Chrome Fireworks

Chrome Fireworks is a family-owned 1.3G direct importer, wholesaler and public display shooting company located in the heart of Wisconsin, USA. We have entertained the greater Midwest area for 20+ years. Chrome Fireworks offers reasonably priced delivery routes of our wholesale fireworks to your door. Importing high quality firework products is our focus. The safety of shooters and the audience is our top concern. The primary manufacturers we stock are Crown Pyrotechnics, Freedom Fireworks and Lidu.

To request information or to receive a current price catalog please email Jim at:

Most of our products have a video on YouTube, please click the link below for our YouTube channel or visit to connect with us!

To use the Chrome Fireworks products in Finale 3D, enable the catalog in your online account.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items290
Items Per Effect Type
ground 7
comet 12
cake 106
mine 9
single_shot 9
shell 140
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
FF-10DELAYBUCKETFF-10DELAYBUCKET: 3-second delay 10-shot buckets, no shells
3FFJS53FFJS5: 3" Nishiki Kamuro w/ Gold Tail
FLAG;4x6Flag Lance 4'x6'
8CPA03Silver Crown w/ Red Strobing Pistil w/ Silver Tail8" 8CPA03 Silver Crown & Red Strobe Pistil with Silver tail
QTC3608-B36 Shot Titanium Salute Cake (6 Rows)QTC3608-B: 2.5" 36's Shots Salutes (Ti- Gold Spider) with Silver Tails- 25 Sec
5FF1034Blue Peony w/ Red Strobing Pistil5FF1034: 5" Red Strobe Blue Sky Girl
CP005-1919 Shot Crackling Silver Palm w/ Red Tail Cake (5 Rows)CP005-19: 19's red tail to Ti-chrys
15LDC035Red Silver Comet Single Shot1.5" RED W/ SILVER TAIL COMET
6CP100A-ABlue Wave To Red Pistil w/ Tail6" Factory Assortment A (Color Changings) w/ tail
CP038-100100 Shot Crackling Willow w/ White Strobing w/ Tail Cake (10 Rows)CP038-100: 100's white blink willow & crackling willow