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Pyro_88670000 2023-01-24 20:20:23
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    Hello there,


    If you permit it I have a question about supplier catalog. Is there a way to find catalogs of products like VOLTS, TROPICS or otherelse somewhere ?


    For example I would like to use this effect (The Goat Vuurwerktotaal) but I do not really know how to program it with VDL.


    Thank you by advance,

    Best regards 😀

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    Welcome to the Finale 3D forum!


    You can view the complete list of supplier catalos and add them to your Finale 3D account by going to ‘My Account > Supplier Catalog Settings‘. We don’t have catalogs for the brands you mentioned yet, but many of the catalogs contain cakes that you can learn from use as a starting point to make your own cakes. The Finale 3D Help Center is another great resource. For example, the Help Center Video Gallery has a section of videos on Creating and Editing Effects. There you will find several videos demonstrating how to make cakes.




    P.S. Don’t forget to head over to your My Profile and customize your Display Name and Profile Picture!

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