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Moises Luis Exposito 2023-02-21 12:50:28
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  • Moises Luis Exposito
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    Is there any way to import a CSV file created in another program and the effects with the same part number is correct? Right now I get a random effect that does not match my library.

    I do not know if I have explained myself well, thank you very much.


    Dirk Enders – PyroOffice
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    Hi ,


    i do this a lot of times and normally that should be working , but i have not tried with the last 3 versions ! The part number must exists in one of your effect databases like myeffects .

    I always select the database in the effect window before i import. From you screenshot it seems that you have selected the per show parts effects (i cannot translate)

    What you also can you is mark the effects in the script window and than replace it with the selected effect from the effect window (Y Key)



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    Hi Moises Luis Exposito, as Dirk said, the Part Numbers in the CSV file you are importing need to match part numbers in one of your effect collections. Then, when you import a CSV into a show, the items in the CSV are imported into ‘Per-show effects’. To make the definitions of the effects in Per-show Effects match the definitions in another effect collection, 1) Select the collection (in the Effects window) that has the effects that are correct, 2) ‘Go to Effects (menu) > Update Per-show effects’, 3) Click the ‘Current’ button. This will update Per-show effects using definitions found in the effect collection that is currently displayed in the Effects window.

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