Liuyang Hunan China “Dominator” fireworks has become one of the fastest growing fireworks suppliers in the world.

“Dominator” fireworks cover all categories of fireworks including consumer fireworks and professional display pyrotechnics.

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Their goal is to continue to develop innovative new products for the worldwide market and deliver them to you with the highest quality and most competitive prices.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items155
Items Per Effect Type
other_effect 4
comet 32
cake 70
flame 12
mine 21
shell 16
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
PFX30-WS25 shot 20 second white strobing peony fan cakeCake - 25s Fan White Strobe finale box
PFX529225 shot 20 second 30mm fan cake red and blue color smoke shellsCake - 25s Fan Daytime smoke waterfall
PFX30CM-CHComet - 30mm Charcoal tail CometComet - 30mm Charcoal tail Comet
PFS042Burst - White Flash w/ 2 M e-matchBurst - White Flash w/ 2 M e-match
PFX15FR-40-115 shot 1 second left to right sweep color changing minesSlice - 15s Ghost Slice (RBG)
PFX50MN-GMine - 50mm Green MineMine - 50mm Green Mine
PFS044-YFlame - 30 Sec 0.5M Color Torch-Yellow w/ 2 M e-matchFlame - 30 Sec 0.5M Color Torch-Yellow w/ 2 M e-match
PFX35CM-OMeteor - 35mm Orange MeteorMeteor - 35mm Orange Meteor
PFX50MN-WMine - 50mm White MineMine - 50mm White Mine
PFX13FR-913 shot 1 second fan tourbillion spinning silver cometsSlice - 13s Fan Tourbillion Fan