July 2020 Design Competition

July 2020 Design Competition

This competition has ended

Thanks to all competitors and congratulations to the winners!

Welcome to the inaugural Finale 3D virtual pyromusical design competition! To participate, all you need is an active Finale 3D Pro or Hobbyist license. Carefully review the competition rules below and submit your completed show on or before July 15, 2020. Following the submission deadline, shows will be judged by renowned members of the fireworks community from around the word, good luck!

Questions? Email: dirk@finalefireworks.com

Competition Objective

To create a realistic, emotionally-impactful and inspiring pyromusical display, artfully choreographed to a custom-themed music soundtrack and featuring a broad range of high-quality lifelike pyrotechnic effects.


Rank Finale 3D Pro Finale Pyro Points Finale 3D Hobbyist Finale Pyro Points
Grand Prize $1,000 +100 $500 +100
Second Place $500 +50 $250 +50
Third Place $250 +25 $100 +25
All participants will earn +75 Finale Pyro Points for entering the competition.

How to Participate

        • Design a show following the competition rules
        • Create a video of your show using Finale 3D

Submitted the following items using wetransfer.com to dirk@finalefireworks.com. Include your name, company name, email address and a description of your show. The Finale team will reply to confirm receipt. Incomplete submissions or entries received after the competition deadline will not eligible for a prize.

        • A video of the show rendered in Finale 3D
        • The show (.fin) file
        • A budget calculation worksheet (see Virtual Budget section below for details)

Competition Rules


The competition begins on June 15, 2020, all submissions must be received by July 15, 2020.

Show Duration

Shows must have a total length of 5 to 6 minutes.

Firing Positions

There are no restrictions on the number of firing positions.

Models & Scenery

Finale 3D Pro users must use at least 1 model and may also use Google Maps imagery if desired. The model requirement does not mean that effects must be launched from the model(s). Effects can be launched from model(s), but it is also entirely acceptable for the model(s) to be a part of the scenery without being directly used for launching effects. Models and Google Maps are not supported in Finale 3D Hobbyist and are therefore not required for competitors using this version.

Effect Selection

        • Effects must be realistic (i.e. effects must be achievable in the real world)
        • There is no limitation to the diversity of effects
        • Effects may be created just for the competition or selected from any collection including supplier catalogs, company inventories, ‘my effects’, etc.
        • Custom effect simulations are permitted
        • The maximum shell size is 10″ (250mm)
        • Multi-shot cakes are prohibited

Music Soundtrack Selection

The total duration of each show must be between 5 and 6 minutes. Shows must include at least 2:15 (2 minutes & 15 seconds) of ‘required music’. The ‘required music’ shall consist of one or more songs selected from the list below. Songs may be edited as desired. The final music soundtrack may also include other songs/music chosen by the competitor. The ‘required music’ may be placed anywhere within the final music soundtrack.

Artist Song Title YouTube Link
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Wizards in Winter https://youtu.be/D93HMEcwP20
Joe Satriani Motorcycle Drivers https://youtu.be/2kpxMJhHoJA
Snow Patrol Chasing Cars https://youtu.be/GemKqzILV4w
Robby Valentine No Turning Back https://youtu.be/JkU6lMC9nZw
Robby Valentine Valentine’s Overture https://youtu.be/3-F8C0C3W2U
Queensryche Silent Lucidity https://youtu.be/jhat-xUQ6dw
Woodkid Run Boy Run https://youtu.be/lmc21V-zBq0
Asia Keyboard Solo (Inc. Video Killed The Radio Star) https://youtu.be/k5ghlNe6_l8
Queen Don’t Stop Me Now https://youtu.be/HgzGwKwLmgM
Lindsey Sterling Crystallize https://youtu.be/aHjpOzsQ9YI
Brand X Music Expelled https://youtu.be/Fo9TsQUmZr4
James Dooley Rise from the Underworld (feat. Celldweller) https://youtu.be/Zp9JlCcDsGY
Patrick Hawes Power Trip https://youtu.be/uoDZXsuaTOs
Kygo, Whitney Houston Higher Love https://youtu.be/dTYOkcRH220
Galantis & Dolly Parton Faith feat. Mr. Probz https://youtu.be/KA07g2lvgbo

“Riders of the Sea” by Peter Crowley was recently used in separate competition and therefore may not be used in this competition.

