Raccoon Fireworks

We are a company specializing in firework manufacturing, technology, research, production, sales, and professional displays in Liuyang, China.

We have three state of the art factories producing more than 300,000 cases of custom fireworks with over 100 brands for more than 50 companies all over the world. Our products include Display Shells, Professional Cakes, 500 Gram Cakes, 200 Gram Cakes, and Canister Shells. Our entire product line has ISO certification, EX Nos, or CE certification.

To use the Raccoon Fireworks products in Finale 3D, enable the catalog in your online account.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items232
Items Per Effect Type
single_shot 101
cake 131
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
RA141079Gold Willow To Multi-Color Single ShotWillow To Color Tips
RA141062Blue Tip Comet w/ Orange Strobing Willow Tail w/ Green Strobing Mine Single ShotGreen Glitter Gold Strobe Willow Blue Mine
RA14200513 Shot 90 Degrees (a) Red Tip Comet w/ White Strobing Willow Trail w/ White Strobing Mine Cake, 1 Row (aaaaaaaaaaaaa/FNR)13sh Sweep/Red Tip And White Strobe Tail With White Strobe Mine
RA1412004GGreen Mine Single ShotGreen Mine
RA141017Orange Comet w/ White Strobing Mine Single ShotOrange Star With Silver Strobe Mine
RA53012721 Shot Cake 40 Degrees (a) 29.5 HTM 1.2 DUR Small White Strobing Peony w/ Pink Dahlia Pistil To Popcorn Crackle + (b) 29.5 HTM 1.2 DUR Small Red Strobing Peony w/ Green Dahlia Pistil To Popcorn Crackle + (c) 29.5 HTM 1.2 DUR Small White Strobing Peony w/ Red Dahlia Pistil To Popcorn Crackle + (d) 29.5 HTM 0.8 DUR Small Dense Red Gold Brocade + (e) 29.5 HTM 0.8 DUR Small Dense White Brocade w/ Blue, 7 Rows, Row 1 (cba/FNL/6.6), Row 2 (3.3/abc/FNR/6.6), Row 3 (3.3/ddd/FNT), Row 4 (3.3/bbb/FNT), Row 5 (3.42/aaa/FNT), Row 6 (3.42/bbb/FNT), Row 7 (3.42/eee/FNT)Americana
RA14202413 Shot 90 Degrees (a) Charcoal Comet w/ Very Sparse Blue Mine Cake, 1 Row (aaaaaaaaaaaaa/FNR)13sh Blue Mine With Gold Coconut Tiger Tail
RA168S42AX4168 Shot Cake (a) 1.0 DUR Dense Fast Small Red Dahlia w/ Red Mine + (b) 1.0 DUR Dense Fast Small Green Dahlia w/ Green Mine + (c) 1.0 DUR Dense Fast Small Sea Blue Dahlia w/ Sea Blue Mine + (d) 1.0 DUR Dense Fast Small Orange Dahlia w/ Orange Mine, 24 Rows, Rows 1,3,5 (0.5/aaaaaaa/FNL/3.0), Rows 2,4 (0.5/aaaaaaa/FNR/3.0), Row 6 (1.42/aaaaaaa/FNT), Row 7 (3.27/bbbbbbb/FNL/3.0), Rows 8,10 (0.5/bbbbbbb/FNR/3.0), Rows 9,11 (0.5/bbbbbbb/FNL/3.0), Row 12 (1.42/bbbbbbb/FNT), Row 13 (3.59/ccccccc/FNL/3.0), Rows 14,16 (0.5/ccccccc/FNR/3.0), Rows 15,17 (0.5/ccccccc/FNL/3.0), Row 18 (1.42/ccccccc/FNT), Row 19 (3.59/ddddddd/FNL/3.0), Rows 20,22 (0.5/ddddddd/FNR/3.0), Rows 21,23 (0.5/ddddddd/FNL/3.0), Row 24 (1.42/ddddddd/FNT)168 Shot Pro Line Compound Cake NEON DYNAMO
RA180S60AX3180 Shot 54 Degrees (a) {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} Cake, 15 Rows, Rows 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 (1.43/aaaaaaaaaaaa/FNT)180 Shot Pro Line GOLD Compound Cake THE GOLDEN AGE
RA538199 Shot Cake (a) Strobing Red Pearl To Gold Brocade w/ Red & Blue Pistil + (b) Strobing Green Pearl To Very Thin Very Thin Charcoal Willow w/ Blue & Green Pistil + (c) Strobing Yellow Pearl To Glittering Red Willow w/ Strobing White & Blue Pistil, 1 Row (0a4333/b/c/a4706/b4625/c/a100/b/c/CAK)Cool Game