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DrewFinale 2021-12-20 12:00:08
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    Welcome to the Finale 3D community forum!


    This is the best place to get help, exchange ideas and support fellow Finale 3D users.


    The forum is open to all Finale 3D users around the world. If you have a Finale 3D account, then you’re already a member. You can access the forum and all the other community features using the same email address and password you use to login to the Finale 3D software. If you don’t have an account, you can create a free Finale 3D account.


    Don’t have a Finale 3D license yet? No problem, you are still welcome to join the discussion.


    Before you jump in, be sure to check out your personal ‘My Homepage’ from the menu bar above. From there, head over to your My Profile page, where you can update your display name, location, add a profile picture and more. Your profile page is also the place to start earning Pyro Points. The more Pyro Points you earn, the higher your community status. To learn more, here’s a documentation article all about Pyro Points.


    Finally, be sure to check out Community Home. Here you can message users around the world and vote in the monthly photo contest. You can join next month’s photo contest and win Pyro Points by submitting photos from Finale 3D. Making photos of your Finale 3D designs is fun and easy, check out the video tutorial below.


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