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You do not need to buy a license to download and try the software. If you do not have an active license, the software will automatically run in FREE TRIAL MODE. Saving, exporting, printing, and movie creation will be disabled.


Requires Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10, and a computer with 8GB of RAM and good graphics capabilities. The Nvidia GeForce 1060 is the recommended GPU, though almost any GPU made after 2017 will work. If you use a Mac, you need to run Windows over Bootcamp; Parallels and other virtual machines will not work.

Finale Download

  1. Fix bug causing multi-shot items (cakes and candles) not correctly updating the effect simulations when you edit the effect instances.
  1. Fix bug causing color-changing stars to not work correctly.
  2. Tune popcorn crackle simulation to have a bit more oomph.
  1. Fix crash error with certain pattern breaks.
  2. Fix bug causing some trails to 'blink out of existence' too soon (mostly comets).
  3. Fix effect icon rendering so that chrysanthemums look better.
  4. Make small/big adjectives apply to mines. Try using 'very small green mine' for letter writing.
  1. Attempt #2 at shipping the new renderer.
  2. Changed number of digits for pins in Pyromac exporter.
  3. Fixed long-lasting DMX events in Pyromac exporter, longer than 99sec.
  4. Added DMX script optimizers for fireTEK, Piroshow, Pyromac, and PyroSure.
  5. Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  6. Fixed DMX bugs in PyroSure exporter.
  7. Added checks to make it impossible to have multipleshows open with the same name, to eliminate the risk of losing data by exiting and saving changes.
  8. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation, now complete.
  1. Revert the new renderer changes for now.
  1. Fix the "blue render bug" happening on some GPUs.
  1. This release is the first release with a new renderer implementation that should be much faster and more stable than the previous renderer.
  2. Fix crash bug in long exposure rendering. There is still no progress dialog yet.
  3. Improved PyroSure exporter, automatically filling module number sequence gaps, changing DMX modulo from 100 to 300, fixing some header bugs.
  4. Minor Pyromac exporter changes.
  5. Made 'Whistles' aerially ambiguous so it is interpreted as small rockets in context of a cake and aerial shell payload outside of context of a cake.
  6. Added 'Waterfall lance' and 'Ground Waterfall' for upside-down mounted fountain-like devices, to distinguish them from the 'Waterfall' aerial shell.
  7. Updates to Russian and Ukrainian translations.
  8. Added fireTEK v3.0 script format with 11 columns.
  9. Chagned sort of fireTEK columns and improved DMX efficiency using duration field.
  10. Improved Pyromac exporter for DMX.
  11. Improved DMX Patch capabilities.
  12. Improved Pyromac exporter to support DMX events that leave channels with non-zero values.
  13. Added ActionBase firing system support.
  14. Added universe and section to Show Director CSV format in CUSTOM1 and CUSTOM2.
  15. Added export FPS options for Show Director CSV format, 30fps, 29.97, 25, 25.
  16. Added capability to open a Pyrodigital PDM file as a generic table so you can see its contents before downloading.
  17. Added 'File > Tools > Verify PDM file...' so you can verify and get a summary for PDM file before downloading.
  18. Improved Show Director CSV export, fixing a problem with pins for non-PD firing systems, and handling single digit hex module numbers for PD firing systems.
  1. Fixed PyroSure slat count limit, F not D.
  2. Progress in Hungarian translation, very close to done.
  3. Added Merlin exporter.
  4. Improved Galaxis module names.
  5. Improve DMX safety channel effects.
  6. Added flame system specific safety channel effects.
  7. Added ability to rotate MAGICFX Flamaniac flames interactively by dragging trajectory.
  8. Fixed PyroSure exporter errors.
  9. Improved FireTEK and PyroSure module names to remove confusion.
  1. Fixed a GPU detection bug that was sometimes causing an 'Invalid GPU' warning dialog to appear on startup when it should not.
  2. Fixed 'Racks > Add racks for show...' involving flames and other_effect effects that don't need racks.
  3. Improved 'Addressing > Address show...' to write 'dmx' in the pin number field for dmx effects, since dmx effects don't have meaningful pin numbers.
  4. Fixed bug in Piroshow exporter (scaled DMX channel values from 255 to 100.
  5. Added troubleshooting menu item for finding missing DMX patches.
  6. Removed the export warning for 'round to resolution' but kept the troubleshooting menu item in case you care.
  7. Strengthened error checking on module/pin address parsing.
  8. Updated the COBRA v6.0 script file format with the new position information section and version number.
  9. Fixed bug in GS2 export in which dt and stepDelay were formatted incorrectly if longer than 60 seconds.
  10. Added capability to adjust Explo X2 Wave Flamer angles by dragging trajectories in the 3D view.
  11. Added capability to control Explo X2 Wave Flamer by DMX.
  12. Extended DMX Patch programming language in effect definitions to support DMX devices with channels that depend on angles, durations, and customPartField.
  13. Added semi-auto firing mode to Piroshow exporter for scripts that contain valid Track values.
  14. Changed the :customPartField100 field in DMX patches to :customPartFieldExploX2.
  15. Fixed Galaxis time format bug for delta times of 60 seconds or more.
  1. Reduce renderer memory usage, which should help with some crashes.
  2. Added error checking and error messages for exporting DMX events that do not have DMX patches.
  3. Improved exporting summary messages for DMX exports, better pin and module counts.
  4. Improved addressing summary messages for DMX scripts, better pin counts.
  5. Added Pyrosure DMX script exporter.
