Chrome Fireworks

Chrome Fireworks is a family-owned 1.3G direct importer, wholesaler and public display shooting company located in the heart of Wisconsin, USA. We have entertained the greater Midwest area for 20+ years. Chrome Fireworks offers reasonably priced delivery routes of our wholesale fireworks to your door. Importing high quality firework products is our focus. The safety of shooters and the audience is our top concern. The primary manufacturers we stock are Crown Pyrotechnics, Freedom Fireworks and Lidu.

To request information or to receive a current price catalog please email Jim at:

Most of our products have a video on YouTube, please click the link below for our YouTube channel or visit to connect with us!

To use the Chrome Fireworks products in Finale 3D, enable the catalog in your online account.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items290
Items Per Effect Type
ground 7
comet 12
cake 106
mine 9
single_shot 9
shell 140
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
CP090B-200F200 Shot Cake (a) Silver Chrysanthemum + (b) Red & Green Dahlia w/ Crackling Tail + (c) Red Dahlia w/ White Strobing w/ Multi-Color Whistles Tail + (d) Variegated Dahlia w/ Crackling Mine + (e) Salute w/ Crackling Tail + (f) Salute w/ Crackling Tail w/ Red Whistles Tail, 1 Row (-30a169/-22b/-15a/-7b/0a/7b/15a/22b/30a/a/22b/15a/7b/0a/-7b/-15a/-22b/-30a/a/-22b/-15a/-7b/0a/7b/15a/22b/30a/a/22b/15a/7b170/0a/-7b/-15a/-22b/-30a/a/-22b/-15a/-7b/0a/7b/15a/22b/30a/a/22b/15a/7b/0a/-7b/-15a/-22b/-30a/a/-18b/-6a/6b/18a/30b1192/0c204/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c/c205/c/c/c/c2113/d276/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d275/d/d/d/d1943/-30e276/-23e/-17e/-10e/-3e/3e/10e/17e/23e/30e/e/23e/17e/10e/3e/-3e/-10e/-17e/-23e/-30e/e/-23e/-17e/-10e/-3e/3e275/10e/17e/23e/30e851/-30f0/-23f/-17f/-10f/-3f/3f/10f/17f/23f/30f4000/-30f0/-23f/-17f/-10f/-3f/3f/10f/17f/23f/30f4000/-30f0/-23f/-17f/-10f/-3f/3f/10f/17f/23f/30f/CAK)CP090B-200F: 200's Fan-Shaped Display Cake - Big Jim's Fancy Effects - 45 sec.
BFF239850 Shot Red Coconut w/ Green Strobing Pistil w/ Tail Fan (10 Rows)BFF2398: 50's Pentagon Fan: Red Wave Tail to Wave Coco Pistil w/ Green Strobe- 20 sec
LDA281G58 Shot Cake 150 Degrees (a) 25.0 HTM Gold Tail + (b) 25.0 HTM Gold Crackling Peony, 7 Rows, Row 1 (aaaaaaaaaa/ART), Row 2 (5.64/bbbbbbbbbb/STR/0.29), Rows 3,4 (0.03/bbbbbbbbbb/STR/0.29), Rows 5,6,7 (0.03/bbbbbb/STR/0.16)LDA281G: 6x8's Water Fan Shaped- Golden Crackling Peony Water Cake; 7 sec dark
3YF591060-72Purple Glittering Strobing Comet3" YF Purple Strobing Tiger Tail comet
YYC100STR100 Shot Brocade w/ Green Strobing w/ Tail Cake (10 Rows)YYC100STR: 100's Gold Tail up to Brocade Crown w/ Green Strobe Pistil- 25 sec
CP090A-200F200 Shot Cake (a) Popcorn Crackling w/ Strobing Silver Tail + (b) Red & Silver Crackling Dahlia w/ Red Tail + (c) Brocade Palm w/ Silver Whirls Tail + (d) Salute w/ Crackling Mine, 20 Rows, Rows 1,3,5,7 (0.48/aaaaaaaaaa/FNR/4.3), Rows 2,4,6 (0.48/aaaaaaaaaa/FNL/4.3), Row 8 (2.64/bbbbbbbbbb/STR/2.35), Rows 9,10,11,12,13,14 (0.26/bbbbbbbbbb/STR/2.35), Row 15 (4.17/cccccccccc/FNT), Rows 16,17 (4.0/cccccccccc/FNT), Row 18 (4.65/dddddddddd/FNT), Rows 19,20 (4.0/dddddddddd/FNT)CP090A-200F: 200's Fan Crackling Tails & Silver Chrys./Red Dahlia & White Blink Willow- 43 sec
CP104-100F100 Shot White Palm w/ Tail Fan (10 Rows)CP104-100F: 100's Fanned Gold Tail to Gold Wave
CP129-100F100 shot z shape 20s multi color falling leaves w/ tailCP129-100F: 100's "Z" shape color falling leaves w/ color tail
3YF582360-72Purple Mine3" YF Purple Swimming Mine
CP018-4949 shot 25s brocade willow w/ gold tailCP018-49: 49's brocade king