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Tom@BPM 2024-02-08 12:26:38
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    I need to import a FireOne file into Finale, and then export it into Galaxis ready for us to use on a show. Is this possible and if so how easy is it to do?

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    Hi Tom@BPM, if you mean a FireOne FIR script file, then yes, it’s absolutely possible. The primary limitation you may encounter is that FireOne scripts contain a limited amount of information. For example, the FireOne script format doesn’t contain a field for angles. Since there is no angle data for Finale 3D to import, you won’t see any angles after importing a FIR file into Finale 3D. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do because the angle data simply doesn’t exist.


    Importing a FIR file into Finale 3D is as simple as going to ‘File > Import > Import script into new show > FireOne FIR file’.

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