  6. Added MAGICFC DMX Flamaniac effects to Generic Effects list.
  7. Made DMX Safety Channel effect show a duration bar in the timeline.
  8. Fixed type of DMX Safety Channel so it receives firing system / DMX address.
  9. Fixed FireTek exporter for pyro from DMX-capable modules.
  10. Made Pyromac exporter ignore the end-event in DMX patches so it can use the same standard DMX effects as other firing systems that require begin/end events.
  1. Progress on Portuguese translation.
  2. Update to Russian and Ukrainian translations.
  3. Improved error message presented when user tries to edit racks without valid license.
  4. Fixed bug in reports printed to XLS and CSV file formats wherein table format was wrong.
  5. Fix some rendering crash issues.
  1. Improved Russian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian localizations.
  2. Added 'Move on axis...' command and widget for moving positions.
  3. Improved positions menu structure and options.
  4. Added Avery 5163 labels template.
  5. Expanded interior margins of label templates 5195, 5260, 5267, A4_L4737, and A4_L7158 to reduce printing alignment sensitivity.
  6. Added first progress on Portuguese UI localization.
  7. Added language option for Brazilian Portuguese, work in progress.
  8. Allow track fields that begin with text followed by a number to be interpreted as the number, e.g., 'T9' --> 9.
  9. Made default cue sheet report templates split different pins onto different rows instead of combining all firing at the same time into a single row.
  10. Added Pyrosure exporter.
  1. Fix rendering bug causing strange artifacts to appear, especially around trajectory dots.
  1. Improved positions menu.
  2. Added 'Stretch line of positions'.
  3. Added 'Scale arrangement of positions.'
  4. Fix a rendering crash bug.
  5. Fix the 'blank gray screen' bug.
  1. Improved Russian and Ukrainian localizations.
  2. Show total width dimension in addition to splits between positions in position line ruler.
  3. Changed position locked status to be per-show-per-session state instead of saving it with show.
  4. Made position rotation widget only appear when user selects rotate function from top menu or position context menu.
  5. Made position rotate functions in menus automatically unlock positions and show tooltip indicating the change if they had been locked previously.
  6. Fixed Cobra step-by-tracks export option, extending max tracks to 999.
  7. Enlarged report header field widths for Russian and other localizations.
  8. Added new function for positions, 'Project positions on local down axis to nearest surface' to make it easier to place positions on towers.
  9. Added new function for positions, 'Raise position heights.'
  10. Made the rotate-position-pitch functions not keep positions being swung into the air stuck to the ground.
  11. Added right-click context menu option, 'Measure to this point.'
  12. Added 'Adjust heights when dragging multiple positions' option, defaulting to on, which is the current behavior, but giving you the ability to turn it off for some complicated position layout scenarios involving trusses.
  1. Added 1-second options for Script > Align functions.
  2. Added 1-second option for Show > Set snap-to timeline resolution.
  3. Include items with blank 'Type' fields in the 'Other effects' division of the effect palette.
  4. Start out with positions locked by default.
  5. Flash position padlock button and tooltip when user attempts to drag positions while locked.
  6. Show the position-line rulers even from side-view, not just from top-view.
  7. Fixed hit detection problem on position tooltips that generated multiple click sounds when cursor moved slowly over position name.
  1. Fixed labels crash bug that occurs when script rows have a bad part number.
  2. Fixed bug in long exposure rendering.
  3. Fixed formatting bugs in Pyromac script exports.
  4. Added size filter to the effect palette.
  5. Added clickable links for collection, size, and quantity filters to base of effect palette.
  6. Improved Russian and Ukrainian localizations.
  1. Fix bug in network sync-ing with Finale Inventory.
  2. Improved Pyromate module options in menus.
  3. Added labels templates for sorting by size, part number, or position, in all labels sizes, 39 new options.
  4. Added landscape option for all basic reports.
  5. Slightly improved format of chain specifications report.
  6. Fixed addressing but that resulted in inefficient use of firing system hardware in some circumstances.
  7. Added Cobra v3.0, v4.0, v5.0, and v6.0 script formats.
  8. Added copy script formats for the two 'step' based semi-automatic firing methods, stepping by tracks and stepping by events.
  9. Added embedded part numbers in the Cobra v6.0 script export format for the Cobra reverse logistics feature for accounting for unshot shells.
  10. Improved module type menus for Cobra addressing.
  11. Widened effects files menu.
  12. Made quantity filter status text in effect palette localizable.
  13. Improved Russian and Hungarian translations.
  14. Hide effect palette when using effect editor.
  15. Support drag and drop from effect palette to timeline.
  16. Focus the OK button on the account summary dialog on launch.
  17. Added Ukranian localization.
  18. Improved Russian localization.
  19. Added subtitles to the part type buttons on effect palette window.
  20. Fixed import and create effect bug in which descriptions with no recognized terms would yield an errant duration value.
  1. Filtered out not_an_effect and rack type parts from favorites filter on effect palette.
  2. Added Pyromate SmartShow and Pyromate analog controller exporters.
  3. Fix bug causing Google Maps satellite imagery to not show up.
  1. Fix some effect editor crash bugs.
  2. Improved hit detection for overlapping trajectory donuts.
  3. Improved Hungarian and Russian UI localizations.
  4. Added effect palette GUI with quantity filters, incremental full text search, and favorites features.