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’76 Pro Line

Spirit of ’76 Fireworks designs, develops, & distributes ’76 Pro Line products with professional shooters, choreographers, and display companies in mind.

The ’76 Pro Line mission is to provide high quality 1.4g pyrotechnics to fireworks hobbyists, enthusiasts,professional shooters, and display companies.

As the motto suggests, ’76 Pro Line items offer the practiced shooter the ultimate in precision and control to create amazing displays. The stunning and unique effects featured in ’76 Pro Line products are guaranteed to make each firework show a one-of-a-kind experience.

We travel the country supporting fireworks clubs, attending pyro-related events, performing product demonstrations, and promoting the legal sale and use of high quality pyrotechnics. ’76 Pro Line items have been featured in product demonstrations at several annual events including Western Winter Blast, Pyrotechnics Guild International, Cobra-Con, and NFA – National Fireworks Association Expo.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items292
Items Per Effect Type
candle 20
other_effect 49
single_shot 39
cake 183
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
MS48625mm 16 shot 22s slightly small very dense long strobing red peony cake16s Ruby Red Strobe (25sec)
SE4213" 28s very bright red strobe potRed Strobe w/ e-match (30sec)
CM211A40mm glittering silver cometWhite Glittering Willow Comet (Single Shot)
SE34330mm 7 shot 0s blue peony w/ blue tail w/ blue bouquet cake (ATF)7s FanSlice Blue Bombard w/ Blue Tail w/ Blue Mine (30mm)
SE220FNR25mm 13 shot 1s rain comet w/ blue bouquet cake (1 row, FNR)13s FanSweep Golden Rain Comet w/ Blue Mine (FNR)
SE40020mm 0.5s 9' silent silver gerb (0s pft)3m Silver Gerb w/ e-match (Instant)
SE118E3" 2shots 7s (a) silent green flame + (b) silent red flame Cake ( Rows, , Row 1 ((ab)), )Color Change Flame - Green to Red (30sec)
SE34230mm 7 shot 0s red peony w/ red tail w/ red bouquet cake (ATF)7s FanSlice Red Bombard w/ Red Tail w/ Red mine (30mm)
SE201FNL25mm 13 shot 1s rising red crossette cake (1 row, FNL)13s FanSweep Red Crossette (FNL)
SE230CTO25mm 13 shot 1s silent salute (1 row, CTO)13s FanSweep Photo Flash Bombard (CTO)