. Work-in-progress Finale Inventory integration.
  5. Added 'Effects > Edit effect', to re-edit the VDL of an existing effect.
  1. Allow imported prefire and duration times to include trailing characters like 's' as in 3.2s; previously that wouldn't parse because of the 's'.
  2. Added a white tip at the bottom of empty cue flags so user can easily identify any remaining empty cue flags in a dense show.
  3. Improved cue flag graphics on timeline.
  4. Added 'description' column to script table and to sort options for addressing.
  5. Fix crash that occured when importing inventories with missing fields.
  1. Made fill-down addressing function work with filtering.)Improved some menu item text.
  2. Made importing TXT files smartly determine whether delimiter is tab or comma or semicolon; same as CSV.
  3. Added ability to import QOH and AVAILABLE quantities in parts files.
  4. Added 'Effects > Subtract used quantities from available' for simple inventory management.
  5. Changed window arrangement hotkeys by requiring shift to avoid confusion when trying to edit yellow table cells. WARNING: requires re-learning the 1-6 hotkeys.
  6. Fixed duplicate parts bug when refreshing My Parts from network.)Added network inventories list and setNetworkInventories() function.
  7. Add prompt to sync 'My parts' when shutting down app.
  1. Fixed crash bug wherein displaying rack window for the first time would crash if a single position was selected.
  2. Fix crash that occurred if you run Finale3D without any audio devices enabled on the computer.
  3. Fixed copy/paste bug wherein copying events from one position and pasting to other selected positions didn't work.
  4. Fixed bug reading comma radix mark calibers like 2,5inch.
  5. Added 'on hand' and 'available' columns to the parts windows for inventory quantity.
  1. Add 'purpel' as a translation of 'purple'.
  2. Fix encoding issues with non-ascii text in My Parts.
  1. Fixed addressing bug with empty cues.
  2. Fixed bu2Cg wherein sorting addresses by 'chains first' actually sorted chains last.
  3. Improved design of the 'Create new effect' dialog.
  4. Added a selector to the 'Create new effect' dialog to choose which collection the new parts goes into.
  5. Fixed bug wherein specified part number in 'Create new effect' dialog was ignored.
  6. Changed the name 'Catalog parts' to 'Basic parts'.
  7. Added 'Effects > Import effects list...' with options to import into My Parts, Per-show parts, and parts files.
  8. Added 'My Parts' cloud-stored parts file.
  1. Added 'Show > Set timeline snap-to resolution' for working in SMPTE or other frame rates.
  2. Added 'Show > Set time format' to display time in various frame-based formats or decimal.
  3. Added additional 'Script > Align times to frame rate' options.
  4. Made all script operations snap to the timeline snap-to resolution.
  5. Made effect time in script table use chosen time format, e.g., SMPTE or decimal.
  6. Added timeline division markings for non-decimal fps frames, so snapping on timeline aligns with markings exactly when zoomed in.
  7. Improved performance of 'Set properties' dialog. Now set properties on 10k events is about a second instead of several minutes.
  8. Fixed control-C to copy from selected, yellow, cell, without having to click into it.
  1. Fix a crash when running in BootCamp on Macs.
  1. Fix bug where position labels were not appearing.
  1. Enabled creating selector drop downs for duration and prefire in the tables.
  2. Changed FireControl addresser to use 3-digit rail addresses.
  3. Add icon associations for .FDB files.
  4. Add 'Sky Blue' as a VDL color.
  5. Fix icon rendering of cakes, so that it always renders at least one shot of the cake rather than catching 'silence' in between shots.
  6. Extended max show duration to 24 hours, for SMPTE users.
  7. Support 'h' as shorthand for 'hours' when entering a duration such as show duration, e.g., typing '20m' = 20 minutes; typing '20h' = 20 hours; typing 1.5h = 90 minutes.
  8. Fix bug where the render time was displayed twice in the double-size previewer view.
  9. Fix a 'sound lagginess' bug that was manifesting for some computers.
  1. We now show a movie preview for effects when you hover the mouse over an effect icon.
  2. Pressing ESC while editing table cell reverts edit and now leaves cell selected.
  3. Double-click on word in text entry followed by shift-click now always extends selection from the far end of word.
  4. Dragging selection rect in design view upward first over positions then also covering trajectory tip donuts now works the same as dragging rect in the other direction.
