Hands Fireworks

Hands Fireworks was established in 1873. Hands is currently owned by Lidu International, a pillar in the Chinese fireworks industry.

Hands Fireworks provides a complete line of 1.1g, 1.3g and 1.4g products for the Canadian market. They are developing products as requested by Canadian customers, as well as using products that they have seen around the world as inspiration for new Canadian products.

Their priorities are: Safety, Quality, and Innovation.


Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items74
Items Per Effect Type
cake 74
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
64453100 Shot 25s Rising Jumbo Crackling Comet To Crackling Crossette Cake (1.8s PFT)Ice Breaker (100x32mm)
6448949 Shot 25s Crackling Silver Chrys w/ Blue Tail Cake (1.8s PFT)Quicksilver (49x32mm)
6441840s 250 Shot Silver Tiger Tail Cake (25 Rows, W-Shape, 1.8s PFT)Silver Spritzer (250x24mm)
64492100 Shot 3s Rising Whistles To Red + Popcorn Crackle Cake (1.8s PFT)Patriot Missiles (100x20mm) (4/case)
6448149 Shot 40s Red Chrys w/ Silver Coconut Pistil Cake (1.8s PFT)Bourbonator (49x32mm)
64449100 Shot 28s Rising Crackling Comet To Pink Crossette + Rising Crackling Comet To Blue Crossette + Rising Crackling Comet To Green Crossette + Crackling To Popcorn Crackle Cake (10 Rows, 1.8s PFT)Zipper (100x32mm)
64440140 Shot 22s Salute w/ Red & Silver Tipped Tail Cake (W-Shape, 1.8s PFT)Chimo Lite (140x20mm)
64460100 Shot 25s Strobing Horse Tail w/ Red Comet Tail Cake (10 Rows, STT, 1.8s PFT)Sparkling Tails (100x32mm)
64458210 Shot 20s Rising Green Crossette Cake (15 Rows, X-Shape, 1.8s PFT)Mojito (210x20mm) (Fanned)
64491100 Shot 12s (a) Strobing Mine + (b) Very Long Color Comet Cake (10 Rows, 1.8s PFT, Row 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (a/fnl), Row 8, 9, 10 (b/fnt))Flash Dance (100x30mm)