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Pyro_51170000 2024-06-25 22:25:47
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    Hello all!


    I have 48 cue and 64 cue modules. Last year I uploaded to both and realized that some of my 48 cue modules did not fire everything because the CSV had printed out an extra 4 cues per rail which never fired. I already have the labels printed out. Is there an easy way anyone has found to rescript and relabel without changing everything? Shows on Saturday and this year I’m only using 1 48 fx module. Hopefully by next year I have the new remote and 2 more 64 cue units.



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    Hi Pyro_51170000, if your design in Finale 3D uses cues that don’t exist on your modules, those items will need to be allocated to different addresses (different cues). You can do this manually by typing in the script window or by re-addressing your show from the Address Show menu. I’m not sure which is best in your specific circumstances.

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