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Hobbyist Pro Last updated: April 25, 2022

16 Hansol Hurricane-AW Wave Flamer 19CH [083]

The Hansol Hurricane-AW Wave Flamer fixture is a variable angle flame machine that can be controlled by any of the DMX-capable firing systems, such as Piroshow, Pyromac, PyroSure, fireTEK, Cobra, and Mongoose.


Figure 1 – Hansol Hurricane-AW Wave Flamer


The fixture has a 19 channel DMX personality.   All but four of the channels are dedicated to programming sequence macros on the fixture, which there is no need for when scripting with Finale 3D.  Although Finale 3D leaves these remaining channels unused, you still need to allocate 19 channel ranges for each independent fixture.


Table 1 – DMX personality choices

DMX personality (“DMX Channel Mode”) Supported in Finale 3D


The fixture requires three DMX channels to produce a flame — ignition, pump, and flame ON/OFF.  The pump needs to be engaged prior to the first effect in order to achieve the required pressure.  Finale 3D incorporates the ignition and flame ON/OFF channels directly into its flame effects, and provides an explicit “With Safety Channel And Pump ON” effect that the user should add at the beginning of the show with the proper lead time and extend to cover the duration of desired activity.  Since the flame cannot be triggered without the pump active, the pump and safety channel can be considered one and the same.  Hence the effect name is, “With Safety Channel And Pump ON”.

The Hansol Hurricane-AW Wave Flamer fixture does not have a user-settable motor speed for adjusting the rate at which the nozzle sweeps from one angle to another.  If you use “Move-To” effects in Finale 3D to make angle sweeps, the angle sweeps will always move at the fixed motor speed of the fixture (fast) in the physical world, even if the design in Finale 3D calls for a slow moving angle sweep.  That’s just a limitation of the fixture.


Table 2 – DMX channels for 19CH personality

DMX Channel Meaning
Channel 1 (DMX Channel Base + 0) Angle (0-75 = UNUSED; 76 = LEFT; 165 = UP; 255 = RIGHT)
Channel 2 (DMX Channel Base + 1) Flame ON/OFF (0 – 199 = OFF; 200- 255 = ON)
Channel 3 (DMX Channel Base + 2) Electric Spark (0 – 199 = OFF; 200- 255 = ON)
Channel 4 (DMX Channel Base + 3) Pump (0 – 199 = OFF; 200- 255 = ON)
Channel 5-19 (DMX Channel Base + 4 To + 18) Macro Programming Parameters



To design a show for Hansol Hurricane-AW Wave Flamer units, please follow these steps:

    1.  Set up.  (A) Follow the flame set up instructions in the Flame systems basic instructions and Exporting a firing system script for flame systems.  Depending on your DMX controller, you may choose to give each fixture its own DMX universe, or give each fixture a channel range in a shared DMX universe.  (B) In the real world configure each physical fixture’s “Start Address” to be the start of the channel range you allocate for it. (C) In Finale 3D configure the “DMX Channel Base” of the fixture to match the Start Address exactly.
    2. Add the Assorted DMX supplier catalog to your Finale 3D account.  Login to the website.  At the top of the page, go to “My Account > Supplier Catalog Settings” (  Find the Assorted DMX supplier catalog in the table, and turn the switch to ON.  Then launch the Finale 3D application and synch to network.  The Assorted DMX catalog will appear as one of the available collections in the effects window, which you can choose from the selector at the top of the window.  This catalog contains effects for all types of Assorted fixtures currently supported in Finale 3D, together.
    3. Add flame effects to the show.  Right-click on the fixture positions to add compatible effects from the context menu or to filter the effects window to compatible effects.


Choosing the DMX channel ranges for fixtures

Each Hansol Hurricane-AW Wave Flamer fixture requires 19 channels, so if you are putting multiple fixtures in the same DMX Universe, you need to set the Start Address on the fixture in the real world and the corresponding DMX Channel Base on the fixture in Finale 3D to a range of channels that doesn’t overlap with others.  A DMX universe has channels 1-512.  If you want to pack as many fixtures into the 512 channels of a DMX universe as you can, back-to-back ranges are the most efficient.  Table 4 shows an example for Hansol Hurricane-AW Wave Flamer fixtures in the 19CH configuration.  Some DMX firing systems only support 50 or 100 channels, so you may not have all 512 channels to work with.


Table 3 – Example channel ranges for 19CH fixtures in a DMX universe

Fixture DMX Channel Base Channels Used
1 1 1-19
2 20 20-38
3 39 39-57
4 58 58-76
5 77 77-95
26 476 476-494



Table 5 – Example files and downloads

Download link Explanation
Hurricane AW manual.pdf Hansol Hurricane-AW Wave Flamer user manual