Software Documentation

Documentation Chapters

  1. Initial Setup Articles: 6

    System requirements, software installation, account verification, license types.

  1. Getting Started Articles: 3

    Show design basics, exporting firing system scripts.

  1. Inventory and Effect Management Articles: 12

    Importing effects from a spreadsheet and other sources, tracking inventory quantities, managing assortments, making backups.

  1. Effects Overview Articles: 14

    Effects Window navigation and configuration, effect structures and parameters, creating effects.

  1. Visual Descriptive Language (VDL) Articles: 12

    Terminology and techniques for creating simulations of effects by typing descriptions of them.

  1. Firing System Addressing Articles: 30

    Allocate rails (modules and slats) and pins (cues) for a show.

  1. Racks Articles: 27

    Creating racks, calculating rack quantities, creating rack layouts and diagrams.

  1. Scripting Articles: 13

    Script Window configuration, scripting productivity tools.

  1. Table Editing Articles: 1

  1. Importing Shows Articles: 4

    Supported formats for importing scripts, importing drone shows.

  1. Reports and Labels Articles: 14

    Generating and customizing production reports and product labels for a show.

  1. Site Layout Diagrams Articles: 3

    Creating site layout diagrams, drawing tools, adding legend items, adding show information panel boxes.

  1. Charts Articles: 2

  1. Simulation Videos Articles: 3

    Exporting MP4 videos, camera animation.

  1. Timecode Articles: 10

    Introduction to timecode, firing system specific timecode information.

  1. Scenery and Positions Articles: 6

    3D Models, landscapes and reflective water, background images (backdrop, sky dome, ground), firing position configuration.

  1. Firing Systems Articles: 38

    Export instructions for all supported firing systems including script characteristics and specifications, script types, and export options.

  1. Exporting Assets and Data Articles: 1

    Generating voice cues.

  1. DMX Articles: 16

    Introduction to DMX design.

  1. Light Instructions Articles: 4

    Instructions for designing shows that incorporate DMX light fixtures.

  1. Light Fixtures Articles: 28

    Complete list of supported light fixtures, DMX configurations, and related technical information.

  1. Flame, Spark and Fog Jet Instructions Articles: 7

    Instructions for designing shows that incorporate DMX controlled SFX fixtures.

  1. Flame, Spark and Fog Jet Fixtures Articles: 38

    Complete list of supported SFX fixtures, DMX configurations, and related technical information.

  1. Languages Articles: 3

    List of supported languages, instructions for language translation files.