  5. EXPERIMENTAL: clicking on grass now deselects positions if no effects were selected at time of click.
  6. Added warning dialog if inserting effect from effect bar with no selected positions.
  7. Auto-select and assign first non-hidden position when drag-and-drop effect to empty cue.
  8. Added 'Select all positions attached to model' function.
  9. Change behavior of 'cut' and 'delete' in design view to remove subtrees, i.e., positions attached to deleted models and effects at deleted positions, instead of just detaching them.
  10. Fixed DEL key behavior in models and positions table window, which previously didn't detach children positions or events.
  11. Changed paste in design view to be symmetric with cut: cutting positions includes subtree of events; pasting pastes back the cut or copied events and positions.
  12. Improved 'Rename positions' dialog; pre-populate text entry field with existing name or name stem from collection.
  13. Fixed 'Rename positions' to allow overlapping ranges.
  14. Fixed 'Edit position properties' to update references if user changes position name.
  15. Improved copy/paste between shows to add per-show parts automatically instead of putting up an 'Add part to per-show parts?' dialog after the fact.
  16. Made copy in design view or script also copy the referenced part definitions, and paste automatically paste any missing referenced part definitions from the copy buffer first, and from the active parts windows second, facilitating copy/paste between shows that do not use a common inventory/parts list.
  17. Changed drag-and-drop to timeline and to cue on timeline to insert effects at selected positions at the indicated time; formerly drag-and-drop only replaced an event or cue.
  18. Added large playback clock; added option to turn it off in show > options menu.
  19. Made durations adjustable for cakes in script rows, not just parts window.
  1. We now show a movie preview for effects when you hover the mouse over an effect icon.
  2. Pressing ESC while editing table cell reverts edit and now leaves cell selected.
  3. Double-click on word in text entry followed by shift-click now always extends selection from the far end of word.
  4. Dragging selection rect in design view upward first over positions then also covering trajectory tip donuts now works the same as dragging rect in the other direction.
  5. EXPERIMENTAL: clicking on grass now deselects positions if no effects were selected at time of click.
  6. Added warning dialog if inserting effect from effect bar with no selected positions.
  7. Auto-select and assign first non-hidden position when drag-and-drop effect to empty cue.
  8. Added 'Select all positions attached to model' function.
  9. Change behavior of 'cut' and 'delete' in design view to remove subtrees, i.e., positions attached to deleted models and effects at deleted positions, instead of just detaching them.
  10. Fixed DEL key behavior in models and positions table window, which previously didn't detach children positions or events.
  11. Changed paste in design view to be symmetric with cut: cutting positions includes subtree of events; pasting pastes back the cut or copied events and positions.
  12. Improved 'Rename positions' dialog; pre-populate text entry field with existing name or name stem from collection.
  13. Fixed 'Rename positions' to allow overlapping ranges.
  14. Fixed 'Edit position properties' to update references if user changes position name.
  15. Improved copy/paste between shows to add per-show parts automatically instead of putting up an 'Add part to per-show parts?' dialog after the fact.
  16. Made copy in design view or script also copy the referenced part definitions, and paste automatically paste any missing referenced part definitions from the copy buffer first, and from the active parts windows second, facilitating copy/paste between shows that do not use a common inventory/parts list.
  17. Changed drag-and-drop to timeline and to cue on timeline to insert effects at selected positions at the indicated time; formerly drag-and-drop only replaced an event or cue.
  18. Added large playback clock; added option to turn it off in show > options menu.
  1. Improved double-click-then-drag text selection in input fields for selection beginning with a word.
  2. Improved ESC key behavior for text editing in tables so single ESC cancels text entry instead of two ESC presses.
  3. Added support for control-left/right arrow when editing text to jump by words.
  4. Changed table editing to require double click to edit cell; cell no longer accepts text input when yellow.
  1. Added drag-and-drop sound effects.
  2. Added drag-and-drop from parts window to rows of script, for replacing effect.
  3. Improved sound effects for drag-and-drop.
  4. Added drag-and-drop to events and cue flags on timeline.
  5. Added drag-and-drop to event trajectories in design view.
  6. Added automatic screen resolution re-scaling to correct timeline height on some systems.
  7. Improved download and rotate cursor images.
  8. Improved effect bar insert button icon and removed edit button.
  9. Improved column resizing user interface on tables.
  10. Added hidden column count indicator/button to ULHC of tables.
  11. Added download-on-target cursor image.
  12. Added scrollable text in all text input areas.
  1. Make flash pots silent.
  2. Add 'silent' as a VDL adjective.
  3. Fix 'shell w/ mine' and 'comet w/ mine' effects such that the mine doesn't shoot out of the tube faster than the shell/comet.
