Piroff Fireworks

The professional PIROFF Fireworks collection is manufactured with the utmost precision to perfectly embody the scriptwriter’s creative idea into the shows. Our team is a harmonious working body, where everybody performs to achieve the same goal, which is to give people an opportunity to enjoy extraordinarily, aesthetically pleasing, breathtakingly beautiful, and extremely safe fireworks. We develop a long-term business based on the principles of respect, justice, and mutual benefits. We are thankful to the technologists for the ability of realization of our most incredible ideas into complex compositions, we are thankful to the workers for an irreproachable production of every item.

Each of us finds an inspiration in a collaborative and effective working. We are thankful to our partners becoming better and better every day, and moving forward with an increasing speed. Together, we are forming the market, developing the industry’s standards. Our goal is universal professional integration. Every year we organize the High Flight International Pyrotechnic Forum, the largest event in the industry, bringing together pyrotechnics and businessmen from all over the world. The Forum’s participants find themselves in an open community of entrepreneurs, where they are surrounded by gurus of pyrotechnic craft, everybody opens to communication and fruitful partnership. We are committed to constantly developing our company. By investing into knowledge, we are continually mastering the new technologies we use in our business.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items865
Items Per Effect Type
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
DS303-3_(12)Brocade Crown w/ Brocade TailSuper brocade crown with brocade tail
DS304-1_(13)popcorn crackle with popcorn crackle pistil w/ long dense silver tailSilver tail to three lay chrys
РС01200_(03)2" 58m gold ti willow tailGold tit. willow tail (Kamuro)
СУ1813012_(01)8s 130 Shot Cake (a) Crackling Chrysanthemum w/ Red Pearl No Trail Tail + (b) Crackling Chrysanthemum w/ Green Pearl No Trail Tail Z Shape, 10 Rows, Rows 1,3,5,7,9 (aaaaaaaaaaaaa), Rows 2,4,6,8 (bbbbbbbbbbbbb), Row 10 (1.4/bbbbbbbbbbbbb/0.5)Red green strobe tail with crackling flower
DS303-2_(07)Purple ChrysanthemumPurple chrysanthemum
DS304-5_(11)Multi-Color Falling LeavesColor falling leaves
БС0509120_(01)1s 9 Shot (a) Rising Green Glittering Tail w/ Strobing Green Mine Cake Fan, 1 Row (aaaaaaaaa/CTO)Green strobe tail green strobe mine
DS103-1_(15)Pink peony to popcorn crackle w/ popcorn crackle pistilBlue peony with crackling pistil
DS306-4_(03)Very Sparse Blue Ring w/ Big Brocade Wave PistilBlue ring with brocade wave pistil
DS305-2_(06)Blue ChrysanthemumCopper blue chrysanthemum