how can I select effects by pan angle?

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Pyro_9950000 2022-06-02 01:54:40
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    I would like to accomplish inside of the script window to type in a specific pan angle so it would only show the effects on the pan angle.  Its not working for me.  I am trying to highlight a bunch of the same pan angled effects that I have created on one launch position with other angles effects and then create another launch position to drag and drop these same angles on.  That way when I address the show that specific angle will have its own module.

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    In the search box of the script window, you can type:


    Pan = 45


    or if you want to filter to multiple angles, you can type,


    Pan = 45 || Pan = -45


    or if you want to filter to a range, you can type


    Pan > 45


    Additional search terms are described here:


    Filter / search expressions


    If it helps, you can also click on the Pan column header to sort by Pan.  If you hold shift while clicking on the Pan column header, you can select multiple sort criteria, i.e., A then B then C.


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