  4. Move video/image rendering menu items under their own File submenu (rather than being grouped with Export).
  5. Added 'About Finale3D' menu item.
  6. Fix a bug where certain star transitions would cause the stars to 'jump' in space.
  7. Made parts window effect icons be the insert buttons, and added hover graphic similar to effect bar.
  8. Rounded durations in effect rows to two digits.
  9. Switch to SketchUp SDK 2018.
  10. Added drag-and-drop from parts window to design window.
  1. Added good-looking icon for application.
  2. Added FireControl exporter.
  1. Fix a crash on startup for certain Intel video cards.
  1. Added insert/tab-left/tab-right buttons to timeline.
  2. Hovering over event on timeline now highlights the position also.
  3. Added zoom indicator and improved buttons on timeline.
  4. Added icon for hidden effects in script.
  1. Improve reporting when sessions *do NOT* crash, so that we can assume 'missing' sessions crashed even if we don't get a crash report.
  1. Even more improvements to crash reporting.
  2. Revive Account dialog.
  1. Improved crash reporting.
  2. Add 'Crash Finale3D...' menu option.
  3. Improved appearance of timeline and added hover effect to playhead.
  4. Added hide/unhide feature.
  5. Added lollipops on timeline for hidden or filtered out events.
  1. Simplified controls on effect bar.
  2. Made more interesting set of default effects for effect bar.
  3. Added dialog that explains per-show parts when creating an effect.
  4. Allow staying in full screen design window mode when creating effects.
  5. Fixed bugs in design view wherein cursor image didn't update after hovering over timeline or was incorrect in effect bar.
  6. Made RMB click in design view in nav mode reset design mode to pointer; also made clicking on effect in effect bar reset design mode to pointer.
  7. Made design view selection rect ignore positions if it includes top-of-trajectory donuts of events.)WIP: Added placeholder icons for song editing, event selection on timeline, drag-and-drop, rotating trajectory.
  8. Fix duration calculation for popcorn crackle and several related effects.
  9. Make 'crackling trails' more differentiated from 'glittering trails'.
  10. Change tuning on crossette mine breaks.
  11. Tune 'palm' shells.
  12. Tune shells so that they don't break early when overriding the height.
  13. New darker timeline color scheme.
  14. Draw trajectory tooltip in full size, bottom justified, not foreshortened.
  15. Improved timeline cue flags.
  16. Vertical indicator on timeline when hovering over effect in group that doesn't have a cue flag on account of not being the primary effect in the group.
  17. Changed timeline graduation text formatting and cue flag poles to make text more clear to read.
  18. Erased background behind playhead time to make text more clear to read.
  19. Got rid of position tooltips on timeline.
  20. Added highlight colors for effect bars in timeline for selected vs. NOT and hoveredOver vs. NOT, making all states distinguishable.
  21. Tune down default speed of mines.
  22. Make ground flares less bright.
  23. Fix flash tray simulation.
  24. Fix titanium salutes.
  25. Implement polyp effect.
  26. Fix flash pot and flash tray simulations.
  27. Fix bug in simulation heights for multi-layer mines (e.g. 'red mine w/ blue above').
  28. Make 25mm comets a little slower by default.
  29. Added mouse cursors for navigation modes.
  30. Added 'hand' navigation button for panning mode.
  31. Added drag-and-drop cursor image.
  32. Added blips to the timeline bars.
  33. Added end caps to the playhead image.
  1. Support min/sec time format shortcuts like 10:10 to be read as 10m10s instead of 10.1s.
  2. Fix bug where high wind speed was causing very exaggerated wind turbulence.
  3. Change time format from hh.mm.ss.ddd to hh:mm:ss.ddd.
  4. Fix issue causing cake icons to be rendered from very far away.
  5. Added hover mode for effect bar effect titles that changes text from description to part number; and added option to show part numbers by default.
  6. Fix issue causing movie render task to stutter for the first second of rendering.
  7. Improved performance of movie rendering.
  1. Work around a driver bug causing occasional crashes when rendering icons.
  1. Improved performance and visuals on icon rendering.
  2. Fix bug where aerial breaks were not making sound.
  3. Make break flashes illuminate the ground and models a little bit, instead of just the smoke.
  4. Fix bug where fountains always shot straight up.
  5. Fixed chain device durations.
  6. Fixed chain duration when importing shows.
  7. Added Script > Set time...
  8. Added Show > Goto time...
  9. Added duration and coordinates column to Finale Generic CSV export.
  10. Inserted duration into VDL for cakes in Finale Generic CSV export since Finale Business doesn't read the duration column.
