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PyroWorks 2024-03-14 12:54:39
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    Hi everyone,


    We are currently building a show that will happen in the upcoming week.

    For your information, the show is on Saturday and Sunday, the Sunday show is almost a copy of the show that will take place on Saturday but some parts of this Saturday show are extracted on the Sunday show.


    As we have enough space on our modules / rails we want to prep the shows in one time (a lot of our position are at height so we want to spare time on t his)

    For example, on the Saturday show we use on rail 1, pin 0 to 4, for the Sunday show I want to use pin 5 to lets say 9. But when we would duplicate the events everything would go twice on the Saturday show. Therefor I want to learn the program that it needs to start with the upfollowing pin in the Sunday show after the last pin that was used on the Saturday show. Is there a workaround for that learning auto addressing to start from lets say pin 5 on rail 1 on the Sunday show?


    Kind regards,


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    Hi Martin, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. We are traveling this week and hosting the Pyro Technology Conference which makes it a bit harder to keep up in other areas.


    You should be able to get the exact result you want following these steps:

    1) Address your Saturday show.

    2) Select the entire script and press L to lock the addresses.

    3) Select the entire script and press Ctrl+C to copy.

    4) Open your Sunday show.

    5) Go to ‘Show > Set show duration’ and increase the duration of the Sunday show to at least 5x longer than the length of the show.

    6) Click on the timeline at a point far beyond the end of the Sunday show and press Ctrl+V to paste. This should paste your Saturday show into your Sunday show and the Saturday events should be significantly separated on the timeline so they can’t be accidentally mixed up.

    7) Confirm that the Saturday addresses are still locked (look for blue lock icons in the rail and pin columns in the script window)

    8) Address the Sunday show.

    9) After addressing the Sunday show, delete the Saturday events that you paste into the Sunday show. The events were only pasted temporarily to reserve pins.


    You should now have a Saturday show file and a Sunday show file with non-overlapping addresses.

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