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Basic Last updated: September 30, 2019

1 Supported languages

The following table shows the languages supported by Finale 3D.  There are two aspects to supporting a language: 1) creating simulations automatically based on effect descriptions, enabling you to import an inventory or create effects one by one in your own language; and 2) displaying the user interface text in your language.  The table shows whether these aspects are supported for each language.  Please contact will@finalefireworks.com if you are interested in translating to a language that is not yet supported.


Table 1 – Supported languages

Language Automatic simulations from effect descriptions User interface
Spanish March 2019 (estimate)
French March 2019 (estimate)
Portuguese March 2019 (estimate)
Polish March 2019 (estimate)
Russian March 2019 (estimate)
Chinese Simplified May 2019 (estimate) May 2019 (estimate)
Chinese Traditional October 2019 (estimate) October 2019 (estimate)
German March 2019 (estimate)
Dutch March 2019 (estimate)
Turkish May 2019 (estimate) May 2019 (estimate)
Japanese May 2019 (estimate) May 2019 (estimate)
Italian March 2019 (estimate)