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Heron Fireworks


Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items98
Items Per Effect Type
ground 1
mine 19
comet 18
cake 60
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
HE Cake 35-635 Shot Z Shape Blue & Purple Mine To Blue & Purple w/ Palm Pistil Cake Z Shape (7 Rows)Z Shape Blue and purple mines to blue and purple peonies with palm pistil
HE A619 Shot Cake Purple To Silver + Red Peony To Silver (5 Rows)19 Shot Cake Purple Beony To Silver Waves + Red Peony To Silver Waves
HE Cake 35-135 Shot Cake (a) Silver Whirls No Tail w/ Gold Tail + (b) Silver Whirls No Trail w/ Gold Tail Z Shape, 5 Rows, Rows 1,3,5 (bbbbbbb), Rows 2,4 (bbbbbbb)Z Shape Silver Whirls Cake
HE PSPT1-30-Scc-Ccc05silver glittering tail w/ blue mine (0.1s PFT)Blue mine silver glittering tail -T1
HE PSP1-1720 Shot Glittering Willow w/ Gold Comet Tail Cake (5 Rows)Goldener Kometenaufstieg zu goldenen Blinksternen, Kat2
HE PSPT1-30-Scc-Ccc09Green Brocade MineGreen Tip Brocade Mine T1
HE PSP1-0520 Shot Multi Color Peony w/ Silver Comet Tail Cake (5 Rows)Silberner Kometenaufstieg zu buntem Paeonien Bukett, Kat 2
HE PSPT1-30-Scc-09Green Brocade MineBrocade ,green mine -T1
HE PRO25/25/I-725mm 20s 25Shots (A) Dense white Strobing Peony w/ red comet tail CAKE 5 Rows ROW 1,2,3,4,5 (AAAAA) (1.5s PFT)PRO 25/ 25/ I-7 (White Strobe – red Comet ), Kat 2
HE Fountain Nr. 5Fountain Blue & GoldFountain Golden + Blue Stars