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MyThreeSonsPyro 2023-10-27 16:17:44
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    Have a question for the community!  When I use time chains, I will typically follow a progression where I will fire the first chain, and the on the 2nd chain, I’ll fire the 2nd chain and also fire a redundant match to hit the other side of the first chain to ensure the whole chain fired (redundancy).  I typically create an effect for this to script in just called ‘Redudant Ematch’ so it assigns the cue and pops a match and we know what to do with it.  My question is what everyone else is doing that wants to accomplish this only using the modules cues?  Meaning not bring in additional equipment (like a quicksplit or breakout board) or series wiring because we use quickplug and it is a pain to wire in series without a quicksplit or breakout board and we also prefer not to bring in additional equipment.  I know it takes up more cues on the mods but this is typically for shows that don’t have high cue counts.  Curious to hear others thoughts on the matter or if the Finale team has a better answer to what we have traditionally done. Thank you – Josh

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    Hey Josh, thanks for posting. Speaking on behalf of the Finale team and reflecting on conversations we’ve had with other pyros/users – your solution is great. Conceivably, at some point in the future we could add a feature that allocates cues to provide redundancy for chains. Although, in full transparency, this is just me thinking out loud, not something we have in the works or any kind of timeline for developing.  At least for now, having an effect dedicated to adding redundant cues is the way to go.

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    Hi Folks!  Has anyone found a solution to provide file locking when two people are in the same job at the same time?  We have had a couple situations where the Designer has the file open, and the build team opens it up to look at what they are building.   Would be really nice to have a locking function on the design file that allows first in to have write ability and everyone else that opens it gets read only.


    I just haven’t found a good way to do that other then to make the network folders read only  for everyone but the designer.  But that hoses the idea of keeping all files in a single file tree.



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