  1. Made 'offset times' function support negative formatted values, like '-2m'.
  2. Automatically save import settings in per-user settings, so the values you set are 'sticky'.
  3. Added import setting option to ignore durations of effects in the imported file.
  4. Fixed addressing crash bug occuring with events having no position, including empty events.
  5. Added support for multi-effect roman candles.
  6. Added automatic inference that a VDL effect is a cake if it specifies number of shots and is not a candle or chain.
  7. Fixed bug wherein English --> VDL translation changed valid VDL terms like bouquet --> mine.
  8. Made control-G create effect function fill in the subtype and color fields.
  9. Made opening a show file or changing show duration automatically resize the timeline width to full duration of show.
  10. Made effect bar a solid gradient color (instead of black
  11. Fixed bug in Finale Generic CSV export wherein 'Animation Description' column contained the effect description instead of the VDL.
  12. Fix prefire and duration bugs of several effect types.
  1. Fixed bug: When rendering a movie from a time range that did not start at 0:00, the background music played as though the time range started at 0:00.
  1. Added prefire options for importing parts or shows to handle prefires represented as ms, sec, tenths, etc.
  2. Added script command to offset times.
  1. Increase max texture size 512 -> 2048.
  2. Added 'import settings' dialog for specifying angle convention used in imported shows.
  1. Added 'Backfilling allowed' checkbox to 'Fill down addresses' dialog to allow user to turn off backfilling and force a strictly monotonic sequence of addresses. Backfilling is the re-use of compatible rails and pins from earlier in the sequence, such as for two events at the same time and position that are not sequential rows in the script window as it is sorted by the user.
  2. Fixed fill-down addressing bug wherein with backfilling allowed and initial pin offset the initial rail would not be used for backfilling.
  3. Fixed error dialog bug in Show > Set show duration.
  1. Added automatic zoom out when inserting effects to ensure their breaks are in view.
  2. Changed blue navigation buttons to remain active rather than reverting automatically to pointer mode.
  1. Added slight automatic rise when zooming out, to make it easier to get things in view.
  2. Fix bug parsing begin/end time for movie rendering.
  3. Fix shot simulator hanging bug in handling of 'invalid' life times coming from parts table.
  4. Fix icon renderer handling of shots which have zero duration before their break (mines).
  1. Added 'timerain' as a synonym for 'time rain'.
  2. Added 'flame pot' and 'flamepot' as synonyms for 'ground flare'.
  3. Made effect durations in script be references to durations of the effect definitions in the parts file, instead of copied by value, for all effect types other than flame and other_effect and not_an_effect, which may require the ability to change the duration on a per-instance basis in the script.
  4. Added 'height' column to parts window.
  5. Fixed effect bar search button background.
  6. Added drag-and-drop from the effect bar into the scene.
  7. Made all columns in parts window resizable and hidable.
  8. Changed split-screen views to be divided vertically evenly instead of 2:3.
  9. Changed default view to full screen design view.
  10. Fixed effect bar bug wherein filtering while scrollbar was scrolled to the right would skip over effects.
  11. Make simulator use the effect's prefire and duration fields from the parts table.
  12. Make terrain/sky/model brightness a text entry parameter in render settings dialog rather than a dropdown.
  1. Added effect bar.
  2. Fixed bug wherein pressing delete key in effect chooser with empty text in search bar closed the window.
  3. Changed layout of design window, removing white margins and using smaller, orange scrollbars.
  4. Make simulation time and timeline bars coincide.
  1. Fix crash when loading .fin files that had models saved from before the bounding box change.
  2. Reverse (for now) the change that made simulations use the duration specified from the catalog/script, it broke certain cakes.
