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Suburban_Pyro 2022-05-14 01:03:51
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    Hello all,


    I have just begun to use Finale 3D this week.  My first exposer was at Cobra Con this year.


    I received a shipment from American two weeks ago and finally have time to go through and start making a show for the 4th.  I have cakes that are not in the companies that have catalogs on Finale, which I believe is common.  I am assuming that many users have made a copious amount of cakes and they may have even made the cakes I have bought.


    The question:


    Does Finale have a data base of the cakes and products that people have made on their individual programs to download for making a show?


    Thank you for the input in advance.

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    Thanks for the great question. We don’t have a shared community effect collection yet but this definitely something we plan to implement in the future. To alleviate any privacy or security concerns, we would not pull effects from users’ private “My Effects” collections, instead we plan to add a feature that allows users to selectively upload effects of their choosing to the community catalog. In the meantime, one of the best things you can do is encourage your suppliers, like the folks at American, to join the Finale 3D supplier catalog program. We are constantly adding more effects, at the same time, suppliers are able to develop and maintain their own catalogs and we are here to support any company interested in joining the program.

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    Thank you Drew.  I figured that was the answer but thought it worth asking.  I would bet that option for the community would be popular, especially if each cake that was made was given permanent credit to the creator(ex. Made possible by DrewFinale). Add a competition to it, whoever makes the most cakes that are accurate gets a year of free license.


    The drawing factor to finale for me was being able to pull the premade fireworks and drop them into the show with the visual.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, just hoping to encourage the movement to draw on your free support of your customers to make the program even stronger.  The setup at CobraCon where you had premade the effects and we were able to make a small show in hours was great. Was very attractive, especially true for guys like me that have very little free time but enjoy this hobby.

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