Magic FX

Founded in 1995 in the Netherlands, MAGIC FX started as a fireworks company. Due to a disaster in the Netherlands, fireworks at events and festivals were forbidden. MAGIC FX transformed this threat into an opportunity: it started focusing on special effects like confetti and it manufactured other non-fireworks effects.

Besides that, the growth of the Dutch Dance industry also helped the growth of the company. Since then, MAGIC FX products travel all over the world and are used at or used by SFX and Sound & Light companies, DJs, bands, artists, clubs, stadiums, festivals and events worldwide.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items73
Items Per Effect Type
sfx 6
flame 66
other_effect 1
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
MAFX9900Flame ProjectorFBLZR [025/0002] Very Short Flame
MAFX9732Flame Projector L25FLMCM2 [004/0212] L22.5 Short Flame, Fixed Angle
MAFX9702Flame Projector L25FLMCM1 [003/0202] L22.5 Long Flame, Fixed Angle
MAFX9765Flame ProjectorFLMCM2 [004/0008] Flame
MAFX9902Flame ProjectorFBLZR [025/0008] Flame
MAFX9733Flame ProjectorFLMCM2 [004/0213] Up Short Flame, Fixed Angle
MAFX9903Flame ProjectorFBLZR [025/0011] Long Flame
MAFX9803Flame ProjectorSFLMPRO [022/0010] Long Flame
MAFX9767Flame ProjectorFLMCM1 [003/0005] Short Flame
MAFX9801Flame ProjectorSFLMPRO [022/0004] Short Flame