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Luso Pirotecnia

Over the last 25 years, Luso Pirotecnia has defined itself as one of the world leaders of the fireworks industry. Through the achievement of some of the most spectacular performances in Portugal and abroad, Luso gained its fame through the quality of the display and the constant innovation which has been rewarded in the most famous competition around the world. The team has traveled over 26 countries to share its passion and light up the skies of the most diverse events: EURO2004, FIFA tournament, Singapore National days, Madeira New Year’s Eve Celebration, Eurovision Song Contest, just to name a few.

Beside shows and display, Luso Pirotecnia has been manufacturing and exporting pyro products for years to Asia, America, Europe and Africa. Besides offering TRADITIONAL PORTUGUESE SHELLS and ROMAN CANDLES, the CLOSE PROXIMITY PRODUCT LINE of Mine, Comet and Shell is now available and used in theme park, international sport events and large-scale ceremonies. These perfected one-shot items are now CAPLESS, LOW SMOKE and ECO-FRIENDLY. Our one-shot items are available with their own sliding base and are compatible with other sliding base available in the market.

The position of Luso Pirotecnia is clear, to create and develop new techniques and new products to ensure unforgettable moments and answer the highest standards of the industry.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items928
Items Per Effect Type
ground 8
candle 192
cake 3
comet 4
mine 86
single_shot 196
shell 439
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
4.1.R.49.8.40.B18 Shot Comet Dense Long Charcoal w/ Mine Violet CandleMine Roman Candle 049mm Violet w/ Sauce Comet (8 shots)
4.4.M.10.D.00.22Mine Gold SpangleMine 100mm Golden Spangle
4.4.M.08.D.00.05Mine LemonMine 075mm Lemon
4.4.S.08.C.08.07Shell Green CometSpherical Shell 075mm Green Comet
4.4.U.08.C.10.01Shell Yellow w/ Gold TailSpherical Shell 075mm Yellow w/ Trunk
4.4.S.10.C.08.08Shell Red CometSpherical Shell 100mm Red Comet
4.4.S.08.C.10.24Shell KamuroSpherical Shell 075mm Kamuro
4.4.S.10.C.08.02Shell Blue CometSpherical Shell 100mm Blue Comet
4.4.S.12.C.10.99Shell Multi-colorSpherical Shell 125mm Multicolour
4.4.S.15.C.08.11Shell Ocean Blue CometSpherical Shell 150mm Water Comet