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Walker Pyrotechnics 2023-02-21 15:01:40
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    I am curious about creating a simulation of water cakes. When I have been trying to create an effect, I see that it will provide a description for nautical cakes, but this doesn’t seem to be any different than a cake that goes up and has a break. Specifically, I am looking to create something like this:

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    I’m sorry, the VDL term “Nautical” is just a placeholder at the moment. Finale 3D doesn’t support water effects yet. The main limitation at the moment is that effects fall through the ground/water, they don’t land on the surface like they would in real life. Once we address that aspect of the 3D environment, adding the effects themselves should be fairly straightforward. I don’t have a specific timeline at this moment, but we do have this project on the development roadmap.

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