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6 RJ Equipamentos script file format

The RJ Equipamentos script is a CSV file.  The CSV header row defines the fields, but the terminology in Finale 3D and the RJ Equipamentos terminology are slightly different:

  1. Module in Finale 3D means “Module” in RJ Equipamentos, no difference.
  2. Rail in Finale 3D also means “Module” in RJ Equipamentos. (The word “Rail” in Finale 3D has a different meaning for other firing systems that use separately addressed slats, but the words “Rail” and “Module” are the same for firing systems like RJ Equipamentos.)
  3. Pin in Finale 3D means “Channel” in RJ Equipamentos.

In addition to these terminology conversions, Finale 3D stores the effect name and count in the comment field.


Table 1 – File format and encoding

File format Extension Text encoding Field delimiter End-of-line
Text .csv Code Page 1252 , (comma) CRLF

The script contains rows for the firing events, i.e., unique combinations of module, pin, and ignition-time.  Multiple effects can be combined on a single cue.  The special characteristics of the script are shown in the following table:


Table 2 – Special characteristics

Special characteristics Description
Sort order of rows Rows sorted ascending by event time.
What rows represent Rows represent firing events, i.e., unique module-pin-ignition-time events.  If multiple effects are triggered on the same cue, the effect names are combined in comment field, but the row is still just one row.
Header The file contains a single header row with the column names, in the same format as the CSV data rows themselves.
Special characters The characters ‘ and “ and , and ; and \ and tab and newline will be filtered out of any fields.
Minimum separation between cues None required; millisecond resolution supported.
Module size options Modules with 8, 16, and 24 pins are available.

After the header, each row in the script has a number of fields separated by the vertical bar character.  The names of these fields and their descriptions are the following:


Table 3 – Specifications of script fields

Field name Description
Cue The row number in the script, beginning with 1.
Shot Time The event time in milliseconds, padded with zeros to seven digits.  For example, 7.152s is represented as 0007152.
Burst The effect time in milliseconds, formatted the same as the Shot Time.
Module The module number (integers beginning with 1).
Chanel The pin number (integers beginning with 1).
Comment Finale 3D writes the effect name in this field, preceded by a count if the row represents more than one device.

An example script is shown below.  Notice the last two rows are at the same event time but have different modules and therefore cannot be combined into a single row.

Cue,Shot Time,Burst,Module,Chanel,Comment
1,0002760,0005000,1,1,Green Chrysanthemum
2,0002860,0005100,2,1,Green Chrysanthemum
3,0002960,0005200,3,1,Green Chrysanthemum
4,0003060,0005300,4,1,Green Chrysanthemum
5,0003160,0005400,5,1,Green Chrysanthemum
6,0003260,0005500,6,1,Green Chrysanthemum
7,0003360,0005600,7,1,Green Chrysanthemum
8,0003460,0005700,8,1,Green Chrysanthemum
9,0003560,0005800,8,2,Green Chrysanthemum
10,0003560,0005800,9,1,Green Chrysanthemum

Figure 1 – Example RJ Equipamentos script


Table 4 – Example files

Download link Explanation


Example exported file  (CSV)
test_rjequipamentos.fin Example show file