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Jubilee Fireworks

Formed in 1987, Jubilee Fireworks are widely recognised as one of the world’s leading display companies. Twice winners of the ‘Gold Jupiter’ award in Montreal (2015 and 2017), Jubilee have also staged award-winning shows in Monaco, The Philippines, Hannover and Macau. In the UK, the company is best known for staging the high-profile ‘Festival of Fireworks’ event and has presented the annual displays at Alton Towers resort since 2010.

Jubilee imports products from several established factories in China and has a close relationship with Hamex (Slovenia), who manufacture high quality fireworks influenced by Italian and Japanese techniques. Our product range, featured in Finale 3D, includes multishot cakes, candles, shot tubes, fan slices, and shells from 75mm to 400mm diameter – including many items unique to us.

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