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Dancing Fireworks

Our History – Dancing Fireworks Group originally founded by Mr. Zhong Ziqi in 1996, was incorporated in 2004.

Our Factory – The group covers a land area of over 6 million square meters and building area of over 160,000 square meters, and employs over 2000 well trained workers.

Our Product – Dancing Fireworks Group manufactures nine categories, over 3000 diversified safe and environment-friendly items, mainly inclusive of fountains, spinners, roman candles, barrages, aerial shells, shelf fireworks, firecrackers, combination fireworks which enjoy high reputation from tens of countries and regions.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items6372
Items Per Effect Type
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
DXS13914-06Red Peony To Brocade RingRED PEONY TO BROCADE RING
DXS13410-05Blue Peony w/ Palm CoreBLUE PEONY W/ PALM CORE
DXS23938-05Variegated Chrysanthemum To Brocade RingVARIEGATED CHRYSANTHEMUM TO BROCADE RING
DXS45222-08Gold Willow w/ CrossetteGOLDEN WILLOW W/ CROSSETTE
DXS41007-05Silver Crown To PurpleSILVER CROWN TO PURPLE
DXS11006-04Gold PeonyGOLDEN PEONY
DXS45222-06Gold Willow w/ CrossetteGOLDEN WILLOW W/ CROSSETTE
DXS23420-06Variegated Chrysanthemum w/ Palm CoreVARIEGATED CHRYSANTHEMUM W/ PALM CORE
DXS13243-10Purple Peony w/ Red & Gold Glittering PistilPURPLE PEONY W/RED & GOLDEN GLITTER DOUBLE PISTIL
DXS65320-06Brocade To Multi-Color w/ StrobingBROCADE TO COLOR W/ THOUSANDS OF STROBE