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RES Pyro

Three Decades of Magic in the Air

Since 1983, RES Pyro has crafted fireworks, pyrotechnics and special effects displays and products of every size.

RES Pyro Manufactures Products

We manufacture and sell fireworks and pyrotechnics for professional use. From our facility in Belle Plaine, we ship our product line to companies and independent-pyrotechnicians around the world.

The team at RES Pyro puts quality, care and pride into everything we manufacture. We accomplish this through continuous testing, attention to detail and taking ownership of everything we build.

RES Pyro Creates and Exhibits Fireworks Displays

RES Pyro also designs and facilitates custom displays for indoor and outdoor events throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. We build and present displays based on what you want and what we know will work. It’s important that we understand your needs, earn your trust and help you achieve your goals. We deliver what we say we will, making sure you are a satisfied customer.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items900
Items Per Effect Type
ground 420
mine 176
comet 198
cake 106
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
16SF5PPurple Ground FlareFlare, 16mm, Purple, 5 sec
25CST300OComet OrangeComet, Stratosphere, 25mm, Orange, 300ft
25C100RComet RedComet, 25mm, Red, 100ft
16SG10X15GNSGerb, 16mm, Green/Silver, 10s 15ftGerb, Large, 16mm, Green/Silver, 10x15
38M100WMine WhiteMine, 38mm, White, 100ft
38MC80CCRCrackling Comet w/ Mine Multi-Color & CracklingCrackle Comet w/ Mine, 38mm, Color & Crackle, 80ft
13SG5X10CRGerb, 13mm, Crackle, 5s 10ftGerb, Small, 13mm, Crackle, 5x10
16SGTCU3 Shot Cake (a) Gold Gerb 5.5 DUR + (b) Silver Gerb 5.5 DUR + (c) Silver Gerb 0.5 DUR (1 Row)Gerb, Large, 16mm, Transformation, Custom
16FS10WWhite Ground StrobeFlare, 16mm, White Strobe, 10 sec
19C25CCRComet Multi-Color & CracklingComet, 19mm, Color & Crackle, 25ft