  1. Make comet, aerial shell, and mine simulations use the duration specified from the catalog/script.
  1. Fix a model loading crash.
  2. Change installer finish button to read 'Run Finale3D'.
  3. Make ground flare and flash pot both be silent.
  4. Tune fountains to taper off rather than cut off.
  5. Fixed crash bug on addressing with modules constrained to rack clusters.
  1. Add more color variation to silver fountains/gerbs.
  2. Improve simulation for fountains and gerbs.
  3. Fixed bug with importing hbs files wherein candles were imported without a part type and thus invisible.
  4. Fixed cake rack definition in standard parts to make it compatible with ground effects.
  5. Tune effect heights.
  6. Make trajectory markers line up to simulation breaks.
  1. Added search bar icon.
  2. Added locked addresses icon.
  3. Added addressing sort option for track.
  4. Added addressing constraint options for track and hazard.
  1. Fill-down addresses, and other addressing functions, select all addressed rows at completion of the operation.
  2. Added 'Address show using single blueprint' with submenu to select from.
  3. Added TRIGGER_TYPE options of MAN, AUTO, and SLAVE for Pyroleda F3 exporter using Custom Script Field.
  4. Fixed fill-down sorting when addressing constrainted by positions and sorted first by something other than position.
  5. Fixed addressing sorting when sorted first by something other than position.
  6. Changed default fill-down initial address to value of top selected row if non-empty, not that + 1.
  7. Add 'laser' as a synonym of 'ultrafast' for laser comets.
  1. Fix tiger tails and whirlwinds.
  2. Added error message if you try to do 'Fill Down' addressing with script window sorted by the addresses that are the output of the procedure.
  3. Make vdl parser recognize 'mines' and 'comets' as plurals.
  4. Fix bug where Google Maps images were mirrored.
  5. Made 'Fill down addresses' start at rail/pin instead of just module number, to support filling down beginning with a pin offset.
  6. Force loaded SketchUp models to have their origin at the bottom center of their bounding box.
  7. NOTE: This SketchUp model change will cause models in saved .fin files to appear at a different position in the scene.
  1. Decrease wind 'microcurrents' when wind speed is low.
  2. Fix bug where crossette mines were not breaking into crossettes.
  3. Fix 'pink bug' that was appearing for 'rainbow' effects.
  4. Remove medium quality mode.
  5. Make Intel graphics default to low quality rendering.
  6. Fix trails on gold and silver mines.
  7. Fix bug where wind microcurrents were disabled to the left of Origin Man.
  8. Added addressing sort criteria ANGLES LAST and PAIRS LAST.
  9. Reduced hot region for resizing columns on left of edge to make narrow columns easier to select.
  10. Fixed bug in Effect Chooser window wherein clicking on item didn't work if per-show-parts window active.
  11. Added new script columns, hidden by default, for PAIR, STRAIGHT UP, and FLIGHT COUNT, which can be used for addressing sorts and constraints.
  13. Added addressing constraint options for FLIGHT-COUNT, FLIGHT-OR-NOT, PAIR-OR-NOT, ANGLE-OR-NOT.
  14. Make time rain leave a crackling trail.
  15. Made position properties dialog reset moduleType when user changes firing system.
  16. Added gradient to effect cells in table.
  1. Improve startup time a bit.
  2. Fixed bug with locked addresses.
  3. Added 'Addressing > Fill down addresses in script...' function for ShowDirector style addressing.
  4. Fixed bug causing multi-stage mines (eg 'red to blue mine') always having a trail on the final stage.
  5. Disable position and event hit testing while in rotate or translate or rise navigation modes.
  6. Make scroll wheel action zoom into center of screen while show is playing.
  7. Improve download effect icons.
  8. Replace magnifying glass icon and its zoom function with home icon that resets to initial view.
  9. Make rotate function rotate around center of viewing area, rather than what cursor points at.
  10. Make scroll wheel zooming in the backwards direction slide the focus point backward slightly while zooming out to compensate for the forward slide when zooming maximally close
  11. Make gerbs and fountains visible again (though still not yet well-tuned).
  12. Fix broken link in signup.
  1. Fix several effect rendering bugs.
  2. Digitally sign the installer and exe files to try to avoid the 'scary' dialogs on install.
  3. Fixed slowness due to generating all icons after using effect chooser or typing text into parts window filter.
  4. Moved insert button column on part window.
  1. Improve rendering performance, particularly high quality mode.
  2. Fixed rack layout view bug pertaining to filtering to position names that contained spaces.
  3. Made effect chooser include all open parts files, not just the active parts window.
  4. Added File > Admin > Regenerate effect icons.
  5. Fixed icon generation bug.
  6. Fix broken installer shortcuts on the Desktop and Start Menu.
  7. Fix a crash bug when importing certain inventories.
  1. Fix crackling pistil.
  2. Changed part buttons to actually look like buttons.
  3. Left/Right cursor keys now tab between cues and select the effects at the cues; works well with the choose and set effect hot keys C and E.