Virtual Budget

Each show will be subject to a maximum virtual budget of 100,000 points. Competitors may elect to use less than the maximum budget. The cost of each effect will be determined by its size. The table below provides examples of some common effects and their respective cost:

Example 1: 25mm (1″) 5 Shot Roman Candle. 25 points per each 25mm (1″) shot X 5 shots = 125 points

Example 2: 50mm (2″) 10 Shot Roman Candle. 50 points per each 50mm (2″) shot X 10 shots = 500 points

Product Description Size Price (Virtual Points)
Single Shot (Mine or Comet) 25mm (1″) 25
Single Shot (Comet with Mine ) 25mm (1″) 25
Single Shot (Mine or Comet) 50mm (2″) 50
8 Shot Roman Candle 25mm (1″) 200
8 Shot Roman Candle 50mm (2″) 400
Shell 50mm (2″) 50
Shell 75mm (3″) 75
Shell 100mm (4″) 100
Shell 125mm (5″) 125
Shell 150mm (6″) 150
Shell 200mm (8″) 200
Shell 250mm (10″) 250
Flame Shot (all patterns) 5
1s Ground Effects (gerbs, strobe flash pots) 5
30s Ground Effects (gerbs, strobe pots) 30
60s Ground Effects (gerbs, strobe pots) 60

Additional Rules

        • The effects and overall design of the show must be realistic. In other words, it must be possible to produce the show in the real world.
        • Camera animation is permitted but the final video must be rendered in Finale 3D without the use of 3rd party video editing software.
        • To preserve the anonymity of each competitor, video watermarks are prohibited.

Judging Criteria

Category Description Percentage
Emotion Was the show interesting to watch?
What was the overall impression of the show?
Did the show have a recognizable theme?
Design / Script Did the show fit to the location?
How was the scenery designed?
Did the design include different firing patterns like ( sequences, fans , randomness, roller coaster, half-pipes)?
Was the show creative, containing new or innovative elements?
Use of products Did the show contain a variety of high-quality effects?
Were the effects realistic?
Did the size and volume of effects fit the music soundtrack?
How was the use of colors?
Music score Did the soundtrack follow a red line or theme or was it just a sequence of music tracks
How was the editing of tracks technically done? Smooth or hard cuts?
Did the complete must soundtrack cover different aspects of music like slow/fast, calm/energetic?

Judging Panel

Shows will be judged by the following independent jury of fireworks experts. The identities of competitors will not shared with the judging panel to promote impartiality during the judging process.

Name Qualifications
Christophe Byl, Belgium Christophe is a very successful show designer.. He already won two times the international fireworks festival in Shanghai
Georg Alef, Germany Georg Alef is the Chef-Pyrotechnician of WECO Feuerwerk in Germany. He won 2000 and 2004 in Montreal and is responsible every year for big shows in Europe like the “Kölner Lichter”. For many years he is also a judge at the fireworks competition in Hannover
Jose Luis Gimenez Clemente, Spain Jose is the CEO of Pirotechnia Vulcano, a spain company that takes part regulary at international fireworks festivals
Markus Klatt, Germany Markus is a licensed pyrotechnician in Germany and owner of FEUERWERK.net – the largest internet forum about fireworks in Europe. For many years he is participating as a jury member in several internationally known fireworks competitions in Europe and Shanghai. And because of his experience he is often booked by companies to film their fireworks shows all over the world.
Paul Marriott, Canada Paul is a well-known and respected connoisseur of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition who has attended and reviewed almost every display for more than 20 years.
Will Harvey, United States Will is the founder and CEO of Finale Fireworks.


By participating in the competition, entrants agree to allow Finale Fireworks to use submitted content, in whole or in part, for training, demonstration, marketing and other purposes. Further, competitors names, company names (if applicable), and the submitted show videos will be made available publicly on YouTube and shared on other online platforms.