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Walker Pyrotechnics 2022-11-08 13:30:51
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    I loved the release of Raccoon and Winda consumer catalogs!! I am wondering if there are plans to add to these catalogs and release more brands?


    If not, or not anytime soon, can we have a place to share our own libraries for those of us who have built consumer effect catalogs for ourselves?

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    The answer is an emphatic and resounding YES!


    Although we are working on multiple projects concurrently, one of our absolute highest priorities is to improve the quality and expand the selection of products in supplier catalogs. In simple terms, the project has two major phases. The first phase is to improve VDL, and the second phase is to leverage the VDL improvements to take supplier catalogs to a whole new level. The VDL improvements are happening right now. For example, we recently add new VDL terms “Ragged” and “Uniform”. We also tuned the defaults to make effects look better. For example, if you create a 1″ Red Peony, the break will no longer be perfect a perfect sphere. Instead, by default, it will have a more splattered appearance (just like cakes shots do in real life). This is just a small example, but it’s something that wasn’t possible until now, and there are many more improvements like this to come.


    Long term, we also plan to have a way for all Finale 3D users to easily share effects. We aren’t working on it right now, but we know how great of a feature it would be (regardless of how good supplier catalogs become).

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