  4. Changed default option to timeline movements snap to ms instead of hundredths.
  5. Fixed insert multiple events command.
  6. Added show menu.
  1. Added effect chooser dialog to insert or set effects; hot keys = C and E.
  2. Fixed clipping problem at bottom of tables.
  1. Remove unused large textures to reduce installer size.
  2. Add missing dlls.
  3. Fix FireOne import/export.
  1. More spark tuning on very bright sparks (salutes and breakflashes).
  2. Fix smoke.
  3. Turn trajectory paths back on by default.
  4. Make effect icons show up a little better.
  5. Make Finale3D default to using Nvidia GPU on hybrid Intel/Nvidia computers.
  1. Performance optimizations and visual tuning on spark rendering.
  2. Signal to NVidia drivers that we want to run on the GPU.
  1. More spark tuning, increasing spark brightness and reducing the 'fogginess' of the scene.
  1. Changes to effect rendering to make effects appear brighter and more colorful.
  1. Tune spark rendering to make the sparks more colorful.
  1. Fix a bug in GPU driver version detection/warning.
  1. Very large performance improvement in effect rendering.
  2. Fix issue with thumbnail rendering.
  1. Fixed crash bug PBL-0019 that occurred when clicking on a selector after typing text into the search bar of a table.
  2. Fixed parts importer for 'Bengal' and 'Silver Tip'.
  3. Support exporting parts in ASCII even if contains non-ASCII chars, making subtitution for them.
  4. Support parts importer importing the 'tubes', 'rack type' and 'dmx patch' fields.
  5. Added 'Excel' label to the correct text encoding option in export.
  6. Minor improvements to default catalog of parts.
  1. Added and tuned a lot of new color names.
  2. Import parts now automatically populates the color and subtype fields from the VDL if not explicitly in the input data.
  3. Table selectors are now resized to avoid sticking out the top of the search bar in some screen resolutions.
  4. Parts file menu moved to be submenu of the blue selector of teh catalog window itself, to consolidate functionality in one place.
  5. Import parts now inherits the selectors from the previously active parts window.
  1. Fixed bug where 'silver tipped' (but not 'silver tip') effects had a default trail color of gold instead of silver.
  2. Added Starfire exporter.
  3. Added default color/size/subtype selectors to parts window.
  4. Added position/size default selectors to script window.
  5. Added ability to add custom selectors to all table windows from the menu icons on column headers.
  6. Added two new fields/columns to parts: color and subtype.
  7. Updated the standard catalog file for the new fields, and added more color variety.
  8. Inclusion breaks like 'red peony w/ blue' no longer have stars 'stack up' on each other.
  9. Improved hide/unhide column menu by showing both the hidden and unhidden columns.
  10. Fixed pop-up menu scrollbar behavior for when user drags cursor outside of scrollbar while scrolling.
  11. Fixed Z-order problem when user clicks on parent context menu that is partially covered by child context menu.
  1. Tuning adjustments for small caliber effects.
  1. FireOne import/export works again.
  2. Sky is no longer reflected onto the grass as if the grass were water.
  3. Letter pattern wizard adds notes to events indicating letter and index.
  4. Matrix letters have option to flip vertical and flip horizontal.
  5. Vertical letters have option to adjust timing acceleration between rows.
  6. Added Parente FireMaster exporter.
  7. Added context sensitive cursor icon/images for rolling over hot spots, buttons, column resize zones, etc.
  8. 'Export Show' now gives a warning for missing module types / empty events.
  9. When adding N positions, Finale3D now adds them in a line, not back and forth.
  10. Dragging unselected effect on timeline to empty cue now removes empty cue.
  11. Pasting shells onto empty cue now removes empty cue.
  12. Dragging cue flag with associated empty and non-empty events now removes the empty events.
  13. Dragging playhead on timeline will snap to cues, with an option to turn this behavior off.
  14. Make cue flags have higher hover priority than the song bar.
  15. Single click on cue flag will move playhead to cue; different from clicking on event.
  16. 3d nav operations from clicking on models will now deselect events.
  17. Make 3d nav buttons 'one time' instead of 'sticky'; they revert back to pointer mode after the nav operation.
  18. Re-addressing after locking addresses no longer crashes.