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Moises Luis Exposito 2024-02-10 15:23:03
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  • Moises Luis Exposito
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    Hi, I recently bought a 4K monitor but Finale 3D does not adapt, the timeline looks small with no possibility to adjust it while the effects and script windows can be enlarged. I change in windows the screen settings without modifying the resolution and only modifying the text size percentage and it doesn’t adapt as other applications do.
    Is there any way to solve this?
    I have the hobby version.

    Thank you.


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    Thanks for the post! I’m sorry to say there’s no quick fix at the moment. But in the long term, I’m confident this is something we can improve.

    Anıl Hepyücel – İzmir Havai Fişek
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    I have the same problem. Cannot work with a 4k monitor. all Text are so small. Lookin forward a scaling option from the team.

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