Can you have product auto assign to positions with some form of custom field?

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Pyro_22430000 2024-04-03 14:33:13
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    I did not know if it was possible to have some form of custom field to link the product to a position.  This way when you place a predetermined defined product, it automatically drops to the pre-determined position for that product type or size.


    Example :


    3″ shells go to 3″  position

    4″ Shells go to 4″ position

    Cakes go to the cake position.


    This would save having to constantly have to select what position would like to shoot the product from.  I am thinking of this as more of a rinse-and-repeat for 4th show scripting.  I currently drop all the products at one position for the script and then sort them by size in the script window, then move them into the correct position while organized by size.


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    Welcome to the Finale 3D community forum!


    At the moment, Finale 3D doesn’t have a feature for pre-assigning product to positions. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t add it in the future!


    Designating products to specific positions seems like it might be a bit too restrictive. For example, if you pre-assigned each product to a position in the effect window, you would then be forced to use the exact same position names in every show or you would have to update your products. Instead of constraining products, what do you think about constraining positions to sizes and product types? For example, suppose you could set a position to be compatible with 3″ shells. This way, no product modifications would be necessary. 3″ shells would simply go into the matching position.

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