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IntermediateLast updated: November 19, 2021

3 Supported flame and spark fixtures (and Standard Fixture IDs)

A comprehensive catalog of special effects fixtures is a long way out, but Finale 3D does keep track of the fixtures it knows about, to facilitate conversion between fixtures and to avoid conflicts. Users can define their own fixtures by creating their own effects that contain within them the fixture definition, and DMX patch, and visualization instructions in the VDL. User-defined fixtures can use fixture IDs in the range 1000000 and up to avoid conflicting with known fixtures listed in Table 1, as it grows.

If a safety channel is separate from and not at an offset within the DMX personality of a fixture, then it is not counted in the number of DMX channels of the fixture. For example, a flame fixture requiring one ON/OFF channel at its DMX Channel Base and one safety channel at some other channel number configured separately has a number of channels of 1, not 2. For this kind of fixture, the user must configure an additional position to hold the DMX safety channel for that fixture. The additional position’s DMX Channel Base becomes the channel address of the safety channel. While the requirement of adding an entire position in the user interface to hold the safety channel effect is inconvenient, it does have the benefit that the safety channel can be shared by multiple non-slave fixtures, which is not possible if the safety channel is within the DMX personality of the fixture.

The DMX safety channel “fixture type” is listed separately in Table 1, and it always has a number of channels of 1.


Table 1 – Supported flame and spark fixtures

IDNameNumber of DMX channelsRequires safety channel (or pilot or pre-heat)Safety channel on separate position
001Explo [001] X2 Wave Flamer6YesNo
002Galaxis [002] G-Flame1YesYes
003MagicFX [003] Mode 1 Flamaniac5YesYes
004MagicFX [004] Mode 2 Flamaniac1YesYes
006Spray The Fire [006] Flamer2NoN/A
007Generic [007] DMX Relay Flamer1NoYes
008Generic [008] DMX Dimmer Flamer1NoYes
009Showven [009] Circle Flamer6YesNo
010Spark Fabrica [010] Moving Head Flamer6YesNo
011Showven [011] uFlamer 2CH-P2YesNo
012Showven [012] uFlamer 6CH6YesNo
013Showven [013] uFlamer 2CH-N2YesNo
014Showven [014] Sparkular2YesNo
015Showven [015] Sparkular Cyclone2YesNo
016Galaxis [016] Safety Channel1N/AN/A
017MagicFX [017] Safety Channel1N/AN/A
018Generic [018] DMX Safety Channel1N/AN/A
019MagicFX [019] Sparxtar2YesYes
021MagicFX [021] Aerosol Stage Flame1YesYes
022MagicFX [022] Propane Stage Flame1YesYes
023MagicFX [023] Big Flame Stage Flame2YesYes
025MagicFX [025] Flameblazer1YesYes
032Explo [032] GX2 Flamer 1CH1NoN/A
033Explo [033] GX2 Flamer 2CH2NoN/A
034Explo [034] GX3 Power Flamer4YesNo
035Auvi [035] Spark3YesNo
036Anonymous [036] 5 Head Flamer 7CH7NoN/A
037Sigma Services [037] 4-Head FireFly8YesNo
038Sigma Services [038] 8-Head FireFly16YesNo
039Le Maitre [039] Salamander1YesYes
040Le Maitre [040] Safety Channel1N/AN/A
043Moka [043] H-E03 Triple Way Flame Machine6YesNo
044Moka [044] H-E01 Genius Flame Machine2YesNo
047Showven [047] uFlamer Volcano Pro Mode6YesNo
053Hansol [053] Volcano1YesYes
054Hansol [054] Pilot Light / Safety Channel1N/AN/A