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Spark Fabrica

Changsha Spark Technology Electronics Co., Ltd is a stage equipment enterprise that gathers R&D, production, sales and service. The company mainly produces a variety of high-end stage effects products, such as spark jet, spark rain, and so on.

Its products have a number of quality certification, domestic and international patents. Spark Fabrica has established global marketing network which takes Europe and USA as its center. The company vision is “Become the world’s most professional enterprise in the field of stage effects”, and it is committed to researching and producing world-class special effects equipment so as to be international technology and product solution specialist.

Simulation Catalog
Total Number Of Items181
Items Per Effect Type
sfx 35
flame 124
other_effect 12
macro 10
Example Part Numbers Example VDLs Example Descriptions
SPF10452 Shot Cake (a) L30 .41 DUR Flame + (b) R30 .41 DUR Flame 1 Row (ab)SF-180 [010/0145] Macro Step LR 6>10 Long
SPF1007Flame Projector L15SF-180 [010/0107] Macro -15° Short
SPF1704Silver JetSF-Z5 [200/0417] One Sec Sparks (md)
SPF1601Nonphysical ModifierSF-K2 [099/0000] With Pre-Heat / Safety Channel
SPF-MACRO-01macro-31fd3bf5{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}SF-X2 [201/0000] 1 Sec Spinning Sparks Clockwise
SPF2000Silver Jet R180SF-01 [203/0417] One Sec Sparks (md)
SPF1902Silver JetSF-X8 [202/0418] One Sec Sparks (lg)
SPF1013Flame Projector R75SF-180 [010/0113] Macro 75° Short
SPF10495 Shot Cake (a) .41 DUR Flame + (b) L30 .41 DUR Flame + (c) R30 .41 DUR Flame + (d) L60 .41 DUR Flame + (e) R60 .41 DUR Flame 1 Row (abcde)SF-180 [010/0149] Macro Step ZL 8>6>10>4>12 Long
SPF10746 Shot Cake (a) .54 DUR Flame + (b) L15 .54 DUR Flame + (c) L30 .54 DUR Flame + (d) L45 .54 DUR Flame + (e) L60 .54 DUR Flame + (f) L75 .54 DUR Flame 1 Row (fedcba)SF-180 [010/0184] Macro Step LM 3>>8 Long (#74)