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Parente Fireworks Group is an Italian company specializing in large scale pyrotechnic shows. It is one of the most famous and prestigious pyrotechnics manufacturing companies in the world. Parente Fireworks also produces one of the most popular wireless firing systems.

With over 110 years of history, Parente handles global scale fireworks events, and can give precious support to any kind of special shows or ceremonies, from creative ideas to final design and execution.

The company has created shows and won numerous awards in 30 countries, from national events to sport events, from inaugurations of building or stadiums to giant corporate conventions, from concerts to pyrotechnics festivals.

In 2012, Parente entered the World Guinness Record Book with the production of the largest fireworks show of the world during the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Constitution held in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

In 2016 the company entered for the second time in the Guinness World Record book with the staging of the largest fireworks display, built on the Cavallino-Treporti coast during the “Beach on Fire” event.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items2199
Items Per Effect Type
cake 1
shell 1044
candle 403
single_shot 751
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
CIR030100purple comet w/white glittering trail w/purple mine 8 shots candlepurple mine + purple comet w/white glittering trail 8x3"
CIS125075blue peony w/kamuro centerblue peony + kamuro center
CIM045270lemon mine w/purple abovelemon and purple mine (2 layers)
CIS250005kamuro and white strobing stutata1 mosaic kamuro and white strobing
CIS200074green to purple ghost shellgreen and purple ghost peony
CIM030152white strobing to turquoise cometwhite strobing comet w/turquoise tip
CIM030292kamuro crackling minecrackling mine T1
CIM045284red comet w/silver trail w/red minered mine + red comet w/silver tail
CIR030169purple to yellow glittering comet 8 shots candle 3.75 DUR 3.0 LFT 0.0 DLYpurple comet w/yellow glittering tip 8x3"
CIC060027green peony with silver whistlesgreen peony + whistles