Showtime FX

Showtime FX was born to serve the professional display industry. As we saw professional display sites shrinking and the regulations growing… we knew that there was a better way.

Showtime FX offers a full line of professional pyrotechnic products ON-DEMAND!

All Showtime FX devices are classified as UN0431, Articles Pyrotechnic 1.4G (FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY). The products are distributed through the Nationwide Wholesale Network of Fireworks Over America (FOA).

For more than 50 years, Fireworks Over America (FOA) has been an industry leader in the importation & distribution of 1.4G fireworks. FOA is based in Springfield, MO and has distribution warehouses strategically located nationwide for easy access to its product lines. FOA is one of the largest importers and distributors of both UN0336 & UN0431 1.4G products in the United States. FOA is well known for the highest quality products in the industry equaled by exceptional customer service and reliability.

To use the Showtime FX products in Finale 3D, enable the catalog in your online account.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items117
Items Per Effect Type
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
6747Blue Peony w/ White Strobing Core60mm SHELL: Blue Peony W/White Strobe Core
6735Red Scattering Mine60mm MINE: Red Scattering Stars
6781Lemon Very Thick Very Bright Tiger Tail Single Shot38mm COMET: Lemon W/Gold Tiger Tail - DEBRIS FREE
6808150 Shot Very Bright Small Very Sparse Very Sparse Very Sparse Red Mine Z Shape (12 Rows)12mm / 150S - Red Comet - ZIPPER
688913 Shot 90 Degrees 3 DUR Lemon Crossette Comet w/ Green Strobing Mine Cake Fan (1 Row)30mm / 13S SLAB: Green Mines / Lemon Crossettes - FAN
6871White Ground StrobeSTROBE POT: White (30-Seconds)
6740Lemon Crossette Comet30mm SINGLE-SHOT: Lemon Crossette Comet
6787Red Peony w/ Very Dense Dim White Strobing Single Shot30mm SHELL: Red Peony W/White Glitter
682636 Shot Lemon Peony w/ Very Dense Dim White Strobing Cake (6 Rows)25mm / 36S - Lemon Peony W/White Glitter
689013 Shot 90 Degrees 2 DUR Small Gold Crackling Chrysanthemum Mine Fan Cake (1 Row)30mm / 13S SLAB: Crackling Willow Mines - FAN