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Pyroklass, Russia

Pyroklass was founded in 2000 by Vladimir Rogalev in Moscow, Russia! Since 2002, we have been importing professional and consumer pyrotechnics from China under our own brand. The main activities of the company are organization fireworks shows, importing and selling pyrotechnic products.

Pyroklass did fireworks shows in 130 cities in Russia, Europe and CIS countries. Pyroklass are participants and winners of most fireworks festivals and also provide technical support in many major fireworks events in Russia. In our business, we value: safety, beautiful and quality of work! Rock with us!

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items639
Items Per Effect Type
ground 68
shell 428
single_shot 45
cake 98
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
PRO108-01200 Shot Cake (a) Sparse Red Silver Wave w/ Very Sparse White Strobing Peony w/ Red Tail + (b) Very Sparse Green Silver Wave w/ Small Very Sparse Red Strobing Peony w/ Green Tail + (c) Sparse Yellow Silver Wave w/ Gold Tail + (d) Sparse Red Silver Wave To Popcorn Crackle w/ Red Tail + (e) Very Sparse Green Silver Wave To Popcorn Crackle w/ Green Tail + (f) Sparse Yellow Silver Wave To Popcorn Crackle w/ White Tail + (g) Orange Dahlia w/ Strobing White Tail + (h) Small Sparse Red Peony w/ Green Tail + (i) Small Pink Dahlia w/ Blue Tail + (j) Silver Wave w/ Red Tail + (k) Silver Wave w/ White Tail + (l) Green Dahlia To Popcorn Crackle w/ Gold Tail + Sparse Silver Chrysanthemum w/ White Tail W Shape, 18 Rows, Row 1 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/STR), Row 2 (bbbbbbbbbbbbaaabbb/STR), Row 3 (cccccccccccccccccc/STR), Rows 4,5,6 (dddddeeeeefffff), Row 7 (ggggggggg/FNR/1.0), Row 8 (hhhhhhhhh/FNL/1.0), Row 9 (iiiiiiiii/FNR/0.5), Row 10 (jjjjjjjjj/FNL/0.5), Row 11 (kkkkkkkkk/FNR/0.5), Row 12 (lllllllll/FNL/0.5), Rows 13,16 (aaaaaaaaa/STR), Row 14 (bbbbbbbbbb/STR), Row 15 (mmmmmmmmm/STR), Row 17 (aaaaa/FNT), Row 18 (bbbbb/FNT)PRO108 "Иллюзия" (0,8"+1"+1,2"+1,5"x200)
PK8514-097 Shot (a) Rising Silver Tourbillions Comet w/ Strobing Green Mine Cake Fan, 1 Row (aaaaaaa)PK8514 GREEN strobe mine w silver spiner (1,2" 7s)
PK7209-09Blue MinePK7209 Blue mine 1,5"
LD0800-08Silver Crown8" LD0800 SILVER CROWN
LD0121-03Gold Silver Willow12" LD0121 THOUSAND OF GOLDEN SILVER WILLOW
LD2503-01Orange Wave w/ Silver Tail2,5" LD2503 Orange Wave w/silver tail
LD0400-19Green Crossette4" LD0400 Green Crossette
PK3101-07Silver FountainPK3101 Silver fountain (indoor) 8m 1sec
LD0800-09Silver Spider8" LD0800 SILVER SPIDER
LD0500-29Green Wave5" LD0500 Green Wave