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Heron Fireworks


Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items98
Items Per Effect Type
ground 1
mine 19
comet 18
cake 60
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
HE PSP1-1020 Shot Very Long Horsetail w/ Comet Tail Cake (5 Rows)Goldener Aufstieg zu Brokat-Wasserfaellen, Kat2
HE PSPT2-45-51Glittering Gold Tail w/ Pink Bouquet (0.1s PFT)Gold Glittering Comet With Pink Mine (51), T2
HE PSPT2-45-52Rising Gold Willow Tail w/ Blue Bouquet (0.1s PFT)Gold Crown Willow Comet With Blue Mine (52), T2
HE PSPT1-30-Scc-Ccc07red tail w/ red glittering Mine (0.1s PFT)Red glittering mine with red -T1
HECAKE 14-212 Shot (a) Glittering Brocade w/ Gold Tail Cake (1 Row)12 Schuss Sortenreine Batterie mit Goldbrokataufstieg zu riesigen Goldbrokakronen, Kat2
HE PRO25/25/I-525mm 20s 25Shots (A) long white Strobing horsetail CAKE 5 Rows ROW 1,2,3,4,5 (AAAAA) (1.5s PFT)PRO 25/ 25/ I-5 (Stobing white waterfall), Kat 2
HE Fountain Nr. 5Fountain Blue & GoldFountain Golden + Blue Stars
HE HUNGRYWOLF32s 96 Shot (a) Silver Polyp w/ Strobing Red Stars w/ Silver Bouquet Cake (21 Rows, Z-Shape, 0.3s PFT, Row 1, 8, 12, 13 (aaaaaaa), Row 2 (aaaaa/otc), Row 3 (aaa/*), Row 4 (1/aaaaa/cto/*), Row 5, 11 (aaa), Row 6, 10 (aaaa/fnt), Row 7 (aaaa/fnt/*), Row 9, 14, 15 (aaaaaaa/*), Row 16 (aaaaaaa/cto), Row 17 (aaaaa/otc/*), Row 18, 19, 20, 21 (a))Hungry Wolf
HE PSP1-0120 Shot Brocade Crown w/ Rising Gold Comet w/ Very Short Crackling Mine Cake (5 Rows)Goldener Kometenaufstieg zu goldener Brokatkrone, Kat 2
HE PSPT2-45-63Silver Mine (0.1s PFT)Silver Mine (63), T2