RKM Fireworks

RKM Fireworks Company specializes in crafting unforgettable professional fireworks displays and serves as your premier destination for top-quality products on the market. Conveniently located on the border of Michigan and Indiana in Edwardsburg, MI. We offer a comprehensive range of wholesale and retail options tailored to both professional and consumer needs!

Our extensive selection includes a diverse selection of 1.4 and 1.3 fireworks, featuring our exclusive house brands, Shockwave, Class B Brand and Night Owl Products. Whether you are envisioning a consumer-level showcase, a grand commercial presentation, or an awe-inspiring pyromusical event, RKM Fireworks is ready to help bring your “Dream Fireworks Display” to life!

Contact us today at (269) 663-6110 or visit our website to ignite your imagination and explore the possibilities.

To use the RKM Fireworks products in Finale 3D, enable the catalog in your online account.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items294
Items Per Effect Type
comet 4
mine 2
shell 194
single_shot 72
cake 22
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
NO-SS-50-14Dragon Eggs Peony50mm Dragon Egg
NO-6-CTRSGold Willow To Red Strobing Tip w/ Ghost Ring Red To Blue w/ Blue Pistil w/ Crown Tail w/ Sparse Slow Rising Flowers Red StrobingGold Willow To Red Strobing Tip w/ Ghost Ring Red To Blue w/ Blue Pistil w/ Crown Tail w/ Sparse Slow Rising Flowers Red Strobing
SW-4-MAXV-6Red White Blue Peony w/ Silver TailRed White Blue Peony w/ Silver Tail
NO-25X-D00125 Shot Cake Crown Tail To Crown To Multi-Color + Multi-Color Strobing w/ Salute (5 Rows)25 Shot Cake Flower Crown Tail To Flower Crown To Color + Color Strobing w/ Salute Ending
NO-6-SPEF-4Octopus w/ Blue Pistil + Red RingOctopus w/ Blue Pistil + Red Ring
NO-200X-8030A50 Shot (a) 56.4 HTM Long Gold Horsetail Cake, 10 Rows, Rows 1,5,9 (aaaaa/BLR), Rows 2,6,10 (aaaaa/BRR), Rows 3,7 (aaaaa/BRL), Rows 4,8 (aaaaa/BLL)200 Shot Golden Shower Cake A
NO-4-SPEF-7Red To Green Peony w/ Rising Gold TailRed Flower To Green Peony w/ Rising Gold Tail
NO-4C-BCBrocade Crown w/ Tail ChainBrocade Flower Crown w/ Brcade Tail Finale Chain
NO-6-BFCBrocade CrownBrocade Flower Crown
NO-3-PRIME-3Orange Cycas w/ Rising Gold TailOrange Cycas w/ Rising Golden Tail