ActionBase project (ABP) was born in 2004 as a result of close cooperation between professional pyrotechnists and engineers. The target was to create an affordable for local teams digital firing system to operate elaborated pyromusical shows.

Special characteristics
  1. Sort order of rows. Rows sorted ascending by event time, then by module number, then by pin number.
  2. What rows represent. Each row represents a unique firing event, a module/pin/event-time combination. For example, a chain of five shells will be one row, not five. A pair of shells shot together from the same position will be one row, not two, even if the shells are different effects. A flight of shells shot together from multiple positions with the same module-pin using scab wire is still one row.
  3. Header.The file does not contain a header.
  4. Time resolution. The ActionBase system supports hundredth of a second resolution.
  5. Special characters. The TXT file allows all Code Page 1252 characters except control characters like linefeed and tab, which are filtered out. There is no escaping or quoting facility.
Specifications of script fields
  1. Event Time. Time of ignition in the format H:MM:SS.DD.
  2. Module Number. Module number, starting with 1.
  3. Pin Number.Pin number, starting with 1.
  4. Size.Size.
  5. Description.If the row represents multiple effects, the description begins with the number of effects in parentheses, continues with the first effect name, and ends with elipsis (…) as an indication the row represents more than is being displayed in this single field.
Example files