sort by shell size and then action time/event time when printing labels

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Pyro_80200000 2022-06-23 17:36:28
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    This year we had to take product where we could get it at the last minute, so I am running into a challenge trying to figure out how to print labels for a scripted show.  When we got the finale inventory file from our vendor it only contained the case description (18 different varieties of shells  72 total) I scripted the shells 3 at a time from 3 different positions using quickplug igniters.


    Please tell me how I print labels using something such as sort by action time.  If the labels print this way I can sort shells by colors and then place a label on 3 of the same shell that shoot at the same time on the timeline.

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    Hello Pyro_80200000, In Finale 3D Pro, you can customize the sort order of your labels by going to the blue gear icon in the script window, then choosing ‘Create or edit labels template’. You can edit an existing label template, create a new label template by starting with an existing template, or create a new label template from scratch. The first section of the Labels Configuration dialog allows you to specify the order in which the labels appear on the page.



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